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Russia Expands Military Presence In Syria, Syria Is No More, UN Plans For Global State

Russia Expands Military Presence in Syria, Satellite Photos Show - WSJ

Russian forces appear to be expanding their military presence in Syria through the development of two additional bases that pose new challenges for the Obama administration as it struggles to avert a clash with Moscow in the Middle East.

Private satellite images released Tuesday revealed new construction at two Syrian military facilities near the Mediterranean coast, the latest sign Russia is preparing to inject its military forces into the country’s 4½-year war.
While U.S. military officials assessed the importance of the projects and overall buildup, the Obama administration is seeking to transform the potential showdown into a fresh diplomatic initiative to push Syrian President Bashar al-Assad—Russia’s longtime ally—from power, senior administration officials said.
Specifically, officials are exploring whether the U.S. could work with Moscow to ease Mr. Assad from power and pave the way for a successor from his Alawite sect, preventing a collapse of the government and a likely takeover by Islamic extremists, a senior administration official said Tuesday.
President Barack Obama plans to push the idea during a series of meetings next week during the United Nations General Assembly in New York. “We have to learn more about Russia’s intentions before we know how viable it is,” said one senior administration official.
If Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to flex Russia’s military to protect Mr. Assad, relations with Moscow might deteriorate, as they did when Russia seized Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula last year. 
But if Russia is instead trying to maintain its existing influence, even if Mr. Assad is ousted, the White House sees a potential diplomatic opening.
As part of the resolution, Russia and Iran would get to protect their interests in Syria, and Moscow would contribute to the U.S.-led fight against Islamic State militants, the official said.
The Obama administration’s maneuvering is being driven largely by Russia’s moves to build up its military position, which until recently was largely focused on an air base south of the Syrian port city of Latakia.
Moscow has dispatched more than two dozen combat aircraft to the airfield, where Russian surveillance drones have started flying, according to U.S. defense officials. Russia has also sent tanks, air-defense systems, armored-personnel carriers and enough housing for 2,000 people, officials have said.
Now, satellite images provided by IHS Jane’s, a defense-intelligence provider, show what appears to be an additional, previously undisclosed, Russian military expansion.
The images from mid-September show development of a weapons depot and military facility north of Latakia, suggesting that Russia is preparing to place troops in both places, according to Robert Munks, editor of IHS Jane’s Intelligence Review.
While Russia’s recent activity in Syria has raised concern within the administration, U.S. officials are trying not to inflame tensions as they try to determine the scope for diplomacy.
“There is clearly capability beyond just force protection that is on the ground there,” said one senior military official. “But the questions remain: What are they going do with it? Where are they going to do it? Who are they going to do it with? And who are they going to do it against?”

The article that brought me so low, is this one:
Russia urges ‘action’ after shell hits Damascus embassy compound
The Russian foreign ministry said many things about the incident, but this was what got my attention:
“What is needed is not just words but concrete action,” the statement said, adding that “the shelling of the Russian embassy was done from the direction of Jobar, where the anti-government militants are based.”
I looked up Jobar. It’s a rather large neighborhood within Damascus. Those of you who have read Isaiah 17 more than once, understand the significance of the words:
And, the Russian Embassy in Damascus is about four kilometers (2.5 miles) away from Jobar, so it is easily within mortar fire range.
That made me sit up straighter in my chair, as I realized that the rebels had captured more territory than I had initially realized. So, I went looking for a map.
This one made my heart ache:

Areas of Syria, under control by rebels, Islamic State and Syrian government.
Areas of Syria, under control by rebels, Islamic State and Syrian government.
That map is from early July, 2015, and it is horrifying. It may not seem like that to you, because you don’t realize that no lives – and no one CAN live – in the yellowish/cream-colored areas of that map. The green/purple/maroon/orange is the only livable part of Syria. And, the green is the only part ruled by the government.
This means that Syria has effectively ceased to exist. And, THAT explains why Russia has jumped into this conflict with both feet. And, as I sat staring at that map, I also began to realize that Israel was going to be pulled into this conflict.
You can see that bit of purple down around the Golan Heights. You will also note that it also borders Jordan. The Jordanian Dairat al-Mukhabarat al-Ammah and the American CIA have been involved with most of that purple, but not all of it.

Why is Israel involved at all with the ‘Southern Front’?
That’s an easy one. Syria has been the biggest threat to Israel’s survival for all of her history. They have hosted every terrorist organization threatening Israel. They shelled Israeli cities and towns from the Golan Heights. They invaded Israel three times, and even attempted to invade Jordan. They are Iran’s biggest ally, and the leadership of Syria have devoted their lives to the destruction of Israel.
The problem is that Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS and the Southern Front really ARE going to win the battle for Damascus. And then, they will turn on each other. The orgy of violence will whatever is left of Damascus. And then…
And then, it will suck Israel into the fight.
This happened to Israel, when pedophile-homosexual Yasser Arafat invaded Lebanon – with the support of Syria – and turned it into and cesspool of genocide, violence and corruption. Israel was sucked right into Lebanon, and then into Beirut. Israel wanted none of that, but wasn’t given a choice.
Well, the same kind of violence and destruction in Syria won’t give Israel very much choice, either. They will be forced to create a buffer zone in Syria, to keep them as far from the Golan as possible. But, I don’t expect that to be nearly enough.
Israel will have very little choice. She will need to push the rebels out of the ruins of Damascus – if there is to be any hope of peace in Israel. The CIA, Turkey and the Gulf Arabs who created this mess, will send their disgusting creatures against Israel, and Israel will have to root them out in the kind of house to house, street fighting that leaves few survivors of any kind.
Israel will have no choice, and yet they will be the ones that everyone will blame. The vile and disgusting US State Department, CIA, Turkey and gulf Arabs will proclaim their innocence and blame the ‘awful’ Israel. I have friends who fought in Beirut. I have friends who fought Hezbollah in South Lebanon.
But, as awful as that was, Syria will be worse. Much worse. And as Isaiah 17 indicates, Damascus will be unlivable afterwards. Those civilians who did not flee Damascus will die. The barbarians fighting over the rubble of that ancient city will turn their guns on Israel, and many Israelis will lose their lives.
Yet again, Israel will be blamed for trying to defend herself.
And, I do not have words to describe how angry that makes me, or the grief that I feel for the coming suffering of the Syrian people. And, all because of evil men in Washington, Ankara and Riyadh.

The fulfillment of Isaiah 17 continues. The destruction of Syria will damage Israel and remake the political landscape of the Middle East. And, it will prepare for the coming of Gog and Magog. I truly hope that you will be as grieved over the dead and dying, as I will be.
This is a dramatic escalation of rhetoric from Russia. For them to speak of sending in Russian troops means that the situation is entering a new phase.

Well, it looks like 2000 Russian combat troops are being sent to Syria to fight ISIS – as of this moment (Saturday). We will see where things go from here.
This coordination between Iran and Russia is going to become the basis for their alliance, when they decide to come down and attack Israel. Furthermore, the reality on the ground is far worse than the map in this article suggests. We are in the final months of the Assad regime. What is coming will make the fall of Beirut seem like a Sunday picnic.

From September 25 – 27th 2015 the United Nations will present its new fifteen-year plan entitled “Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” Pope Francis will attend to proclaim The Gospel of “Sustainable Development,” and world leaders and the heads of powerful Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) will organize a planetary transformation so monumental that Nimrod would be proud. This UN plan masquerades as global movement that will end poverty everywhere on Earth through “sustainable development,” “social justice,” and “equal rights to economic resources.”

How do the elite globalists plan to do this? They are going to do it with socialist/Marxist wealth redistribution where through the force of “sustainable development” laws they are going to continue transferring the wealth of the hard working middle class in America and other nations to the “poor.” Pope Francis is a huge promoter of the wealth transfer from middle class Americans…who often have to work more than one job to maintain the same level of economic well-being that one job could have produced 20 years ago. The American middle class is the target of Pope Francis and the elite who are systematically lowering their standard of living and transferring their wealth. To uninformed religious leaders this superficially appears to be the Christian thing to do. But is that what is really happening?

Let’s really look at who owns the wealth on planet Earth right now. An organization named Oxfam, which is devoted to educating people about this disparity in wealth recently released information that by 2016 the elite and the very wealthy will own 99 percent of the global wealth. The combined wealth of the richest one percent will overtake that of the other 99 percent of people next year unless the current trend of rising inequality is checked, Oxfam warned today ahead of the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland which is an annual gathering of the elite. At the Forum it was disclosed that one out of every nine people are starving and more than a billion people live on less than $1.25 a day.
So if it is the 1% who own 99% of the world’s wealth and the middle class and poor own only 1% of the world’s wealth, than why is it that the hard working American middle class are the target of Pope Francis and the U.N. programs for wealth redistribution? 

The reality is that the true purpose of Agenda 21, “sustainable development” and now “Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” was never really about making things better. That may be hard for some people to process and it may cause them to experience cognitive dissonance. The real agenda of the globalist elite through all these “sustainable development” and “social justice” programs is to create a new global feudal state or a scientific dictatorship run by the elite. The goal in their own words and documented writing, which we spent seven years putting together in writing The Babylon Code, is to reduce the world’s population as fast as possible from seven billion to 500 million. In order to do that the elites need to create mass starvation food shortages, water shortages, plagues, and nuclear wars, and destroy people’s ability to make a decent livelihood. This may be problematic for some readers, but if you read the original writings of men like H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell, and others, they spelled out this exact game plan over 50 years ago. Remember these people do not believe in God; they do not believe in right and wrong; and many are involved in various forms of satanic worship. They believe in pure social Darwinism where “might makes right.”

This is why the preamble to this new U.N. plan reads “All countries and stakeholders, acting in a collaborative partnership, WILL implement this plan.” Notice that this simple sentence reads as an authoritative command and emphasizes the words “WILL implement this plan.” The United Nations is a de facto global government and does not rule by the “consent of the governed.” The United Nations is a global government to which American politicians of both parties have surrendered our Constitutional rights. If you look at the Republican Presidential debates you see the vast majority of those running are “bought men and women.” They are there to do the bidding of their true masters, the international banking families and their interlocking secret societies. If a candidate has a different set of beliefs than the “Orwellian group think” which constitutes domestic and foreign policy, he is allowed to go only so far.
Who are these powerful elite groups and the secret societies that run them? As we extensively document in our new book, The Babylon Code, co-authored by this author and Troy Anderson, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist, there exists a very real network of semi-secretive and secret groups. Groups like The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, United Nations, Club of Rome, The Bilderberg Group, and others control presidents, prime ministers, media networks, politicians, CEO’s, and entire nations. You will almost ever hear any substantive analysis by the media, which is controlled by these groups nor of attempts at holding them accountable by governments around the world.

But when you investigate the nature, organizational structure, financing, and belief systems of the elite who control these groups, you discover overwhelming factual evidence, such as what we provide in The Babylon Code, that these groups are controlled by powerful secret societies with very real occult and Luciferian beliefs. The existence of these secret societies and their multi-generational occult and Luciferian beliefs is concealed from the masses by the people controlling the media, education, politics, art, entertainment, and religion.
In recent years there has been more information available to a global audience hungry for truth due to the Internet. This technological revealing of the occult-super structure that rules the world is of great concern to the elite. Brzezinski, the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, has warned of this trend igniting a global revolution against the elite.

There are numerous high-level leaders at the U.N. who are involved in the occult, such as Maurice Strong, who was Secretary General of the United Nations conference on the “Human Environment,” which helped to launch the environmental movement. Strong is a Canadian super-billionaire who owns a massive amount of land in Colorado where he has a New Age ranch and centers for all kinds of Eastern mystical religions. Maurice Strong, other elites, Pope Francis, and the U.N. promote “sustainability” and “equal rights to economic resources” in their “Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” But the reality is that the elite privately own hundreds of millions of acres in America and numerous other nations, including some of the most beautiful forests, lakes, mountains, and beaches. The masses of Americans and the media cannot seem to grasp the fact that there are two sets of rules when it comes to things like “sustainability,” “social justice” and “equal rights to economic resources.”

The United Nations and the elite are involved in a great seduction of Humanity. The same satanic system, which began in ancient Babylon, has now returned exactly as Bible prophecy predicted it would. Babylon the Great and “The Mother of Harlots” has come again. Ultimately, it is Satan’s counterfeit version of the Kingdom of Heaven. However, as we read in the Book of Revelation, Babylon will fall and it will be totally destroyed.
When the first Babylon arose God destroyed it through judgment. When the second Babylon is fully born, God will judge Babylon again, but this time for good, even though the elite scoff at the idea that Jesus Christ is going to return to Earth again with the armies of Heaven to defeat Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet and all those that join them by accepting the “mark of the beast.” The Satanic forces of Babylon will wage war with Jesus Christ and the armies of Heaven at Armageddon, which takes place in Israel. At this time Satan will be defeated and the Messiah will establish a New Heaven, New Earth, and New Jerusalem where there will be no more pain or sorrow and God will wipe every tear from your eyes. Paradise will be restored.

  • Some high-profile commentators think they smell a Marxist clothed in white papal robes, who dreams of redistributing the world's wealth. Pope Francis insists that he has little interest in Marxism and that his political advocacy against materialism, capitalism, greed and idolatry are largely religious in nature. However, the flavor of some of his statements might suggest otherwise.
  • The Pope also knows that the UN is poised to strong-arm member nations to sign on to an impossible globalist agenda that will require a total shift of the world's wealth, and a restructuring of international politics and economics with a one-world government and a universal religion at the steering wheel.
  • Even to the Pope's admirers, that sounds a less like peace and love and more like a utopian totalitarian nightmare.

The world press is in high gear for Pope Francis's visit to Cuba and the United States this week. Recently, the Pope has stirred up a stew mixing world poverty, the evils of capitalism and global warming into an elaborate narrative that is likely to keep journalists awake for weeks to come.

As the first ever Pope to address a joint session of Congress, he is expected to take some shots at the structural evils of free market capitalism and the unequal distribution of wealth. As early as 2013, when he penned his Apostolic Exhortation, in which he laid out his broad vision for the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has been clarifying his positions on these topics.

With the subsequent release of his controversial encyclical on global warming in June, he established two pressing themes that will likely monopolize his coming visit.

As the Pope declared war on global warming, he emphasized his continuing opposition to capitalism, materialism, selfishness and other "human factors," which he asserts are the foundational causes of the imminent destruction of the planet's ecosystem.
Writing in the Apostolic Exhortation and the Encyclical on Global Warming, the Pope justified his view that the temperature of the planet is economic and political, and it also undergirds religious concerns -- especially since the results of global warming are likely to affect the poor disproportionately.
His public denunciations of free market capitalism started in earnest with the recent papal visit to South America, where, to cheering crowds, he made some passionate statements about poverty and economics.
Speaking to grassroots organizers, Pope Francis declared his own personal war on capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, greed and materialism. According to CNN:

Pope Francis delivered a fiery denunciation of modern capitalism on Thursday night, calling the "unfettered pursuit of money" the "dung of the devil" and accusing world leaders of "cowardice" for refusing to defend the earth from exploitation.

Speaking to grassroots organizers in Bolivia, the Pope urged the poor and disenfranchised to rise up against "new colonialism," including corporations, loan agencies, free trade treaties, austerity measures, and "the monopolizing of the communications media.

To understand how the Pope thinks, it is helpful to glimpse at some of his closest counselors on these topics.
One advisor on his August global warming encyclical is the controversial professed atheist, Professor John Schnellnhuber, who was appointed to the Pontifical Academy of Science, and has been accused of advocating population control.
In an interview in June with Breitbart, Lord Christopher Monckton, chief policy advisor to the Science and Public Policy Institute, and a leader in the fight against the science of climate change, questioned Schnellnhuber's role in the encyclical:

Monckton further explained that Francis is influenced by extremist Professor John Schnellnhuber, founding director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, who said in 2009 at a climate conference in Copenhagen that if we let global warming continue, six billion of the seven billion people on earth will be killed by it.

Monckton said that Schnellnhuber will be standing by the side of Pope Francis when they announce the encyclical next week. "The fact that Schnellnhuber is going to be there is an extremely bad sign," he declared.

The fact that he will be there next to the pope suggests to Monckton that Francis is thanking him for having written the climate portion of the encyclical.

The Pope also knows, however, that the UN is poised to strong-arm member nations to sign on to an impossible globalist agenda that will require a total shift of the world's wealth, and a restructuring of international politics and economics with a one-world government and a universal religion at the steering wheel.
Even to the Pope's admirers, that sounds a less like peace and love and more like a utopian totalitarian nightmare.

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Waterer said...

Who wrote these articles? How can we trust them if we cannot see who they are and their take on many things.I know you simply post for us Scott and say you do not judge the sources but put them out for us to think about . But there is no call here for prayer or trusting God for His Sovreignty in all of this. Yes some of it goes with a Scriptural narrative but exaggerations abound in all news reporting today. Who are these writers?

Scott said...

Well, its like we have said before, you have to do your own research and discernment. I personally look for collaboration in other outlets and determine if it makes sense. But dont fall into the trap of "mainstream media is trustworthy but anything outside of their meme is not". Do you ask these wuestions about nightly news anchors? Same questions about commentary in NY times? If not, why not? In the case of paul mcquire i have read several of his books and he us solid as a rock imo. Just because you see stories that arent part of MSM agenda doesnt make it categorically "conspiracy tbeory" and dint forget that term is basically censorship. So basically do the research. Do the stories make sense? Is it being reported elsewhere? Do you categorically trust sites, media outlets, msm as you have been trained to do? Do you categorically treat others with skepticism for no tangible reason? Do some research and pray for discernment and let tbe HS guide you

Waterer said...

Good answer Scott. Certainly I err on believing too much of everybody. But the truth is we are all quicker to agree and not be careful when a narrative meets with our opinion. When HC in a direct interview sides with late term abortion I hate that evil!! But unless they are quotes and those taken in context I cannot research what they have spent hours construing. I go for all Sides and like you see where the themes lie. ( In both meanings of that word).

I just do not like fear mongering and overstatement. Heresy is not just false teaching. it is the overemphasis of one truth over all others.
Ex. We know earthquakes will increase from Jesus. We do not know that Tokyo is about to get it and kill thousands. it may happen but it is said in context of other things that will happen. When there is too much of that it weakens the point of which the Lord wants us to be aware.
1,2 and 3rd John precede Revelation and we have a major work to do as our eye is on the door for His arrival. We cannot hate our brother and say we love God. We must live with respect and love. We must. I am not expecting you to do more Scott. This gathering of sources is invaluable. But sometimes the tone is fearful and hateful. I think I would rather go back to Scriptures than checkout the sources of all this. Time is short whether He comes or we go. Our lives are mists..

Scott said...

We are rapidly approaching a time unlike any time in history. Fear is an appropriate response. Lethargy which points to "normalcy bias" is a protective suit against such fear. Of course we are called not to have a spirit of fear but it is our natural instinct. As far as anger there are a lot of people (Christian and non Christian) who have anger at how a small % of people aee having so much influence resulting in oppression, pain and suffering. In many cases this anger is justified. Think about Jesus at the Temple who displayed similar anger. In fact if you look closely at the Gospels, the rare times Jesus showed anger it was directed towards those who were oppressing others whether through financial or religious oppression.

Waterer said...

Agree Scott. Anger is not sin but fear IS something we have the remedy for. That is the goodness of the Gospel. He who believes never dies. As for the small % of people, this has always been so. But like Samuel we have to remember it is Christ whose teachings are being rejected . God told him this. They wanted a King like the other nations and he told them exactly what that would mean to their possessions and families. We all persist in this pink cloud of some perfect system. Partly because His Kingdom is within and going to be without. But His enemies are not yet His footstool.
We are in the already and not yet place that the church is always in till He calls us home.
I am not saying we shouldn't be salty. I am saying let our speech be seasoned with grace as with salt so we may know HOW to respond to each person. That means hard words at times too. Truly. It's just that times are bad enough without our adding to them with our own angst. There are weapons shaped against us and our winning is all about our shield of faith and the Sword of the Spirit the Word of God. NOTHING else will defeat our enemy , We war not against flesh and blood but spiritual forces. Scott you can decide to not post this and that is fine. i am not trying to force an issue. It's just one of those days when I have got to be rooted and grounded and some of this is over the top for me.

Scott said...

I went back and re-read these articles- where are you seeing fearful or hateful tone? I dont see it (?). I see a lot of unpleasant facts but honestly i cant find "fear mongering". Where are you seeing that?

Mrs.C said...

Just say'n, but a lot of these sensationalist websites these days, claiming to be “in the know”, are mixing truth with false information, just as satan would have it. Same with the so called “msm”. The off the beat sites for example, will take a current event, and magnify it, morph it, into something much greater. Just a satan likes, take a little bit of truth, mixed with lies. The more sensational the story, the more money they make with “link sharing” and selling advertising spots on their sites based on volume. For example, one of these sites recently posted a sensational story, using satellite photos, and on the ground photos. The satellite photos were at enough of a distance, that they could claim specific claims about what “looks” like specific vehicles, and build a false story around it. They also post photos accompanying another story, for example, of UN tanks supposedly setting up camp in the US! Both stories were fake. The UN tanks photo, was actually a real photo taken YEARS ago in AFRICA. The EXACT photo! The other satellite photo, suggesting another fake story, was also proven false. When confronted, after waiting a day to figure out how to cover their lies, these people actually had a fake poster come on with some supposed on the ground verification, however that was PROVEN fake also. Years back, some guy had thousands of folks convinced of some “death star” hiding behind the moon, and volcanoes about to erupt in the Cali desert. Again, the same, using real tech info, and combining it with lies. This goes back to the Garden of Eden with satan, using “knowledge” very enticing, as a great lure away from where our focus should be, and that is on Jesus. Looking for Him, seeking Him, Serving Him in many different ways. Jesus tells us what to do in Matthew 24, the Good Servant, and the Evil Servant.

Mrs.C said...

The question to ask ourselves is, how much time do we allow satan to steel from us, or let in fear that can seep into us based on lies, in these Last Days? He has allowed us to be keenly aware of the days in which we live, and gave us His Promises to sustain us through them. We Trust God, we dont trust ourselves. Do we listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit when he gives us that twinge about a story or event? Or do we continue down that false path, ignoring, overriding that Holy Spirit initial prompting because we are so drawn in by intrigue. Are we focusing on the storm raging all around us in the world, or focusing on Gods Purpose for us in these Last Days? Are we focusing on our Blessed Hope, our Glorious Bride Groom soon to come? Gods Living Word is our ONLY True source. We can discuss to no end amongst ourselves the current events, both true and false, but the true responsibility we have is leading the lost to Jesus before its too late. Our Witness to others on the fence, or non-Believers is critical at this point, and what we share with them, had better, to the BEST of our ability, be the Truth, other wise, at this critical time, it undermines our Witness. God knew each and every single one of us would be born into this time, at the edge of all time! Our Brothers and Sisters over centuries, yearned for this time in all of time, which is where we are now, and it is a great responsibility for us to do the best as we can to get it right. He has GREAT confidence in each one of us, to Bless us with such a privilege!

Scott said...

Like ive said countless times use discernment and the HS for guidance. There is a lot of info in circulation some good some bad. I dont think anyone should categorically accept news OR reject news without investigating and thoughtful prayer. But also be careful NOT to fall into the msm meme of "conspiracy theory". I still recall the massive skepticism and criticism over HAARP which has now been proven true and admitted. And the aerial photos were scoffed at yet they too turned out to be true. Make sure review of the news a
Is balanced in BOTH ways. Be independent in thinking and again discerning

Mrs.C said...

Absolutely Brother Scott, discernment is critical. There are many occasions when the "conspiracy theory" comment is labeled on certain events, people etc., and it turns out to be true. Discernment is the key, and relying on the Holy Spirit is critical in these Last Days, as there is an enemy who knows his time is VERY, VERY short, and is using every deception he can. He especially wants to take down Christians, cause them to stumble any way he can...BUT we are the Victors through Jesus! We will fight the good fight, and finish the race! :)
God Bless You & Yours Brother :)

Scott said...

Amen and thanks:)

Scott said...

Oh. One more point (fwiw). If you had ANY IDEA of the news and information that i discuss privately but dont post here you would be shocked. Much of it i believe us quite possibly true but for a variety of reasons dont post it. Its always a tough call. But there is a LOT of strange things happening in the world right now that probably ties into prophetic development but its not worth the negative feedback and more explanations and more disclaimers to post about but i sit on a TON of information for that reason. For every article posted there are 2-3 that i sit on for these very reasons. I wish i could come out with it and this includes a LOT of private information i receive on a weekly basis (if not more) from a variety of good sources.

Waterer said...

NO QUESTION but that you are careful Scott. I did not mean to intimate that you were not. It has just become SUCH a wordy ,wordy world and the bigger the story the faster it seems to disappear. To answer your question to me ( i was confused by the awful mention of choking on feces or some such comment) I couldn't tell who they were even wishing such a bad thing about. Also the insistence about the blood moon meaning things are going to get a shaking soon is still opinion based on interpretations that may or may not be timely. They hit me s over the top as did the prediction of the deaths that will happen in Tokyo. These are just opinions. What you offer so beautifully is the way things actually fit into what Scripture is saying not making predictions that sound prophetic out of the latest news.
This is a complicated thing to do and you always try and thread the needle in the right way. Just lately there has been SO much with news and sound bite predictions that it has been hard to focus on the essentials . It just hit me hard this morning. I do not disparage your work at all but I do want us to be encouraged to check Scripture first as to what we are being invited to evaluate. Thanks for taking any time to discuss this with me. Thanks for Mrs. C's input too.

Sparky said...

SOUNDING THE ALARM IS NOT FEAR MONGERING , this site is spot on , we are called to be watchman and prophets for the Lord , a watchman so job is to sound the alarm , and that's not fear MONGERING , it's doing gods will ! All those that sit at home and pray for themselves and others without making an effort to sound the alarm , those who want to stay in thier comfort zone , your have to answer to that , why you didn't sound the alarm , to WARN the lost , we are fast approaching the coming anti Christ , FACT ! The end times WILL PLAY OUT IN THIS GENERATION , by the way , for those that missed the illuminati mind programming performance of the opening ceremony of the Olympics , just part of thier dumbing down the masses to accept this coming anti Christ , watch a u tube video called " crazy , Giants come out of the pit , rugby World Cup " it's 18 mins long , don't be put off by title , look at the masses in the stadium applauding , let alone the millions round the globe , after you watch it , make your mind up yourself if the masses would accept this coming anti Christ and accept his mark , WAKE UP PEOPLE ! All your non saved family and friends are going to walk straight into this ! GOD WANTS US TO SOUND THE ALARM , and for those who don't , God will hold you accountable , we are to shout and warn , even unto death! And that one day , will be the case!

Waterer said...

I agree Mark. Sounding the alarm is not fear mongering. But a prophet who watches must be accurate too. These are not articles written by Scott. He expects us to judge them.This is getting harder as confusion deepens. My point is that we need to check with Scripture first not other articles and books. It is a rabbit trail and keeping our eyes on Jesus is work. All the olympic opening and especially closing shows have been PAGAN to the max and Mindless in followings. I agree that the world is ready to bow down and adore the wrong Christ. But each person we have in our areas of influence do not all respond to doomsday talk. ( Not that Scott is doing that but to follow your phrase that we need to be urgently warning). The Gospel is still the best news in the world and the Holy Spirit directs us into the love of Christ. We must be following His lead not our own understanding . Don't disparage prayer, Brother. That is as useful as can be in bringing us before the Lord and speaking the word that penetrates at just the right time.

GG2013 said...

Hi Scott-

I can humbly say how grateful I am for you and the time you spend researching and posting on our behalf. I can't even imagine with as fast as any article is being published these days. I do many have benefited from your site. It is a wonderful place to be a part of.

FWIW, I wondered if some of us who need more of that spiritual insight can try a new approach and post uplifting scripture daily as we are lead? I can't help but to hear the words in my spirit to make sure all things are fair and balanced in all we do, no matter what the world says or what human wrote it. In a world of corruption and selfishness coupled with lawlessness, it's hard to see the light of Gods word on many days and so many topics.

The only thing I would humbly ask is if we can get back to this old way- the great way we used to share in love here - is if we can have the moderation stay on (as you have helped with) so we can NOT be attacked like in the days that have gone by? It seems with the most loving of intentions on those scripture posts, it allowed others with a contentious, self righteous, destructive spirit to come in and run many off on the "great scholar" debate and approach. That is what made me stop. We need this spiritual food right now in all we do. In order to be fair and balanced, with respect to taking things in from many sources, can we all find a common ground that may honor God first and allow you to go in the direction you feel God has been calling you?

I would hate to see anyone beaten down any longer, but I am thinking threre has to be something that is fair and balanced. God Bless Brother and Dear Sisters. I know these are very rough times.

God Bless!!


Scott said...

GG- thanks- but have you been seeing "attacks"on this thread or are you referring to something else? I thought this was pretty benign and reasonable - there will always be slight differences in opinion, which is healthy IMO - anyway - I was just curious because this all seems pretty reasonable today

GG2013 said...


No, no...just asking going forward. The Moderation approach has been very helpful. With us lovingly sorting out what to do to discern the many published articles and news sites, I can see another old avenue of possible attack coming in when those scriptural postings go up. That is something we just wouldn't need to divert us yet in another downward spiral.

This way we can be lifted up, receive news to discern and hopefully on any given day a message from God will unpack something on someone's spirit who needs it. :). That is the only option I can see for fair and balanced while both ways to receive news makes the receiver have to step back and see it from a regional perspective instead of a localized view, if that makes sense. Sometimes, I wonder while we all wait ( mankind in general) if we start to have tunnel vision on Gods will. It's a very hard balance to find daily. :)

Thank you for all you have and do continue to do!


WVBORN56 said...

I love the site and the articles Scott posts for his readers! There are many I would have never found on my own. I post on two other rapture discussion forum that I enjoy but I live in a constant frustration by what they "deem" worthy. I'm not sure if they are professional journalist or are fearful of being labeled conspiracy nuts? I'm not sure but by limiting themselves they are most likely much further from the truth than we are here! Thanks again Scott for giving us the opportunity to decide for ourselves!!

Waterer said...

I love Scott and his blog.