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The Pope Appeareth

“Religions and, yes, even certain ‘economic systems’ have preached poverty as the way to salvation, or at least a ‘more honest’ life. Poverty is promoted as a kind of test of faith. But the promoters always had cash in the bank. The catch is this: in order to reap the spiritual rewards, a poor person has to remain poor. Otherwise, how can he continue to know true glory? 

The modern version of this is: a victim is a victim forever. Otherwise, he might eliminate the need for ‘social justice’ and the con artists who peddle it. Don’t spend a few dollars cleaning up the contaminated water systems in Third World countries. Don’t give back good growing land that was stolen. Poverty and starvation are glamorous. They give rise to humanitarian ideologies that front for theft and destruction on a grand scale.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

He’s here. The Pope. And his covert Jesuit message is: let’s get rid of separate nations, eliminate private profit for the middle class, and return to those glorious days of the Middle Ages; my Church flourishes under those conditions; we know how to deal with wall-to-wall misery; oh, and here’s the collection plate.
He’s part of the international gang that throws around the word “capitalism” as if it’s a mortal sin.

Making distinctions isn’t the Pope’s forte.

He ignores the differences between mega-corporations who align with governments (and his Church) to create a Globalist Order…and the untold numbers of small businesses owned by people who want to work for a living and earn a profit.

For the Pope, it’s all “capitalism.” Everything should be free—which, translated, means: almost everyone should be poor.

Migration of populations? No problem. It’s a good thing. After all, it helps, in the long run, to erase borders and nations and turn back the clock to more troubled times.
That’s the op, and the Pope is on board with it. He and Obama will get along well. Obama is in charge of making sure the inner-city communities he champions will stay poor and have ample targets to blame.

Obama never intended to create jobs in those inner cities and transform them. That was never on his agenda. He never intended to speak about how the jobs and the companies were lost there, as one Globalist trade deal after another sent work and factories overseas. Obama is touting new trade deals.

He and the Pope will give each other a nudge and a wink.

If these two have their way, the “settled science” on manmade warming will trigger global cuts in energy production (except for favored companies), thus creating even more horrific poverty among the Third World countries which are supposed to “benefit from the rational distribution of energy”).

These two men know how to use “humanitarian” utterances to front for their real goals. They know how to play that tune up and down the scale, instilling the proper amount of guilt along the way.

In his first comments to the press after election as Pope, Francis said: “This is what I want, a poor church for the poor.”

1.2 billion members, a separate nation (the Vatican), an estimated $170 billion in annual spending…sure, a poor church.

The “for the poor” part of the Pope’s quote is accurate. As in: a return to greater poverty. In such a world, the feudal lords will fill the collection plate.

There’s just one problem with the Vatican’s Globalist agenda. It doesn’t quite mesh with the mega-corporate view of Globalism. As fewer and fewer people around the world can afford to buy what the corporations are selling, a crack-up will occur. But for the Pope, those are petty details. He’s with the mega-corporations on the surface; but at a deeper level, the Vatican wants what it’s always wanted: chaos, poverty, and top-down control.

Very powerful people within the Church hierarchy are restricting their own flock, trying hard to keep them within Iraq, expressing their disapproval of arming the Christians and sending them to other countries where they would be safe from ISISand other terrorists. One of the best examples of this is Bishop Louis Raphael I Sako of the Chaldean Catholic Church. This man presents himself to big media outlets as a man protecting his people, when in reality he is doing nothing for his people — nothing but using them for publicity.

He always cries to the “international community,” saying that they need to help the Christians in Iraq. Recently, Sako called for the international community to support “the Central Government and the Regional Government of Kurdistan towards the liberation of all Iraqi cities.”

Using my mental function of practicality I have no idea how supporting the Iraqi government or the Kurds helps any of the Christians in any significant or long term way. The Iraqi government does not want to allow the Christians to leave to other countries, since it knows that an Iraq that is absent of Christians is an Iraq completely plunged into the deepest of destitution; and the Kurds (while many do help Christians) hate Christians and have been preventing them from entering Kurdistan and drive them back to ISIS dominated territories where they are slaughtered.
While favoring the idea of nations supporting the Islamic government of Iraq and the Kurds, Sako rejects the Christian militias and disapproves of arming Christians to defend themselves, saying that “the forces of the state should take charge of this defense” and that such a diversity of militias “can destroy Iraq.” I wish Sako would say such destructive words to Dwekh Nawsha, the Christian militia in Iraq defending various Christian villages from ISIS. The Iraqi government is not defending these villages, and neither are the Kurds. The Christian inhabitants are left as open game to the Muslim killers. We interviewed the one who trained Dwekh Nawsha, a Catholic warrior named Brett Felton, and its quite clear from hearing his heart wrenching words that no one cares for the Iraqi Christians:

These Christians have no choice but to form militias and defend themselves. Unlike Sako they don’t have the luxury and liberty to make trips to Rome. What Sako said is utterly unbiblical, and not only that, but it is heretical and contrary to orthodoxy and Church teaching. St. Robert says that “self-defense is lawful for anybody, not only for a prince, but also for a private citizen”. (Bellarmine, On Laymen or Secular People, ch. 15, ed. Tutino, pp. 68-69) 

But even after all of this modern superficial theological bile, one of Sako’s most evil statements are his most recent: that the European nations, when accepting refugees, should not choose asylum seekers based on religion and prioritize Christians. According to a Catholic report:

The leader of the Chaldean Catholic Church has advised European countries against letting sentiment guide their reactions to the crisis in the Middle East, and asked them not to prioritise Christians when accepting refugees.

Sako condemned organizations that work “to facilitate the exodus of Christians”, saying that “they work to push Christians to leave their countries and they openly admit to this, presenting it as something that benefits the persecuted”. 

Sako is most definitely referring to our organization, amongst the other organizations, for we are working to help the exodus of Christians leaving Iraq and bring them to other lands where they would be safe. It is bishops like Sako who are the biggest obstacles and hinderances to our aspiration of bringing Christians out of the danger zone and into safe nations. Sako hasn’t seen a woman being raped; a Christian being beheaded and crucified; a Christian being chopped to pieces, and if he has, apparently it hasn’t stirred his soul to sympathy.

These bishops of the devil insist that the Christians shouldn’t leave. If the bishops truly wanted to follow orthodoxy and the Church Fathers, it would do them well to read St. Athanasius’ Defense of fleeing. The Arians — who were heretics that rejected the divinity of Christ and the precursors of Islam — wanted to murder St. Athanasius. In multiple instances Athanasius fled from their murderous hands, at one point making an exodus to Rome where he remained under the protection of Pope Julius. St. Athanasius defended his flight in this treatise in which he provided a theological apologetic for fleeing from persecution. In it he wrote:

Let the bishop read of how “David arose and fled that day from before Saul” (1 Samuel 21:10); let the bishop read of how Elijah “arose and ran for his life” (1 Kings 19:3) when Jezebel wanted him dead; let the bishop read of how St. Joseph “took the young Child and His mother by night and departed for Egypt” (Matthew 2:14) when Herod wanted Christ dead; let the bishop read of how when the Jews wanted to kill Jesus “he escaped out of their hand” (John 10:39). Let the bishop read all of these stories and then say that it is wrong for the Christians to leave Iraq!
Truly these bishops are going to have to pay in the end under eternal law, for allowing their sheep to remain surrounded by wolves.
Now, while bishops say that Christians shouldn’t leave persecution, we ask you to please us bring Christians out of persecution. Click here to make a donation that will save christian lives.

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