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The Real Purpose Of The Nuclear Deal: Support Iran And Stick It To Israel

Articles: The Real Purpose of the Nuclear Deal: Support Iran and Stick It to Israel

[Reference scripture: Genesis 12:3]

The purpose of the Iran nuclear deal isn't to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons technology – it's to assist Iran and prevent an Israeli military attack.  The deal promises to help Iran modernize and protect its nuclear program while making it harder for Israel to disrupt the program through military means or sabotage.
This isn't a "bad deal," as many keep saying -- it's a dramatic shift in U.S. policy in favor of totalitarian Iran at the expense of democratic Israel.  Leftists love authoritarian regimes that are virulently anti-American.

Far from restraining Iran, the deal cooked up by Barack Obama, John Kerry, and the U.S. negotiating team may be everything the ayatollah could have wished for.  By the White House's own admission, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action merely extends Iran's "breakout time" to a bomb from the current 2-3 months to at least 12 months. However, that's assuming that Iran does not cheat.

The deal creates real obstacles to an Israeli military strike.  After months of arduous negotiations, any Israeli military strike against Iran now would be seen as an act in defiance of the so-called P5+1 nations: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany.  

Israel would be condemned as a rogue state while Iran would be praised for cooperating.  At a minimum, the P5+1 nations would respond to an attack by helping Iran rebuild and by considering retaliatory sanctions against Israel.

Clearly, the Iran nuclear deal's architects trust Iran.  The deal calls for the P5+1 to help Iran modernize its nuclear facilities, improve its processes and procedures, and train its personnel. For example, Annex I specifies the creation of a working group to help Iran redesign and rebuild the Arak reactor and "subsidiary laboratories."  This will no doubt require P5+1 scientists and technicians to make frequent visits and even work onsite for extended periods, another element of the deal that will deter Israel from attacking.  In fact, the deal practically transforms Iran's rogue nuclear program into a joint development project.

The Iran nuclear deal also calls for helping Iran enhance its nuclear research and development capabilities and defend its nuclear program against security threats such as sabotage.  This includes helping to train what could be the next generation of Iranian nuclear experts.

Section 10.2 of Annex III could not be more explicit:

Co-operation through training and workshops to strengthen Iran's ability to protect against, and respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage, as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems.

To understand how a U.S. administration could engineer a nuclear deal that rewards Iran and punishes Israel, it helps to understand the mindset of arms control experts.  Most identify themselves as progressives.  They tend to believe that all wars are avoidable: you just need really smart leaders who are sympathetic to the other side's grievances, are willing to consider any compromise, and believe that the right words on paper can turn any foreign adversary into an ally.

Likewise, many arms control experts believe that Iran – the very same country that supports terrorism, denies the Holocaust, intervenes in other nations through armed proxies, and leads crowds in chants of "Death to America!" and "Death to Israel!" – can be enticed by the right deal to rejoin the community nations.

Supporters of the Iran nuclear deal have little if any sympathy for Israel.  Some arms control experts politely argue that Israel's refusal to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) makes it harder to stop Iran from acquiring nukes.  Others join with Israel's enemies in demanding that Israel be forced to submit to anytime-anywhere nuclear inspections.

The Obama administration has been eager from the start to make friends with the dictators in Iran and Cuba.  And the administration couldn't care less about where that leaves millions of Israelis.

What will you be doing when the pope’s plane touches down at Andrews Air Force Base on September 22?

That’s the day the White House says that Barack and Michelle Obama will make the “rare” trip to Andrews Air Force Base to formally welcome Francis on his arrival of his first-ever visit to the U.S

According to the Associated Press, Obama has rarely gone to the Maryland base to greet any world leader.

Pope Francis will be personally greeted by and spend private time with the man who successfully had all religious symbols covered when he delivered a speech on the economy at Georgetown University.

It’s as if Obama is gloating to a watching world: The Pope’s in my back pocket.

Adding that “it is not clear if the pope is a dupe, an, agent, or willing accomplice”, Cliff Kincaid writes in his latest book, The Sword of Revolution And The Communist Apocalypse: “The Vatican’s embrace of of “World Political Authority” and Pope Francis’s endorsement of the global “climate change” agenda that is the subject of a United Nations conference in December makes a world government a real possibility for the first time in human history.”

Both Francis and Obama whose influence is indisputable,  are already ignoring the plight of Christians at the hands of radical Islam.

The term ‘radical Islam’ has been banned by Obama with no complaints from the pontiff.
Both leader of the Catholic Church and president call on their respective constituencies to disperse charity to a select kind of refugee—you now have to be Muslim to be recognized as a refugee.

Where are the Christian leaders in all of this?

Hiding in silence, every one.

Pope Francis seems to ignore that when the Democratic National Committee (DNC) introduced Barack Obama from a faux Greek column stage in Denver back in 2008, he was mainstream media portrayed as The Messiah.

Indeed their portrayal of Obama was one that suggested he was Christ.  Christians the world over know that you can’t pretend to be Christ.  Only Christ can be our Savior and He is the only one.

That makes Obama a pretend Messiah.

Within days from now, Obama and Pope Francis will try to convince the world that only man-made climate change matters with too few to count references to the Creator, while the masses are buying tacky souvenirs to mark the papal visit, most likely including Obama and Francis bobble-heads.

Instead of sinking into depression and being given over to deep coils of despair, people should go over the swelled heads of both Obama and Francis and keep the faith.

Perhaps rather than being used as the adoring fans of president and pope coming together,  the masses can use the papal visit to carry out what its intention should have been in the first place:the potential conversion to Christ of millions of souls.

At Pentecost, St. Peter, approached his first mission without Jesus, with misgivings,  worry and fear.  But instead of the enemy ambushing him in the upper room, the Holy Spirit descended upon him and the other apostles and the first 3,000 converts were led to Christ.
On September 22 through September 24, turn off your television, turn off the papal visit and everything connected with it, to turn inward.

In the bonfire of confusion set alight by the leaders of the day, even religion has become suspect.  But you can still let a profound and abiding belief in the Almighty be your religion.
On September 22, pray brothers and sisters. Pray without ceasing.

So we have a new test for liberals who seem so supportive of Islam (Iran in particular), while hating our friendship with Israel. See, we’ve told you that in Islamic nations men and women who practice sodomy are executed for their sexual identity. We’ve told you that in Islamic nations Christians are routinely beaten, persecuted and killed for their faith. We’ve told you that in Islamic nations women are subjugated, mistreated, traded like property, sexually, physically and mentally abused. We’ve told you that in Islamic nations children are sexually abused, trained to hate and taught to be as violent and sadistic as their leaders. In fact, we haven’t just told you, we’ve shown you these things… and yet liberals don’t seem to care. They talk about a Republican “war on women” and about conservative “homophobia” and they simply skim over Islam’s crimes. It’s disgusting, really.

But now we have a new chip to play. Dogs are treated horribly in Muslim countries!
I mean Muslim people really, really hate dogs. (See here and here for other examples.)
So liberals – you can pretend that the mistreatment of women, the abuse of children, the persecution of Christians and the murder of homosexuals doesn’t matter… but can you ignore the attacks on dogs?

The Obama administration is mainly resettling migrants in Republican-controlled states, according to analysis.

Of the 19 states that took in the most refugees per capita in 2013 and 2014, 15 have upper house legislatures dominated by Republicans, a percentage of nearly 80%.

In comparison, only three of the 19 states are Democratic and another state, Nebraska, has a nonpartisan legislature but is considered a ‘red state’ in presidential elections.

Overall, Republican-controlled states (upper house majorities) represent 62% of the country but 79% of the top states for refugees whereas Democratic-controlled states represent 24% of the country but only 16% of the states taking in the most migrants.

States where Republicans control the upper house legislature.
Nearly 42% of Democratic states resettle the fewest refugees in comparison to 29% of Republican states.
The analysis was made by comparing a map of the U.S. state legislative upper house majorities as of 2015 to data released by the Office of Refugee Resettlement compiled by the Washington Post.

The results from the analysis aren’t surprising considering the Obama administration announced the White House Task Force on New Americans program in 2014 to convert recent migrants and refugees into “new Americans” with full voting rights.

“Critics say the program is not as much about creating ‘new Americans’ as it is about creating new ‘voters’ who will help re-elect Democrats and institutionalize Obama’s policies on immigration, education and healthcare for years to come,” Leo Hohmann of WND reported. “…The ‘welcoming’ mantra has been running hot within the Obama administration for several years and culminated with a report released April 17 by his White House Task Force on New Americans.”
“Obama formed the special task force Nov. 21, 2014, when he announced his controversial executive actions to unilaterally grant amnesty to some 5 million illegal aliens; his administration is also bringing in 70,000 foreign refugees per year from Iraq, Somalia, Bhutan, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and, most recently, Syria.”

Obama has ordered that America take in 70,000 Islamic refugees. Just today, press secretary Josh Earnest said that the United States would "accept at least 10,000 refugees in the next fiscal year," which begins October 1st; however, the whole number that has been authorized is 70,000. But John Kerry, in a closed-door meeting, said that the number could be raised even higher—to 100,000. According to one report:

Earlier, Secretary of State John Kerry said, at a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill, that the total number of refugees taken in by the United States could rise to more than 100,000, from the current figure of 70,000.

When these "refugees" come, what do you think will happen? The French police are already looking for an ISIS agent amongst the refugees who are heading for England.
Hungary's most popular national TV channel, M1, reported Tuesday thst Islamic terrorists are amongst the refugees and are disguising themselves as refugees:
Islamist terrorists, disguised as refugees, have showed up in Europe. [The] pictures were uploaded on various social networks to show that terrorists are now present in most European cities. Many, who are now illegal immigrants, fought alongside Islamic State before

And don't think for a second that the officials in Washington know the danger and the threat. The American Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said in Washington:
We don't put it past the likes of ISIL to infiltrate operatives among these refugees… That is a huge concern of ours. … I'm not as uniformly confident about each European country that is going to be faced with welcoming and allowing refugees into their country… This is a huge issue for all kinds of reasons.

America will not just be receiving Syrians, but other people from the Muslim world, as well—quite possibly Pakistanis and Afghans who have inundated the refugee multitudes. America is going to be taking in people who have seen beheadings, conducted beheadings, and who are desensitized to this violence. So don't be surprised the next time you see Islamic violence.

Tens of thousands of Europeans came out to protest the death of Europe.

Thousands of people joined anti-migrant protests in three eastern European capitals on Saturday after leaders from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia opposed an EU scheme to fix refugee quotas.
In the Polish capital Warsaw, nearly 5,000 people, many chanting anti-Islamic slogans, marched through the city, an AFP correspondent said. “Islam will be the death of Europe”, one of the banners said.

Organisers claimed the demonstration drew 10,000 people but police refused to confirm the figure.

“We’re here so that the government hears our voice and abandons any plans to welcome Muslims,” shouted one of the organisers after starting the march with prayers which identified the participants as Roman Catholics.
Around 1,500 anti-migrant protestors also rallied in the Slovak capital Bratislava, some holding up banners reading: “You’re not welcome here so go home”, an AFP correspondent said.
All poorer members of the EU, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic on Friday ruled out accepting refugees under a compulsory quota system outlined by the European Commission, rejecting German pleas for European solidarity in tackling the crisis.
The European Union’s 28 interior ministers are to meet on Monday to discuss a the EC plan which involves a quota system for distributing 160,000 refugees around the bloc.

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