Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two Articles Tell The Story In The Middle East

These two articles tell the story. In fact they really could stand as a representation of the entire 'peace process' which we have been observing for years. You could look at the titles alone and get the idea.

Peace Process Must Involve Hamas As A Player

We see a Prime Minister (does it really matter which specific country? does it really matter which "leader"?), in this case Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan who, while meeting with Hamas Prime Minister Haniyeh in Istanbul Sunday makes an incredible statement:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan met with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in Istanbul Sunday, saying that any process leading to a solution of Palestinian issues must involve Hamas as a player.

Erdogan's comments were reported following the meeting at his home in Istanbul. Palestinian media outlets said that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was also present in the meeting.

Erdogan also expressed support of Hamas and Fatah’s reconciliation and said he hoped the Palestinians will establish an umbrella organization which would democratically represent all political players among the Palestinians.

Hmm....So Hamas must be involved in any peace process huh?

Am I the only one who sees this apparent contradiction and subsequent "problem" involving making peace with Hamas?

This article below (which was posted earlier today) reveals the obvious:

Haniyeh In Sudan: Hamas Will Never Recognize Israel

So Israel is supposed to make peace with the organization who refuses to recognize their very existance?

Hamas’ Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, reiterated on Saturday that his organization will never recognize Israel and will never give up on Jerusalem, Channel 10 News reported.

He also called for the establishment of a “Jerusalem Army,” an army of Arab nations who will conquer Jerusalem from the Jews, the report said.

While Haniyeh’s comments are consistent with ones he recently made during Hamas’ 24th anniversary celebration, where he said Hamas’ long-term strategic goal is to eliminate all of Israel, they are not consistent with comments made by other Hamas officials in the past week.

Oh, and then there is that little additional statement "Hamas long-term strategic goal is to eliminate Israel".

So let us take a quick look at the absurdity of this situation.

World leaders (and Erdogan is just the most recent example) and the media insist that Israel give up their land, all defensible borders and Jerusalem - to a group who is sworn to their destruction and refuses to admit that Israel has a right to even exist.

This contradiction is maddeningly frustrating and the MSM will ignore it, the "quartet" will ignore it, and outside of a few prophecy sites, no one will even acknowledge this ridiculous set-up for Israel. Almost everyone involved, outside of Israel, simply looks away and pretends that _____ (insert your pick: Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, PLO, Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc) never made such statements.

Such is life in bizarro world.

I'll take New Jerusalem, thank you.


Nathan said...

Happy new year everyone (aka Happy Dictatorship day LOL) .Well , birds are falling out of the sky in Beebe AGAIN , There's "talks" of the Israel and Palestine going back to the table AGAIN (yeah right) and Ohio had a 4.0 earthquake . So looks like 2012 is going to be a repeat of 2011 (I feel like we're living in the movie Groundhog day where each day is a repeat of the last :) ...And of course all the little muslim countries are slowly slipping the nuece around Israel and slowly surrounding them as usual . Does anyone know the actual countries that are involved in Psalm 83 ? I can't get a clear answer . Lots of conflicting articles and webpages ?

Nathan said...

Question for Steven ? Do you own gold ? Are you buying or selling ?I owned the ETF GLD a while back (made some money from 1430-1610) but missed the 1900 rally . I'm torn on getting back in right now because if the ECB prints their way out of the Euro Crises people will flock back to the dollar (which is kind of happening right now) however , any major eruption in the middleeast will send commodities soaring ? But at the same time the bible says your gold and silver will be cast into the streets and worthless in the endtimes and profiting off War seems a bit immoral to me . I gave up on Wall Street in April of 2010 . When the world seemed to be spinning out of control (Little did i know 2011 would make 2010 seem like a fairytail ....So 2012 should be a doozy :) Peace brother . Ps really jealous you live in Hawaii .

Anonymous said...

Dear Nathan >>>>>

NO, I do NOT own Gold, don't want to, I got GOLD heading to 1000 or
LOWER long term. I would NOT touch
it, I got PUT options in GE, Ford,
and SLV Etf.....

I am VERY BEARISH on NY Stocks....

I believe the DOW is headed into a (3) Crash of 3 Circle.

I use Elliott Wave to decide on my trades.

is coming, and soon. There is way too much debt. Please be safe in
cash (Us Dollars) anything else is

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

Jec said...

Nathan, i had this on my computer from Bill Silas's site:

Ancient vs. Modern

Tents of Edom-Palestinian & Southern Jodan
Ishmaelites-Saudis(Ishmael father of Arabs)
Moab-Palestinian & Central Jordanians
Hagrites-Egyptians-(Hagar Egypt Matriarch)
Gebal-Hezbollah & Northern Lebanese
Ammon-Palestinians & Northern Jordanians
Amalek-Arabs of the Sinai Area
Philistia-Hamas of the Gaza Strip
Tyre-Hezbollah & Southern Lebanese
Assyria-Syrians & Northern Iraqi's

Jec said...

Correction-Bill Salus and his website! This also raises a question i have. Some people believe that Syria is not listed in the above Psalm 83 Confederates or the Ezekiel 38's war. Others like Bill Salus believes they are. Does anyone know and can explain this? Thanks

nathan said...

Thanks alot Jec . So lets go down the list then . Palestine (check) , N. Lebanon (check) Arabs of the sinia (check) The gaza strip (check) Syria (big check due to arab spring) Egypt (big check due to arab spring and probable reversal of peace treaty) N. Iraq ( big check ) due to Us pullout . That leaves Jordan (which i believe is 70% Palestinian and the only remaining wildcard Saudi Arabia ? ....So i guess all eyes should be on the Saudis . I do believe they came out and said if the U.s Vetos the Palestinian Un bid they would cease being a Us Ally (which i believe it the only thing keeping them from joining the rest of the arab Kingdom against Israel . Thanks again for the info . Ps was it me or did the Arab spring REALLY make prophecy watching come alive ?

Nathan said...

Stephen , thanks for the info . I took a cash position in April 2010 and quit trading all together . I may miss some opportunities but sleeping well at night and not worring about 500 point swings was well worth it ...I COMPLETELY agree with you on the "too much debt" issue . Think about this , the one time audit of the Federal Reserve revealed that it wasn't a 700 billion dollar bailout but it was actually 16 trillion (5 trillion of which went to Europe) ..That was just a partial audit . Image if the whole audit was allowed (thank you Bernie Sanders) . Another number beyond apprehension is that there are supposedely over 600 trillion in non regulated sidepool bets (derivitave trading) going on along the sidelines . (and thats just 4 of the biggest banks in the US alone) Theres not even that much money in existance to cover a bankruptcy? .....anyway thanks for the info God bless .

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother Jec & Brother Nathan, :)

Psalm 83 is not a war, but it is an imprecatory Prayer for God's Victory over Israel's enemies. God does not say anything in His Word about a war in Psalm 83, if there was one He would say it and He doesn’t.. Psalm 83 espouses "talk", a "conspiracy", by the enemies surrounding Israel. There is no action its all talk, and as we can see, Psalm 83 is already being fulfilled before us. Psalm 83 concludes with a Prayer for the destruction of these enemies. Isaiah 17 is the answer to that Prayer. There are false teachings out there that will at times, briefly mention “Damascus” being destroyed, but don’t even quote Isaiah 17. Why? Because to read all of His Word in Isaiah 17, would debunk the “idea” the “theory” they promote about Psalm 83. Men are fallible, Gods Word is not.
This Psalm 83 teaching, piggybacks other Scriptures to lead down a rabbit trail, with suggestions that Israel will become “wealthy” etc. Gods Word says nothing of this, in fact He says just the opposite. Reading all of Gods Word in Isaiah 17, rather than just Verse 1, tells us that Israel will not become "wealthy', nor "land barons" as is falsely suggested. Rather they will fight a multiple fronted war, completely alone, and God tells us why He barely allows His people to survive. Israel is desolated as Gods Word tells us. Psalm 83 is already being fulfilled. Why is this so important? Because it causes Brothers and Sisters to Witness falsely to Believers and un-Believers alike. We are at a crucial point in the fulfillment of Prophecy. To promote the “idea” to others, that Israel will become “wealthy” and “powerful” etc., and just the opposite happens, we cause disappointment and invalidate any Witness given for the event.
Should the Lord tarry, and we witness the absolute horror of the Isaiah 17 war, it will be a powerful Witnessing tool. But we can expect persecution for such a Witness, as with all of the massive death and destruction, the “world” will not understand why we are so excited about it. It will be “oh those crazy Christians are actually excited about this” kind of response.
Isaiah 17 is the beginning of the end of the Church Age, and it is God Himself bringing Israel to their knees, just as He wants them to be. Israel will be completely helpless, and that sets the stage for the quickly following Ezekiel 38 invasion. With Ezekiel 38, it is God and only God whom can save Israel, and ALL of the Glory will be to Him. It is God Himself that orchestrates both the Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38 wars. Most importantly, is Gods Purpose for these wars, and that is to fully restore His Covenant with His People, and return to them. He has turned His attention away from the Church, and back to His People. We the Church are gone! Praise God Forever!

God Bless!

The Prayer
Psalm 83:13
13. O my God, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind.

The Prayer Answered
Isaiah 17:13
13. The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.

Alice said...

A quick side note regarding Saudi Arabia... They just purchased 84 F-15SA Strike Eagle Fighters from the US, specifically Boeing. A $29.4 billion deal... Here are two articles on it:

Jec said...

Thanks Mrs C. I have actually noted that in my article I'm writing to friends and family that "some believe that this is talking about a prayer". Others refer to it as a war and others like you a prayer. I also have noticed in my Bible, right under the Psalm 83 caption, it says "A song". So there you have another meaning. But believe me, I follow what you say and I have been helped quite a bit with all of your input. Thank you very much, especially that last verse above is very helpful.

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother Jec, :)
You are most welcome, and it is my privilege :) All credit is always to His Holy Spirit . Just the short version of Isaiah 17, and whats to come. We need to lift up Gods People, Israel and her Leaders for what is to come to them…

Isaiah 17:
Israel will have fought a war involving multiple fronts.
Isaiah 17:1 - Damascus
Isaiah 17:2 - Jordan
Isaiah 17:3 - West Bank
Isaiah 17:4-11 - Israel suffers greatly, barely survives, and God tells us why He allows this to happen to them
Isaiah 17:12-13 The enemy nations surrounding Israel- attempt to "rush in" to finish her off. This is when God does intercede, at the end. He rebukes these nations, so as His people will not be wiped out, and the people of these nations "flee a far off".
Isaiah 17:14 - Gods Word tells us that Damascus, will be gone in less than a day.

As said before, Israel will have fought this Isaiah 17 war, completely alone. They will barely survive, have exhausted all of their weapons and no way to resupply, and the "world" will hate them even more than they do now. Israel will no longer have to worry about the enemy nations that surrounded her, but they pay a very heavy price for this. Israel is severely wounded, and defenseless. This sets the stage for the Ezekiel 38 invasion. Israel will be in a primitive state, and so will the invading Ezekiel forces. At the same time, we have to consider the fulfillment of the Judgment that comes against the nations surrounding Israel. God had Ezekiel devote 8 Chapters in the Book of Ezekiel, to the destruction of these surrounding nations. Ezekiel 25-32 have yet to be fully fulfilled, and could very well be fulfilled by God in Isaiah 17:12-13 when God Himself steps in at the end, and He “Rebukes” the nations that “rush in” that are attempting to finish Israel off. Some pretty horrendous Judgments are coming to these nations. Lebanon for example, Gods Word tells us will be under water, “never to be found again” ! Whew…

Ezekiel 25 – Jordan, Gaza
Ezekiel 26 – 28 Lebanon
Ezekiel 29 – 32 Egypt

Ezekiel 26:19-21

19.For thus saith the Lord GOD; When I shall make thee a desolate city, like the cities that are not inhabited; when I shall bring up the deep upon thee, and great waters shall cover thee;
20.When I shall bring thee down with them that descend into the pit, with the people of old time, and shall set thee in the low parts of the earth, in places desolate of old, with them that go down to the pit, that thou be not inhabited; and I shall set glory in the land of the living;
21.I will make thee a terror, and thou shalt be no more: though thou be sought for, yet shalt thou never be found again, saith the Lord GOD.

God Bless!

Mrs.C said...

Brother Jec, :)

Please forgive me, but one more wee little side note. When I saw articles about this discovery back in Sept, it was a HUGE WOW! for me :)

I woke up one morning and see the following article about the “wheels” in the ME, and I was filled with emotions. This is just amazing, wondrous, to me. I could hardly process it. WOW! “Wheels” are what the Prayer of Psalm 83 asks God to turn the enemies of Israel into, and then what He does indeed do to these enemies, in Isaiah 17! They are the Psalm 83 Prayer, right there on the ground for God to see from above! X marks the spot! It’s like they are saying “remember God, you will turn these enemies into “like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind.”! Its like bull’s-eye targets drawn on these nations! WOW, just WOW! The fact that these “wheels” are best viewed from only above, and to look at the ME nations they are located in, in association with Isaiah 17! WOW Syria, Jordan, and “other nations that rush in”, and the timing of this!
Annndd what are “kites”, or “desert kites” that some of the “wheels” are drawn on top of?. They were named “desert kites” by British air force pilots when they first flew over them in the early 20th Century .What were they used for? They were built with low level walls, and migrating gazelles would be funneled into enclosures where they could be butchered en masse. The Archaeologists refer to the desert kites as “ killing zones” “killing pits” “So many Persian gazelles (Gazella subgutturosa) would be taken down that it must have had a catastrophic impact on animal populations.” Why such massive killing – Archaeologists believe that at least one of the many “kites”, found within Syria – the killings were in part for “ritualistically slaughtered”
So we have the “wheels” (Prayer for the destructions of the enemies of Israel) some on top of the “kites” (slaughter pits)! WOW, just WOW!

God Bless You!

nathan said...

Thanks Mrs C . (I feel like the Fonz when i say that :) . Thats why i'm on here . To learn and pick peoples brains for their knowledge . God Bless .

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother Nathan, :)
Again, its my privilege, and all credit is to the Holy Spirit :)
It is a wondrous Blessing for us all to study and learn His Word with the Guidance of His Holy Spirit! When you think about it Nathan, before the foundations of this Earth, He knew each one of us by name. He knew that each and every one of us would have the absolute privilege to be born into this time, at the edge of all time.
As an awesome Loving Father, He must have great confidence in each and every one of us, to allow us the great privilege of Witnessing for His Son our Lord Jesus, in these Last Days. :)
As for the Mrs.C, thank you Brother for a good chuckle this morning :) Your right though, that was the saying to Mrs. Cunningham in Happy Days :)lol While we are in the “OHHHH HAPPY DAYS” of the soon returning of our Beloved Bride Groom for us, Mrs. Cunningham and I are different folk lol. Mrs. C for me, is not a formality.:) You see Caver and I met years ago, on a Christian Propahecy MB. As the Lord would have it, with God being the Best Match Maker in the Universe, we got married.:) We surprised everyone on the MB, and announced we had been married. Here is the link that Mr.C announced our marriage :)!!!

BTW, Brother Scott was one of the only ones who had figured it out before we announced our marriage lol
Brothers and Sisters didn’t want to type out Mrs. Caver, so they started calling me
Mrs. C and it has stayed the same ever since. :)

God Bless You Brother :)

Scott said...

HEH :)

Our cracker-jack staff at prophecyupdate gets to the bottom of these things :) ----> Well, until the staff had to start speding 100% of time following and tracking DrNo's whereabouts :)