Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lies and Distortions At The End Of The Age

As the prophetic scriptures warn, the last days will be full of lies and distortions. We already see so much of this in the daily news, as such lies have become expected and anticipated - in fact, we barely blink anymore at the lies that we are fed through the government and in turn, the MSM.

This article covers the issue in detail (disclaimer: I don't agree with every thought in this article, but the overall point is made):

Mainstream Media Lies: 23 Things That Are Not What They Seem

Those in the mainstream media serve those that are providing them with paychecks. The reality is that just 6 gigantic corporations collectively own most of the major mainstream media outlets in this country. Reporters are simply not going to be allowed to report stories that are severely damaging to those corporations or to the owners of those corporations.

At this point, our "news" is absolutely packed with propaganda. Way too often, things are not what they seem to be on television. The mainstream media lies, lies and then lies some more. They give us the version of "reality" that their owners want us to have.

This article is worth reading. Below are just a few of the examples given in this article - covering the lies that we are fed on a daily basis:

The Lie: Barack Obama will be much different from George W. Bush and will actually protect our civil liberties.

The Truth: Under Barack Obama we have lost even more of our civil liberties than we did under George W. Bush. Barack Obama recently signed a new law that gives the U.S. military the power to arrest U.S. citizens on American soil, detain them indefinitely and ship them off to Guantanamo Bay for endless "interrogation" sessions.

The Lie: The debt crisis in Europe has been stabilized and the euro is going to be just fine.

The Truth: The debt crisis in Europe continues to get worse and the euro is dropping like a rock.

The Lie: The U.S. unemployment rate is now at 8.5% and will continue to fall as the U.S. economy recovers.

The Truth: If the number of Americans considered to be "looking for work" was the same today as it was back in 2007, the "official" unemployment rate put out by the U.S. government would about 11 percent, and the U.S. middle class continues to be systematically destroyed right in front of our eyes.

The Lie: We have to send our troops overseas to fight the terrorists "over there" or else they will come and fight us over here.

The Truth: Dozens of jihadist training camps are operating inside the United States right now and the federal government could not care less. The following is from a recent WorldNetDaily article about a jihadist organization that is operating 35 training camps on U.S. soil right now....

The Lie: The number of earthquakes is not increasing.

The Truth: The number of earthquakes is increasing dramatically. As the "Ring of Fire" continues to wake up the next few years could be very, very interesting.

The Lie: There are no plans to replace the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency.

The Truth: Top financial authorities all over the world have been developing plans for a new global currency for a long time. The following comes from a CNN article....

This last one is worth a little more attention:

Now That U.S. Government Debt Has Been Downgraded, The Rest Of The World Is Calling Even Louder For A New Global Currency that U.S. government debt has been downgraded, the U.S. dollar is showing significant weakness and the U.S. economy continues to crumble, the rest of the world is questioning whether the U.S. dollar should be allowed to continue to have such a privileged position in the global marketplace.

Politicians all over the world are now openly calling for a new global currency to replace the U.S. dollar in international trade. In fact, we are already seeing a shift away from the dollar in many areas of the globe.

As the debt problems of the U.S. government get even deeper, and as the U.S. dollar loses even more strength, the calls for a truly global currency are going to grow even louder.

China's official Xinhua news agency has been brutally attacking the U.S. financial system in recent days.

In fact, Xinhua has even gone so far to suggest that U.S. monetary policy should be under "international supervision" and that a new global reserve currency should be created....

The Russian government has also been a vocal proponent of a shift away from the U.S. dollar. At a G8 summit back in 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev openly spoke of the need for a new global currency and he even showed reporters a coin that represented what a "united future world currency" could potentially look like.

But it is not just individual nations that have been calling for a change. Over the last couple of years, the United Nations has repeatedly called for the U.S. dollar to be replaced as the global reserve currency.

For instance, a UN report entitled "The U.N. World Economic and Social Survey 2010" openly talked about how the transition from the U.S. dollar to a new global currency could be accomplished.

We know from biblical prophecy that this scenario will happen - below we see how this may happen:

The IMF has also been instrumental in promoting the idea of a new global currency. In a recent report entitled "Enhancing International Monetary Stability—A Role for the SDR", the IMF discussed the "problems" with having the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of the world and it postulated that a larger role for SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) could potentially be an important step toward a true global currency.

In fact, the report described SDRs as "an embryo" from which a new global currency could ultimately develop.

So what would a global currency look like?

While he was still head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn openly called for the introduction of a global currency backed by a global central bank which would act as the "lender of last resort" in the event of a severe economic crisis....

Finally, in principle, a new global currency issued by a global central bank, with robust governance and institutional features, could provide a nominal anchor and risk-free asset for the system independent of national currencies. This global central bank could also serve as a lender of last resort.

And when this happens, what will the ultimate outcome look like? (hint: we see a world that looks a lot like the descriptions of the tribulation era described in the book of Revelation:

But is that what we really need?

A global currency issued by a global central bank?

Under a global central banking system, the American people would have essentially no power over the monetary system and the international bankers would have almost all the power.

Of course that is what the international bankers have always wanted - complete control over the financial system of the entire world.

Sadly, it seems as though whenever financial problems arise these days, the solutions we are given always involves more centralization of financial power.

There seems to be a growing consensus among the ultra-wealthy and the global elite that a one world financial system is what we need. But getting there will not be easy. The U.S. dollar is not dead yet, and much of the rest of the world has grown accustomed to using it.

However, if the U.S. dollar were to "collapse", that could create a crisis which would give the global elite the excuse they need to push us in the direction of a truly global currency.

Could you imagine living in a world in which you were unable to buy or sell unless you participated in the global currency system?

That is a frightening thing to think about.

Our world is changing, and not for the better.

A global currency would be a really, really bad idea. Hopefully we still have some more time before one gets rammed down our throats.

So what is the world facing?

The Bible explains how the axis of the antichrist and the false prophet will operate the world financial system:

"He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name."
(Revelation 13:16-17)

Can anyone deny that the world is rapidly moving in this direction?

Every aspect (aka "sign") of biblical prophecy - without exception - all signs that we were given to observe - without fail - are moving together directly into the Tribulation.

Not only that, but what we are seeing now is exactly what Jesus described - the signs are all progressing like birth pains - an increase in frequency and severity as the end of the age approaches.

It's coming and it's coming fast. There can be no doubting that.

And it is worth noting here that Daniel was also told a secret that we always have to remember:

"None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand"
(Daniel 12:10)


Mike said...

"None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand"

Very interesting you quoted that Scott, as I have recently purchased "The Daniel Project" movie, and that is the key verse to introduce the documentary. I recommend this highly as a useful tool to awaken people to where we are in history...ESPECIALLY those who are not saved. It is actually made for secular audiences, and not from a necessarily Christian point of view, but is accurate in its conclusions (the people behind the project ARE Christian though).

Included in this is an interview on the 'bonus' disk that is one of the most powerful and concise explanation God's plan from the beginning.

If anyone is interested, you can go to

Scott said...

Thanks for that - I'll check it out

Caver said...

Mike, ditto on the thanks. Looked at the trailer and its a "for certain" purchase.

Mike said...

Glad to pass it'll be glad you got it! A different kind of 'tool' for us to reach those who may not be interested in hearing the truth.

I have to stress, the interview is, as Deborah (the producer) told me, the 'pearl that we hope many will seek"...enjoy!

Anonymous said...

yes, I can agree BUT with one MAJOR will be
THE EURO that frefalls, like it is already starting, NOT the US Dollar.

and this is the REASON WHY EWI is saying to stay in cash, GET OUT OF
all stocks, Gold, and Silver now !!!!

Stay in csah only......

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

should read CASH


Stephen >>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

I have a request for the prophecy gang here. NO, it is NOT about the
stock market. I have this nice guy
on line but he is not saved.

His name is Harry, he lives in the UK. Please pray for him, that he will see the truth. I care very MUCH about him. I want him to be in
Heaven with me.

Please write and state this IF you have prayed for him. he does not
KNOW what he wants out of this world, I have tried to show him.


Stephen in Hawaii >>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

correction >>>>>

I met this guy on line, sorry about that....

Diane said...

Yes, Stephen, I have prayed for you and for your on line friend Harry.

Diane :)

Dave DU said...

Stephen I to have have prayed for you both. You: for God to give you insight into his situation and for Harry's spiritual eys's to be opened.

Your a mighty man of God Stephen.

Anonymous said...

thanks, guys, i really appreciate
that, Dave, I think u are mightier
then me, right >> ??

ie, David took down Golaith, remember ??

In reality, I am just another
person trying to help people like Harry that I love. He means alot to me.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>

Caver said...

Caver household joining in prayer for Harry and Stephen

Dave DU said...

Thanks Stephen, that's awesome.

I say you are, "Stephen the martyr". He stood his ground and had his eyes on Jesus even when the world around him was stoning him......sound familiar?

Likewise my friend you have stood your ground on this forum and not deserted even when the rocks of insults where being hurled your way ( if I was in your shoes I probably would have been gone by now ).


mary said...

Good morning everyone,I have this article that was given to me and it is so beautiful that I wanted to share it.It is what we are all looking forward to and is a great encouragement to read often.
You are cordially invited to a wedding celebration..
the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
Groom:Jesus Christ
Bride: His church
Time: Whenever the Father's ready
Date: Known only to His Father
Place: In my Father's house
Attire: Come as you are...He said something about new white robes and crowns for everyone who stays until the last.
Tickets: Admission is free. He's already paid for everyone (He says we would not have been able to afford's cost Him everything He had.)
Refreshments: New wine,bread,and a far-out drink He calls, "living water".. followed by a supper that promises to be out of this world.
Gift suggestions: Your heart. He's one of those people who already have everything else.(He's very generous in return though... just wait until you see what He has for you!)
Entertainment: Joy, Peace, Truth,Life, Love ,Real Happiness, Communion with God, Forgiveness, Contentment, Miracles, Healing Power, Eternity in Paradise, and much more!(All rated "G" so bring your whole family and your friends)
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His Father
R.S.V.P. Very Important! He must know ahead so He can reserve a spot for you at the table. Also, He's keeping a list of His friends for future reference. (He calls it the "Lambs Book of Life."
"Blessed are they who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb!" Revelation 19:9
Hope to see you there!

I am looking up and can't wait to meet you all. Have a blessed day in Jesus. Mary

mary said...

Hi Stephen, I just read your post, and I am praying for your friend Harry also.
P.s. as I am writing this , the song "Just a little talk with Jesus" is playing. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave, you are right, but when
someone believes in something
strongly, CAUSE of proof, they
will stand their ground.

As I have stated in the past, RN
ELLIOTT predicted in 1941 that there would be 7 decades of prosperity and then anothet global

1941 to 2011 = 70 years >>>>>

Alot of people have scoffed at
Elliott but not me.

Alot of people were PREDICTING
the end of the world and the
start of the TRIB period in 1981/82
HEY, never happenned did it ????

But now, it's getting dangerous.
Frankly, I cannot understand BULLS

BUYING stock tonite ????

above 12,000 ???

they are nuts.....

they have NO IDEA how powerful a third wave can be on the dowside.
RN Elliott called them WONDERS TO BEHOLD.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mrs.C said...

Dear Brothers Stephen & Dave, :)
Thank you both for sharing such a wonderful and truthful exchange of words between you both. :) It is such a Blessing to read! The Lord Truly Blesses us through both of you!

God Bless You and Keep You Both!

Caver said...

Hi Miss Mary,

Thank you for that copy of The Invitation....that is going to get put on a Word document and printed out a few times.

God Bless

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks Mary for the wedding announcement...very cool!

"Come as you are" and "the far out drink called living water" for refreshements were my favorite lines and of course the R.S.V.P. was the most important part!


Diane said...

Thanks, Mary, for sharing. Love it !!!

"God is at peace in Himself, and in His presence there is peace. The most repeated negative command in Scripture is ‘fear not.’ It appears 365 times — one for each day of the year — and is usually followed by ‘for I am with you.’ God would have us understand that factoring in his presence always changes the equation.”
— Ramon Presson


Dave DU said...

Thanks for your kind words Mrs C.

In this time trouble we could all use encouragement In one form or another.

"the words of the Godly lead to life, but evil people cover up their harmful intentions". NLT( the first version).

Mary I've had the wedding come to mind a bit lately. I dare say we're close.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting the invitation to the "Wedding Supper of the Lamb". Having recently given up dairy and wheat products (and those with food allergies will commiserate), we all can freely say:

"Please pass the bread and butter"

"Yes, I'll have some more wine, thank you"

"Just can never get enough of that living water!"

Looking forward to that day! Maranatha Lord Jesus!

Caver said...

Hi Anonymous,

One more to add to your list.

Its widely believed that all foods in Heaven are full tasting but completely calorie free. :)

mary said...

Somehow I just knew that you guys would love the" Wedding Invitation"
Maranatha, Mary :)

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks Diane for posting, Fear Not, I am with you, reminder.

mary said...

Thanks Diane for the reminder "Fear not, I am with you." I have been thinking on that and I cannot get my little pea brain around that thought. Just to think that God really is with us all the time through His Holy Spirit, which He deposits within us when we come to saving faith in His son Jesus.Wherever we go ,He is there.