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The Coming Socialist Paradise:

Jesus told us what is coming:

"For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world..." (Matt. 24:21)

Initially, it will appear to be the liberal/socialist/marxist paradise that has been promised throughout the generations, but never delivered - the pattern that any glance at history reveals - every socialist paradise that is promised ends in massive carnage, bloodshed and human suffering. The Tribulation will be no different - just a more extreme form:

"...for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying 'Peace and safety', destruction will come on them suddenly...and they will not escape"
(1 Thessalonians 5:2-3)

Why can't the liberal elites recognize this pattern that has persisted throughout human history?

But don't forget - this will be brought to the world by the "tolerant":

[the first two paragraphs below are the conclusions of this timely piece]

“Socialism is not in the least what is pretends to be. It is not the pioneer of a better and finer world, but the spoiler of what thousands of years of civilization have created. It does not build, it destroys. For destruction is the essence of it. It produces nothing, it only consumes what the social order based on private ownership in the means of production has created . . . Each step leading towards Socialism must exhaust itself in the destruction of what already exists.”

When voices are raised today calling for socialism in America, including by those attempting to win a major party candidacy to run for the presidency of the United States, it is important – no, it is crucial – that the history and reality of socialism-in-practice in those parts of the world in which it was most thoroughly imposed and implemented be remembered and fully understood. If we do not, well, history has its own ways of repeating itself.

Some historians have estimated that as many as 200 million people may have died as part of the dream of creating a collectivist “Paradise on Earth.” Making a better “new world” was taken to mean the extermination, the liquidation, the mass murder of all those that the socialist revolutionary leaders declared to be “class enemies,” including the families, the children of “enemies of the people.”

The evil of the Soviet system is that it was not cruelty for cruelty’s sake. Rather it was cruelty for a purpose – to make a new Soviet man and a new Soviet society. This required the destruction of everything that had gone before; and it also entailed the forced creation of a new civilization, as conjured up in the minds of those who had appointed themselves the creators of this brave new world.

Wiping out Class Enemies

“We reject the old systems of morality and ‘humanity’ invented by the bourgeoisie to oppress and exploit the ‘lower classes.’ Our morality has no precedent, and our humanity is absolute because it rests on a new ideal. Our aim is to destroy all forms of oppression and violence. To so, everything is permitted, for we are the first to raise the sword not to oppress races and reduce them to slavery, but to liberate humanity from its shackles . . .

“Blood? Let blood flow like water! Let bloodstain forever the black pirate’s flag flown by the bourgeoisie, and let our flag be blood-red forever! For only through the death of the old world can we liberate ourselves from the return of those jackals.”

Death and Torture as Tools of Winning Socialism
The famous sociologist, Pitirim A. Sorokin was a young professor in Petrograd (later Leningrad, and now St Petersburg) in 1920 as the Russian Civil War that firmly established communist rule in Russia was coming to its end. He kept an account of daily life during those years, which he published many years later under the title, Leaves from a Russian Diary – and Thirty Years After (1950).

“The machine of the Red Terror works incessantly. Every day and every night, in Petrograd, Moscow, and all over the country the mountain of the dead grows higher . . . Everywhere people are shot, mutilated, wiped out of existence . . .

“Every night we hear the rattle of trucks bearing new victims. Every night we hear the rifle fire of executions, and often some of us hear from the ditches, where the bodies are flung, faint groans and cries of those who did not die at once under the guns. People living near these places begin to move away. They cannot sleep . . .

“Getting up in the morning, no man or woman knows whether he will be free that night. Leaving one’s home, one never knows whether he will return. Sometime a neighborhood is surrounded and everyone caught out of his house without a certificate is arrested . . . Life these days depends entirely on luck.”

This murderous madness never ended. In the 1930s, during the time of the Great Purges instituted by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin to wipe out all “enemies of the revolution” through mass executions, there were also sent millions to the GULAG prisons that stretched across all of the Soviet Union to be worked to death as slave labor to “build socialism.”

Before being sent to their death or to the forced labor camps, tens of thousands would be interrogated and cruelly tortured to get confessions out of people about non-existent crimes, imaginary anti-Soviet conspiracies, and false accusations against others.

When Stalin was told that this method was bringing forth the desired results, he told the NKVD interrogators, “Give them the works until they come crawling to you on their bellies with confessions in their teeth.” Then, in another purge, this one after World War II, Stalin simplified the instructions even more: “Beat, beat and, once again, beat.”
Thousands of the victims wrote letters to Stalin from their exile and hardships in the labor camps, all of them persuaded that it had all been a terrible mistake. If only Comrade Stalin knew, he would set it all right and they would be freed and restored as good, loyal Soviet citizens ready to once again work to “build socialism.”

Soviet central planning even had quotas for the number of such enemies of the people to be killed in each region of the Soviet Union as well as the required numbers to be rounded up to be sent to work in the labor camps in the frigid waste lands of the Siberia and the Arctic Circle or the scorching deserts of Soviet Central Asia.
A Russian lawyer who had access to some of the formerly closed Soviet archives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the 1990s told at the time:

“Recently I read a Central Committee document from 1937 that said the Voronezh secret police, according to the ‘regional plan,’ repressed in the ‘first category,’ nine thousand people – which means these people were executed. And for no reason, of course.

“Twenty-nine thousand were repressed in the ‘second category – meaning they were sent to labor camps. The local first secretary [of the Communist Party], however, writes that there are still more Trotskyites and kulaks who remain ‘unrepressed.’

“He is saying that the plan was fulfilled but the plan was not enough! And so he asked that it be increased by eight thousand. Stalin writes back, ‘No increase to nine thousand!’ The sickness of it. Its’ as if they were playing poking [and upping the ante in tragic human lives].”

Enemies of Socialism Sent to Torture in the Mental Ward
The nightmare of the socialist experiment, however, did not end with Stalin’s death in 1953. Its form merely changed in later decades. As head of the KGB in the 1970s, Yuri Andropov (who later was General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union after Leonid Brezhnev’s death in 1982), accepted a new theory in Soviet psychiatry that said that opposition to the socialist regime was a sign of mental illness.
Why? Because only the mentally disturbed would resist the logic and the truth of Marxian dialectical determinism and its “proof” that socialism and communism were the highest and most humane stage of social development. Those who criticized the system, or who wanted to reform or overthrow the Soviet socialist regime were mentally sick and required psychiatric treatment.
In his book, Russia and the Russians (1984), former Moscow correspondent for the Washington Post, Kevin Klose, told the story of Alexei Nikitin, a coal mine worker who complained to the Soviet government about the safety and health environment in the mines of the Soviet Union. He was arrested, tried, and found guilty of subversion and committed to a Soviet mental institution.

Various drugs were proscribed as treatment to bring him to his proper socialist senses. Explained Kevin Klose:

“Of all the drugs administered [at the mental institution] to impose discipline, sulfazine stood at the pinnacle of pain . . . ‘People injected with sulfazine were groaning, sighing with pain, cursing the psychiatrists and Soviet power, cursing with everything in their hearts,’ Alexei told us. ‘The people go into horrible convulsions and get completely disoriented. The body temperature rises to 40 degrees centigrade [104 degrees Fahrenheit] almost instantly, and the pain is so intense they cannot move from their beds for three days. Sulfazine is simply a way to destroy a man completely. If they torture you and break your arms, there is a certain specific pain and you somehow can stand it. But sulfazine is like a drill boring into your body that gets worse and worse until it’s more than you can stand. It’s impossible to endure. It is worse than torture, because, sometimes, torture may end. But this kind of torture man continue for years.’

“Sulfazine normally was ‘prescribed’ in a ‘course’ of injections of increasing strength over a period that might last up to two months . . . The doctors had many other drugs with which to control and punish. Most of them eventually were used on Alexei . . . At the end of two months, Nikitin was taken off sulfazine but regular doses of . . . other disorienting drugs continued the entire time he was imprisoned.”

The significance of these accounts is not their uniqueness but, rather, their monotonous repetition in every country in which socialism was imposed upon a society. In country after country, death, destruction, and privation followed in the wake of socialism’s triumph. Socialism’s history is an unending story of crushing tyranny and oceans of blood.

As the Soviet mathematician and dissident, Igor Shafarevich, who spent many years in the GULAG slave labor camps for his opposition to the communist regime, said in his book, The Socialist Phenomenon (1980):
“Most socialist doctrines and movements are literally saturated with the mood of death, catastrophe, and destruction . . . One could regard the death of mankind as the final result to which the development of socialism leads.”

Let’s face it – the jailing of Kim Davis, and the fact that she was even at the center of this manufactured, made-for-TV controversy in the first place, is just the latest strike in a coordinated assault against the religious liberty of Americans.  Let’s look at the license denial that got her into hot water back on September 2.  Two gay men, named Robbie Blankenship and Jesse Cruz, asked for and were denied a marriage license.  Guess what?  These two are from Ohio.  They’re not even from Kentucky.  In fact, Rowan County doesn’t even border Ohio, so it’s not like these guys just skipped across the border because Rowan County’s clerk’s office was more convenient.  They had to drive through a substantial part of Kentucky to get there.  So who goes to another state, to some rural county clerk’s office in the middle of the backwoods Kentucky hill country, and shows up with camera crews, just to ask the county clerk for a marriage license, even though Ohio would theoretically have issued them right there at home?

Ah, the questions that nobody else asks.

Quite obviously, this whole thing was a planned hit from the beginning.  And the whole point to it was specifically to create a controversy which could be used to force an issue and try to undermine freedom of conscience in this nation.  The same can be said for all those times in which gays have tried to get Christian bakers or florists to service their gay “weddings” and then sued and harassed them legally when they refused.  It’s all about using political power to force others to do what you want them to do, and overthrowing the First Amendment in the process. 

Anybody with a functioning brain in their heads knows this to be true.  Look, Robbie Blankenship and Jesse Cruz could easily have gotten a marriage license in Ohio.  Even if they wanted to come to Kentucky, they could have gotten one in Louisville (Jefferson County), which is apparently emerging as a regional tourist mecca for gays in which to “honeymoon.”  It’s not like Kim Davis was this insurmountable impediment to these two guys pretending to get married.  Likewise, all those gays who were denied a cake or some flowers by a Christian business owner?  They could have gotten the exactly same products from any number of other bakers or florists. 

No, they’re making purposeful choices as part of a concerted, coordinated effort to destroy the First Amendment. 

Further, liberals are evil because they have finally found a case where absolutely, positively, under no circumstances can conscientious objection be allowed on the part of someone in the employ of a government at some level.  Historically, liberals have loved the principle of conscientious objection.  In fact, as others have pointed out, they routinely employ it when it’s a liberal county sheriff illegally denying concealed carry permits to law-abiding citizens or city police refusing to enforce laws against illegal immigration.  They love that kind of conscientious objection.  But they don’t like Kim Davis’ kind, so she absolutely has to be punished for conscientiously objecting against a law that doesn’t even exist. 

In fact, attempting to force Kim Davis (and other clerks, judges, magistrates, etc.) to sanction gay “marriages,” and telling them they either do it or quit their jobs, get fired, be impeached, or go to jail, comes dangerously close to being unconstitutional in its own right.  See, while the Constitution does not contain any provision about marriage, gay or otherwise, it DOES contain a provision that positively forbids religious tests to be applied as a condition of serving in office.  Simply put, you cannot require an office holder to be of a certain religion, or to profess a certain religious persuasion, as a prerequisite for holding that office.  And that’s what the gays and their supporters are essentially trying to do.  They’re trying to make Kim Davis, and other office holders who refuse to perform gay “marriages,” adopt a certain position which necessitates that they reject a closely-held religious belief.  It’s a religious test.  It’s illegal.  And while you might try to make the case that this wouldn’t apply to a government employee who is hired on a wage basis, this does not apply to Kim Davis.  Hers is an elected position.  People like her are who the constitutional provision at that point was designed to protect. 

So we see that the liberals on this issue are way, way off base.  They’re simply ignorant of what actually is at issue legally, most likely because they draw their information about it from a combination of buffoons like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart and graphics they saw on Facebook.  Many of them are simply employing false (and disgustingly so) associations and arguments to back up their emotional rhetoric.  Lastly, many of them are also simply evil people who hate our constitutional freedoms, and are using Kim Davis and gay “marriage” as a wedge issue to undermine the liberties enshrined in our Bill of Rights.  Any way and in all ways, these people are making a mockery of the ideal of an informed and principled electorate that is supposed to steer the ship of state.

Most of us can sense when people are disingenuous. We know that the NAACP does not care about the black population when they are not seeking justice for every member of society or marching against black on black crimes.  We know that the ACLU does not care about justice when they do not represent right-wing Christians.  And we know freedom from religion groups do not care about the indoctrination of children when they do not complain about anyone but Christians.  This is nowhere more apparent than in Tennessee.

Maury County, Tennessee is in the heart of the Bible Belt. So it's understandable why the local church ladies got all shook up when they discovered that school children had been forced to declare, "There is no God but Allah."
Seventh graders at Spring Hill Middle School spent three weeks covering Islam in a Social Studies class – enraging some parents who say the lessons crossed the line into indoctrination and proselytization.

According to the lessons, students were instructed to write the "Shahada" – "There is no God but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah." Students also learned the five pillars of Islam.

And these parents have every right to be upset.  It has been disclosed that there will be no lessons on the Christian religion.  But, even more than that, there is the absence of outrage.  This absence is one that most will not notice.  There are no threatening letters or impromptu rallies against the school by angry atheist groups.

When we have so many stories of schools attacked over faith in school, we would expect at least a percentage of those cases would involve the Islamic religion.  With people like Freedom From Religion Federation watching schools and their web pages like hawks, we would think that there would a few cases where they would have complaints about Islamic indoctrination.  But there is none that I could find.  And, they are silent on this, as well.
There is this great void in the atheist outrage against Islam.  The reason for this is that they are seeking to use Islam to destroy the Church.  They are, in the end, on the same side.  Both have the devil as their father.

God help us to stand.

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