Thursday, January 12, 2012

The West Blinks: Iran Continues Towards Nuclear Arms

There are a few interesting articles out today regarding the situation with Iran and they are all worth reading:

The West Blinks - Iran Embargo Likely To Be Delayed By Six Months


Why? Because the world slowly realized that the potential surge in oil prices would tip a world already on the verge of a recession even deeper into economic contraction. Not rocket science, but certainly something the US president apparently has been unable to comprehend, especially if hoping that he would merely transfer exports from Iran to his close ally Saudi Arabia which would cement its European market monopoly even further. Or, perhaps, someone just explained to Obama that Embargo in January + QE3 in March = No Reelection...

EU Iran Oil Embargo Said To Be Likely Delayed By Six Months

A European Union embargo on imports of Iranian oil will probably be delayed for six months to allow countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain to find alternative supply, an EU official with knowledge of the talks said

“Work by experts from the 27 member states is in a very intensive phase,” Maja Kocijancic, a spokeswoman for the European Commission, said by phone today from Brussels. “They are looking into different options for restrictive measures with a view to adoption on Jan. 23.” She declined to comment on possible phase-in periods or exemptions.

The phasing-in of the embargoes would satisfy the concerns of countries with the largest dependence on Iranian oil, including Italy, Greece and Spain, the official said. Those three countries accounted for 68.5 percent of EU imports from Iran in 2010, according to European Commission data.

Video: Deadly Spark: What Can Trigger US-Iran War?

Tension between the U.S. and Iran is being ratcheted up on what seems like a daily basis. The U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton added fuel to the fire calling Tehran’s recent threats to close a vital oil transit route in the Gulf a provocation. RT’s Gayane Chichyakyan looks at whether words could soon become action.

When War Games Go Live. Preparing To Attack Iran. "Simulating World War III"

With ongoing war games on both sides, armed hostilities between the US-Israel led coalition and Iran are, according to Israeli military analysts, "dangerously close".

There has been a massive deployment of troops which have been dispatched to the Middle East, not to mention the redeployment of US and allied troops previously stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Nine thousand US troops have been dispatched to Israel to participate in what is described by the Israeli press as the largest joint air defense war exercise in Israeli history.

The drill, called “Austere Challenge 12,” is scheduled to take place within the next few weeks. Its stated purpose "is to test multiple Israeli and US air defense systems, especially the “Arrow” system, which the country specifically developed with help from the US to intercept Iranian missiles."

In the course of December, Iran conducted its own war games with a major ten days naval exercise in the Strait of Hormuz, (December 24, 2011- January 2, 2012).

Missile defense and naval war games are being conducted simultaneously. While Israel and the US are preparing to launch major naval exercises in the Persian Gulf, Tehran has announced that it plans to conduct major naval exercises in February.

An impressive deployment of troops and advanced military hardware is unfolding.

The assumption of this military deployment is the staging of a joint US-Israeli air attack on Iran. Military escalation towards a regional war is part of the military scenario.

This is a long article and it is full of useful information. Just a few tidbits below:

Vigilant Shield 07 is a World War III Scenario which also includes an active and aggressive role for North Korea.

The simulations are predicated on the assumption that Iran constitutes a nuclear threat and that Russia and North Korea --which are allies of Iran-- will attack America and that America and its allies will wage a pre-emptive (defensive) war.

While China is included in the simulations as a threat as well as an enemy of America, it is not directly involved, in the simulaitons, in attacking America.

And this...

The complacency of Western public opinion (including segments of the US anti-war movement) is disturbing.

No concern has been expressed at the political level as to the likely consequences of a US-NATO-Israel attack on Iran using US and/or Israeli nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear state.

Moreover, public opinion is led to believe that the war will be limited to surgical strikes directed against Iran's nuclear facilities and that neither Russia nor China will intervene.

The war on Iran and the dangers of escalation are not considered "front page news." The mainstream media has excluded in-depth analysis and debate on the implications of these war plans.

The absence of public awareness, the complacency of the antiwar movement as well as the weakness of organized social movements indelibly contribute to the real possibility that this war could be carried out, leading to the unthinkable: a nuclear holocaust over a large part of the Middle East and Central Asia involving millions of civilian casualties.

It should be noted that a nuclear nightmare would occur even if nuclear weapons are not used.

The bombing of Iran's nuclear facilities using conventional weapons would contribute to unleashing a Chernobyl-Fukushima type disaster with extensive radioactive fallout.

As mentioned so many times before - the Middle East is moving ever so close to reaching a tipping point.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I gotta agree with that....
there is ALOT of complacency for
sure.....I have been saying that
for quite a whike regarding our Wall Street greedy Bulls.....

in fact, for two weeks running now,
we have 17.2 % bears on the AAII
survey, VERY LOW by historical
comparisons according to EWI...

It would SEEM to be that if Wall Street is complacent, so is the
general public, sure enough,
that is true.....and i think
HISTORY will prove that when an event (s) are NOT expected, then they HAPPEN !!!!

so watch out...

AS I have said, the OPERATIVE count
on EWI is BEARISH, meaning this
market could CRACK at any time...

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Robin said...

Embargo six months out??? Looking more and more like that "October Surprise" is well under way. After all . . .it's Obama's last resort. If that doesn't work, He'll have no choice but to use Martial Law. But he's not going anywhere.

Scott said...

Thats a good point regarding a possible "Oct Surprise"; I hadn't considered that.