Friday, January 6, 2012

In the news:

U.S. and Israel Preparing for "Biggest Defense Drill Ever"

The Israeli military is gearing up together with U.S. forces for a major missile defense exercise, the IDF announced Thursday.

The Associated Press reported that the “Austere Challenge 12” drill is designed to improve defense systems and cooperation between the U.S. and Israeli forces.

The Islamic Republic followed its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz with another earlier this week, when Iranian army chief Ayatollah Salehi warned USS carrier John C Stennis not to return to the Persian Gulf after having left the area through the Straits of Hormuz in a "pre-planned, routine operation."

The U.S. responded to the Iranian threat with a calm statement read by Pentagon spokesman George Little and which warned Iran, "The deployment of U.S. military assets in the Persian Gulf region will continue as it has for decades."

Iran's Quds Force Expanding in Europe, S. America

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force, responsible for operations overseas, is believed to be in the midst of expanding its activities and operations in Europe and South America, senior defense officials said this week.

The bolstering of the Quds Force’s presence in Europe is understood within Israel and the US as part of an Iranian effort to deter the Western world from taking stronger action against its continued development of a nuclear weapon.

“By establishing this infrastructure, the Iranians are making clear that their response to an attack against their nuclear facilities will be worldwide,” one official said.

The Quds Force is believed to already have extensive infrastructure in Africa and South America, which it uses to launder money needed to finance its terrorist activities.

Military Warning To Iran Over Strait Closure

The UK would respond militarily if Iran carries out its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, the Defence Secretary has warned.

Philip Hammond used a speech in Washington DC to warn Iran that any attempt to close the key Gulf trade route would be "unsuccessful" and could be stopped in part by the Royal Navy.

"It is in all our interests that the arteries of global trade are kept free, open and running. Disruption to the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz would threaten regional and global economic growth."

Iran has threatened to block the 34-mile wide strait in retaliation for a planned EU trade embargo on Iranian oil.
It is understood that EU governments have reached agreement on a trade embargo, but are yet to say when it will be implemented.

Hezbollah Planning To Target Israelis In Europe

Recent terror alerts have prompted Jerusalem officials to ask Bulgaria and other European nations to increase security measures concerning Israeli and Jewish sites as well as known tourist hubs, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Friday.

According to the report, the defense establishment is concerned by Iranian threats to retaliate over what it calls "the systematic elimination" if its nuclear scientists.

Concerns over a possible attack in Bulgaria are compounded by defense establishment intelligence – backed by Western intelligence sources – suggesting Hezbollah is planning a terror attack on "an Israeli destination in Europe," possibly around the coming anniversary of the assassination of arch-terrorist Imad Mugniyah.

Iran To Hold Another Naval Drill Near Strait Of Hormuz Next Month

Gunmen Kill 6 In Attack At Nigerian Church

Gunmen stormed a church in northern Nigeria Thursday and killed six people as they were praying, the pastor said, as an ultimatum from Islamists for Christians in the region to leave expired.

“It was around 7:30 pm (1830 GMT),” John Jauro told AFP of the attack in the city of Gombe.

“I was leading the congregation in prayers. Our eyes were closed when some gunmen stormed the church and opened fire on the congregation. Six people were killed in the attack and 10 others were wounded.”

Global Economy Could Endure Disaster For A Week

The global economy could withstand widespread disruption from a major natural disaster or attack by militants for only a week, a report by UK-based think-tank Chatham House said on Friday

The world's economy is currently fragile, leaving it particularly vulnerable to unforeseen shocks. Up to 30 percent of developed countries' gross domestic product could be directly threatened by crises, especially in the manufacturing and tourism sectors, it said.

6,757 Aftershocks Felt In Japan From March 11 until December 31

The Meteorological Agency said Thursday that 6,757 aftershocks were felt in Japan after the March 11 disaster through Dec 31.

Of those, there were 14 with a magnitude over 5, 30 with a magnitude of 5, 174 with a magnitude of 4, 707 (magnitude 3), 1,904 (magnitude 2) and 3,928 (magnitude 1), the agency said on its website.

For the whole year, the agency said there were 9,723 earthquakes and aftershocks, seven times the number in 2010.

Video: "UN Taking Over City Councils Across America"

Transcending The American Lockdown


Caver said...

Just a major and resigned WOW! This news is huge....really huge.

First, I went to each link concerning Iran....they are all legitimate. So, Iran is planning another huge naval exercise in the area at the time Israel and the US are...and a week after the last one. This is clear provocation....and maybe intended to provoke an incident....certainly the potential for an incident with each side wanting and baiting the other to throw the first punch.

Second, Iran is announcing the funding, activation, and expansion of their cells and abilities all over Europe to strike back if anything happens. I suspect this threat is being taken dead serious and have no doubt its factual and will be reacted to and on if and when the time is right.

Finally....the kicker...the article that the world can only stand a few days of turmoil before collapsing the economies. A quote from the linked article....

By Nina Chestney

LONDON | Fri Jan 6, 2012 12:59pm GMT

"...(Reuters) - The global economy could withstand widespread disruption from a natural disaster or attack by militants for only a week as governments and businesses are not sufficiently prepared to deal with unexpected events, a report by a respected think-tank said..."

If that don't tell us how fragile the world economy is, I don't know what would. In short, another EQ in Japan event would drop the West over the economic cliff.

Interesting times folk...interesting times.

I wonder if the new NK child/king/dictator is paying attention.

Gary said...

This is for Stephen:
Dear Stephen:
I use to think like you concerning the stock market...You know, thinking that the Lord would come when things look very gloomy. I use to get really excited when the Dow plunged several hundred points...thinking, it's got to be soon! But now, I don't think that way. Didn't the Lord Himself say that He would come "like a thief in the night?" No, IMHO, I believe the Dow will be up 500 points and the unemployment rate will look really good one day, and then we're gone. Wouldn't that fool you Stephen, and most other people? How could the Lord possibly come on a bright-sunny day like that? You could be right, but this is what I believe. Your brother-in-Christ. Gary

Anonymous said...

Good thinking Gary and Caver! Yes, the new year prophecy wise is certainly heating up quickly. Look at those earthquake statistics! Ver interesting ad is being run right now for the big gun show they are having. it says "Folks, come get your guns while you still can!" Wow, what can i say? I dont and cant own one sadly but I digress. Besides, I follow the Prince of Peace! Look guys, I liken what we see now to a weather forcast that says super giant ugly monster blizzard heading our way. We are lucky enough to see it coming our way before everyone else raids the grocery stores! I know a lot of people on this site things its going to be all sunny and sweet and the trumpet will sound! I do not think so. I HOPE it will be, but I dont think it will be.I think it is going to be absolute bedlam! And I think a lot of people will come to Jesus during this time! Americans in general are just going along, drinking their six dollar lattes and thinking life will always continu like this. We in this country are about to get a giant wake up call! This is not posturing as usual and war is coming to this nation soon. And I mean all out fighting in the streets! Wether its an attack from Iran/Russia/China or wether its civil uprising...I dont know! But I can tell you, it is very very close. Yes, so is the rapture. I keep using WW II as an example. Many Christians and non Christians both died in that war. There was no rapture to save them from Hitler, or pain or suffering or physical death. Our Savior is with us through these things, sometimes he may keep us safe from them, but not always. The rain falls on the just and unjust a like.Not trying to bum you guys out on this beautiful day but the blizzard is headed this away! Be prepared for it in everyway you can be!I love you all. Please remember when we are unable to come to this site anylonger, to pray for one another! Maranatha! Your sister in Christ Jesus-ally

Dave DU said...

Hi Gary, I could ge wrong but I get the impression Stephen is reading these times from the market point of view. I think i get the general gist of what he's saying in that, because the market is still trading in a certain way he can see that the stage still isn't set for the next act to follow.
For example, this up and coming war in the middle east! The bible says it's going to happen but we dont know exactly when. So in the mean time we'll use the movements of the USS John C Stennis as our gauge to track progress. We will still have the bible there as our ultimate guide but we can also guess, calculate and hunch our way through to some sought of conclusion.

I believe Stephen loves Jesus and I believe that the market is his gifting. I don't understand his technical terms WRT the market but I love it when he says it's going to crash and it's going to be big.

The bible's generalization of world events was I believe no accident. I believe God did this to leave humanity up in the air as to His exact coming so we would repent now, rather than at some precalculated 11th hour.

Just my thoughts Gary. Dave

WVBORN56 said...

Scott, Caver, Gary and Dave...all good thoughts.

I watch basically two things...Israel as it relates to the two Biblical end time wars (Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39) and anything that relates to economy and we read in Revelation 6 & 13 (The rider on the black horse)

These do not predict the rapture as it is an imminent event and can happen at any time.

What these two things point to IMO is the 7 year great tribulation.

So as we approach the tribulation the window of opportunity for the the pre-tribulation rapture of the bride of Christ (the Church of washed in the blood believers) is shrinking.

In fact it is looking like it has got to be soon because again IMHO the rapture has to come before a global economic horendous meltdown because Jesus does come back as in the days of Noah when people were eating and drinking and given in marriage.

In other words it will be a time of business as usual, a time when things are pretty status quo and normal. He comes back as a thief in the night so it will be a time when people are not looking or expecting Him.

When the regional ME wars break out I believe also it will not be so much a normal time plus it is a time God is clearly beginning to turn His attention to Israel and away from the church (especially the Gog-magog battle which God fights on behalf of Israel).

So in a way I think Stephen is kinda right. When the DOW crashes we may be gone or about gone. I think the rapture could be the game changer on the global economy. It would certainly fulfill that last article Caver posted about a Japan like disaster to plunge the west in to economic darkness.

The clock continues to tick and Jesus is one day closer today than He was yesterday.

Perhaps today? ( as my uncle used to say)


Anonymous said...

Ok, I see alot of talk about me...

well, here is your update.....

STOCKS may NOT be done on the upside
yet, I said MAY not be done.

I just got the latest report, there
could be ONE MORE POP next week
BUT it is not required.....

Hey, i pay 39 bucks a month for
this service, you guys are
getting INFO FREE, be thankful ok ??

Market continues FRACTURED behaviour......not good...

Rapture occurring when all looks good ?? I doubt it. As soon as
the restrainer is OUT of the way, then the AC takes over right ??

And that WILL NOT HAPPEN until
just before the 7 years begin....

HEY, what about all the prophecies
that HAVE to occur between now and
then ?? I guess GARY somehow forgot
about those, I hope not.

Did it EVER occur to you guys that
YOU are NOT the only people in this world ?? Maybe Jesus wants
to save alot more and will use
those prophecies AS A WITNESS to
bring more people into the rapture
scene BEFORE it happens...

I HIGHLY DOUBT AC will be taking over until AFTER 17/19 isaiah
hit with 38 ezekiel....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>

Susan said...

Hi All-

Some random thoughts about the lateness of the hour.

Our local newspaper has had some interesting articles recently. Just in the past 10 days or so there have been an articles on why the bee population is declining (a parasitic fly), Obama signing the defense bill that allows detainment of U.S. citizens without cause or trial, and finally an article on a local Catholic church and Mormon congregation getting together to put on a Christmas celebration.

Regarding the decline of the bee population, I'm reminded of the famine of Rev. 6 that discusses not harming the oil or the wine (bees don't pollinate olives or grapes - but they do pollinate fruits and some vegetables). Even though wheat and barley are "wind" pollinated, perhaps they don't produce much due to a future drought, the beginnings of which we have seen today in many parts of the world (Texas, for example). Established olive trees and to a lesser extent grape vines are more drought tolerant.

Anyway, Scott, you had mentioned a while back that what surprised you most about studying prophecy, was how we have found ourselves still here to witness the infrastructure for the Tribulation start building. It is sobering when you see it appear in your local newspaper!

Scott said...

Susan, I agree with all of that - and especially the whole bee thing. I have been wondering for some time now, if that could be a factor in the famine. And yes, it is sobering to see the road being oaved to the tribulation - I can't believe how much easier the ACs job will be compared to my earlier ideas.

There is no scripture that tells us the interval between the removal of the restrainer and the beginning of the Tribulation, That interval could be years. We just don't know. Personally, just based on hunch and intuition, I don't think it will be that long (although Arnold F does) - but it could be . I believe it will be several months at a minimum however.

Anonymous said...

i think the interval will be very short! as in almost instantaniously

Gary said...

Dear Scott:
Your the only person that I know of that has talked about a time interval between the rapture and the advent of the ant-Christ. Everyone that I talk to thinks that the ant-Christ will appear immediately after the rapture. I believe, like you, it is not immediately after. When will he appear? Only God knows. Gary
Shout out to Dave Down Under...Hey Mate!!!!!

Scott said...


I need to go back and take a look at Arnold Fruchtenbaum's discussion on this; as I recall it was interesting. I tend to be more simplistic and my thought process goes something like this...

Will the AC confirm the covenant within minutes (or hours) of the Rapture? (no)...Why not?

That answer is easy. It won't happen within minutes or hours because of the carnage caused by the rapture - which will obviously divert everything else to the carnage caused and the basis of this "experience etc...

Will it be days after the Rapture?

Probably not for the same reasons as above. Logistically it seems improbable that the AC will 'formally' rise immediately, but in the ensuing months after the rapture. I don't think it will extend into years or even a year for that matter.

Another consideration, if you see things the way that I do...I believe the Rapture will take place between Isa 17 and Gog-MaGog.

So that presents another wild-card because then the timing of Gog-MaGog comes into play, as far as when the Trib starts. OF course there is the possibility that Gog-MaGog occurs early in the Trib (not my belief) - and thats yet another wild card.

The main point is, I find it hard to make the case that the Trib is "immediately" after the Rapture.

Anonymous said...

And yet, using the movie LEFT BEHIND number #1 as a basis for analysis ONE CAN MAKE THE CASE that
the time frame will be very short:

Please review the movie for details but AFTER 38 ezekiel in
the movie IS WHEN the rapture hits...?? I think so, Scott.
Then Carpathia gets revealed right ?? remember the movie ??

Please see the movie....i know
i am right about that....!!!!

I am NOT saying u are wrong and the movie is right, but just what
IF you are wrong and the movie is right ?? Then what ??

Then we have a different game...

also, getting back to 2 THESS 2

Paul stated specifically that
the lawless one WILL BE REVEALED
once the restrainer is removed,
and UP UNTIL THEN the secret powers of lawlessness are at work...true, it does not say
immediately AFTER the removal
but it does not SAY months or years either right ??

Lahyes and Jenkins DID MAKE THE case that the rapture WAS AFTER 38 Ezekiel, I know that to be true.

So i guess the debate is NOT between you and me, its between you and them, hey Im just repeating
their take on it, ok ??

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

FWIW - I could see a scenario in which Gog-MaGog takes place very very soon after the Trib begins. But for a variety of reasons, I believe it would have to occur within a month or so of the beginning of the Tribulation (inside of the 'extra' days given in Daniel 12. )

Scott said...

Let me clarify - by the above, I mean that I don't believe that the burning of Gog-MaGog weapons will continue during the Mill reign, so IMO, the burning of weapons of Gog-MaGog would need to be completed before the 1.000 year reign of Christ begins. That would place Gog-MaGog VERY early in the Tribulation, if it is to occur during the Trib.