Monday, January 30, 2012

"Israel Sees Narrowing Window For Iran Strike"

This article comes from Ynetnews:

Israeli officials are quietly conceding that new international sanctions targeting Iran's suspect nuclear program, while welcome, are further constraining Israel's ability to take military action – just as a window of opportunity is closing because Tehran is moving more of its installations underground.

The officials said that Israel must act by the summer if it wants to effectively attack Iran's program.

Israel contends a nuclear-armed Iran would threaten its survival. It also fears an Iranian bomb would touch off a nuclear arms race in a region still largely hostile to Israel.

Below we can see a renewed sense of urgency coming from Defense Minister Ehud Barak:

After calling for tougher sanctions against Iran at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Friday: "We must not waste time on this matter; the Iranians continue to advance (toward nuclear weapons), identifying every crack and squeezing through. Time is urgently running out."

Key Israeli defense officials believe that the time to strike, if such a decision is made, would have to be by the middle of this year.

Complicating the task is the assessment that Iran is stepping up efforts to move its work on enriching uranium deep underground.

We can also see the ramifications of this potential conflict:

Many believe that in the event of a strike, Iran would likely unleash its large arsenal of missiles capable of striking Israel.

Iran's local proxies, Hezbollah to Israel's north and Hamas to the south, possess tens of thousands of short-range rockets and missiles. American soldiers in the Persian Gulf might come under fire. Islamist backers of Iran could target civilians all over the world.

The prospect of a new conflagration in the Mideast is one reason cited by some influential Israeli figures, like recently retired spy chief Meir Dagan, when arguing against an Israeli military attack.

Israeli officials believe the Iranian nuclear program is so far advanced that any attack would delay it by two to three years at best, but not destroy it.

"It's a very advanced program with many facilities, some very large and some very fortified. To destroy them you need a series of massive assaults for two to three weeks, a month, something like that," Shapir said.

We could be down to a countdown as far as Israel taking out these nuclear facilities in Iran. From almost all information available, the point of no return will be sometime this summer. This scenario may or may not represent the tipping point in the region, but soon, either Iran will have nuclear weapons or Israel will have taken military action.

Either of these scenarios would probably trigger a much larger cascade of subsequent events, as so many reports have mentioned - events that are destined to fulfill biblical prophecy.


Anonymous said...


The Middle East Media Research Institute.
TV Monitor Project.


Anonymous said...

I just got done with a EWI count
on the 60 MIN bar chart...quite
revealing...that from 26 JAN at the
12,842 peak we had 5 waves down which is IMPULSIVE according to
EWI rules. The top MAY be in, but
I am not sure.

more TIME is needed to see the future here. TUES coming up here is CRITICAL. If bears can take
back control and break the market
BACK down from tonites ABC rally,
then we MAY have some fireworks...

BUT I am not sure that will happen.
ME is very quiet as i write this....!!!!

it would be NICE to see a big drop
on TUES, we will see....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Caver said...

Guess we just keep checking off the little blocks on the calendar as we approach that huge brick wall on one side and sharp drop off the cliff on the other.

Wow, what a position to be put in and have your people's actual survival depend on.

We know they have Help....but I don't think they know it. Must be an awful corner they think they're in.

Mrs.C said...

Oh my goodness...something’s up here for sure...LOTS of Psyops going on here...LOTS! I see the name Dagan, as a mere mention, and red flags go up! Good cop, bad cop between he, Barak and Bibi! Something surely is in the works! Whew...Ive watched Dagan for many years now, as with out question the enemies of Israel do. Meir Dagan is a hard core defender of Israel. It is said that when Dagan was first in his postion with Mossad, that Sharon instructed him to run Mossad "with the knife between his teeth”, and there are some other really hard core statements associated with Dagan. Bibi’s insistence that Dagan stay on for one more year, was due to his unparalleled knowledge of Irans nuke facilities. When it comes to the protection of Israel, Dagan will do whatever it takes.
He is known as the “shadowy figure” behind Mossad. Assassinations of terrorists, the attack of Syrias nuke plant, the for years now, covert operations inside Iran.
He was a Commando, just like Bibi, and has fought in many wars with a high rank. The question is, did he really retire? Or are is anti-attack Iran statements a ruse? A diversion? He even went so fare as to have the Press of all people, meet at the Mossad HQ for his comments against an Iran attack! This was unprecedented; the Press has never been to the Mossad HQ. Again, was this a ruse to convince the enemies of Israel that he is now some kind of dove? The enemies of Israel fear Dagan. Could his supposed “retirement” be one of the final steps before Israel attacks Iran. Making Iran and the enemies of Israel think that they can relax a bit, because Dagan is gone? Is he coming against Bibi and Barak to try to throw the enemy off? In his statement to he Press, he was warning of the number of casualties Israel will suffer, stating that an attack on Iran would trigger a multiple fronted war! WOW! Right out of Gods Word, Isaiah 17! But if this is a ruse, he doesn’t realize that Gods Word says that that is exactly what will happen. Based on his undeterred fervency to protect Israel at any cost, his attitude of getting the job done no matter legal or otherwise, JMHO but I believe this is a ruse. He is just too devoted to the protection of Israel, and always finds a way to complete a mission. He is the expert on Iran. He has admittedly been running covert ops inside of Iran. He has already shown Iran that Israel can attack them from within their own nation, at any time, and every time Iran responds to these attacks, Israel notes the defense moves Iran makes. Iran is Dagans specialty, and so is eliminating terrorists. Dagan served as an officer in the Paratroopers Brigade Interestingly we just read how the Israeli Paratroopers Brigade, just did a HUGE “BRIGADE LEVEL” exercise that they haven’t done in 15 YEARS!

“After 15 Years: IDF Brigade-Level Parachute Jump”

Then we have these exercises by Israel, back in November.

“IDF Insists Preparedness Drills And Military Exercises Are Not Tied To Iran Chatter “

“On Wednesday, Haaretz broke the news of a large-scale aerial exercise that took place over the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, some 2,300 kilometers from Israel. The five-day joint exercise, which ended last Friday, involved fighter jets, midair refuelers and airborne warning and control systems from the Israeli, German and Italian air forces”

Mrs.C said...

“A lieutenant colonel from the Israel Air Force identified only as Yiftah said such exercises are important, because flying over unfamiliar territory "prepares people for battle over unfamiliar ground."
“But he stressed that the exercise was planned eight months ago and did not involve flying over terrain similar to what an attack on Iran would entail, nor was Iran ever mentioned during the exercise.”

Not surprising that treasonous Haaretz would break this story, they are the equivalent of the NY Times! On the other hand, for Israeli Psyops, Haaretz it the perfect perpetuator of false news. This exercise in the Mediterranean was true, and based on the Lieutenant Colonels response; it doesn’t appear that IDF wanted this well known. Perhaps Israel is doing the same thing that England did prior to the Normandy invasion? England went as far as creating inflatable tanks etc, fake troop build ups (Gen.Pattons ghost army), placing them in Kent I believe it was, to convince the Germans that the invasion would be in Pas de Calais, rather than Normandy. Perhaps Israel is doing the same thing with all these military exercises? Perhaps the real destruction, will come from within Iran, covert ops?
Israeli Commandos were inside Syria several times when Israel struck them. They are also inside Iran now. Israel attacked Irans computer systems, nuke scientists, and their elite Military. These JMO, was to please the stalling U.S., and try to slow things down. It also sent a message to Iran, that Israel can easily reach inside their country without detection.

The clenched of all this, is Dagan. I was reviewing articles, I have on Dagan, and saw this headline from Haaretz shares with Associated Press:
Mossad Chief: Iran Will Have Nuclear Bomb By 2009-2010

“The head of the Mossad espionage agency, Meir Dagan, on Monday told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons by 2009 or 2010.”

Then in January of 2011 upon his “retirement”, Dagan said this:
“Outgoing Mossad Chief: Iran Won't Have Nuclear Capability Before 2015”
(Because of the covert actions that have taken place, supposedly slowed them down)

Then by the end of 2011, December, Dagan said this:
“Dagan: Threat of Attack May Hasten Iran Nuke Program”

More Psyops?...he is too hard core of a Military man to make these comments…
With Irans years of cooperation with Pakistan, North Korea (remember they helped Syria- and Iran paid for it), Iran most likely already has a nuke. You don’t just build one for an attack, you have to build many…

Scott said...

wow - interesting thoughts Mrs C - I had no idea about the military exercises in Sardinia ...Very interesting. We know Israel will engage in psyops - we just have a hard time figuring out when and how. And as I said earlier, if they WERE to 'attack' Iran's nuke facilities, I highly doubt that they would telegraph this and I would fully expect someone from the administration to give out false information.

Either way, it seems that it is coming to a head soon - perhaps this summer.

Mrs.C said...

Yes indeed Brother Scott, Israel does use Psyops. This reminds me of when in 2008, the IAF quietly did exercises in Greece, testing against the Russian S-300 that Greece has. Same one Iran uses.
As you said, Israel does not telegraph their intensions, and this seems pretty overt. But, it must leave Israel's enemies wondering. It could very well be, that Israel is projecting a outwardly Military attack, when in fact covert ops will take these facilities down. Like we suddenly see Satellite photos of the Iranian facilities that have imploded.
Meir Dagan always gets my attention, especially with his vast knowledge of the Iranian nuke facilities. For him to suddenly in the recent year, start making over the top comments against attacking Iran is highly unusual for him. He supposedly is "retired" yet he has openly met with an Israeli top Security official, and recent top Security official, and these meetings were "classified". Why meet if he is "retired". Something’s just not right there...
He could be speaking out against Bibi and Baraks plan to attack Iran to confuse the enemy.
What we do know and what we can only trust as certain, is Gods Word. His Word tells us that something will happen to Iran. Gods Word does not include Iran in the next war, Isaiah 17. But in the quickly following Ezekiel 38 war/invasion, Gods Word does name Iran, and they are week tagalongs, mere followers of Gog.
Whew...what an absolute Blessing for us all to Witness His Word being fulfilled before us! We Serve and awesome God! All Praise and Glory to You Forever Father!