Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Headlines

More sabre-rattling from Iran:

Iran Holds Military Exercise Near Border

Iran launched a military maneuver near its border with Afghanistan on Saturday, the semi-official Fars news agency reported, days after naval exercises in the Gulf increased tensions with the West and pushed up oil prices.

IDF Soldiers Thwart Major Terror Attack Near Jenin

Four Palestinians in possession of 11 pipe bombs, a homemade pistol and a commando knife arrested at Salem Crossing in northern West Bank; IDF suspects attack was planned against Samaria Military Court.

Egypt Islamists Win Nearly 2 Thirds Of Seats

The Muslim Brotherhood said on Saturday it had won at least 41 percent of the seats in Egypt's lower house of parliament, with Islamists of various stripes occupying almost two thirds of the assembly so far.

It may be some weeks before the exact shape of the lower house is known because of various runoff votes. However, it is unlikely that their outcome will alter the dominance of the Islamists who now look set to wield major influence over the shape a new constitution to be drafted by a 100-strong body that the new assembly will pick.

And here (below) is a taste of what is coming to Egypt under the "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood rule:

Egyptians Worried Over "Morality Squads"

...many are worried that a conservative brand of Islam is already rising from the uprising. The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), and the Al-Nour Salafist Party have won the lion’s share of votes thus far, with nearly two-thirds of votes cast in their favor.

Looking nervously at the Saudi model, activists and average Egyptians worry about what the Egyptian vice committee might bring as Islamist parties sweep the elections.

For 25-year-old Suzie, who is Muslim thanks to her father, Egypt has become a dichotomy of faith and honor. Now, she fears the rise of online groups espousing to uphold the country’s “morality.” These “morality police” groups are gaining steam, and for many Egyptians, especially women, the idea has them fearful that the country could quickly turn into an ultra-conservative Islamic state akin to Saudi Arabia.

“We all know that these vice prevention committees are really a way to subject women to disgusting ways of life and push us farther into the house and away from the public,” Suzie argues.

Already, Egyptians are reporting members of the group have entered shops, cafes and other Egyptian locations to lecture owners on the un-Islamic nature of their businesses, often referring to places that sell body-clinging women’s clothes and alcohol as haram, or forbidden in Islam.

The group claims that the Al-Nour Party had told members of the organization that they would support their efforts if they came to power ahead of parliamentary elections, which began November 30.

Results of Hamas "Ceasefires" in 2011: 680 Aerial Attacks

Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza attacked Israel 680 times last year in the midst of ”ceasefires” and “calm,” but foreign media still report that Hamas has generally maintained a ceasefire.

The IDF reports that 680 rockets, mortars and Grad missiles were fired at southern Israel in 2011, according to data compiled by the Home Front Command.

The military is preparing for a wide range of future scenarios, including the firing of longer-range missiles at Israel while Hamas continues to build a large arsenal of advanced weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles that can down a commercial airliner.

Last year, 80 Grad missiles were fired at Israel, compared with only two the previous year. Grads have a longer range and more lethal explosive payload than other rockets fired at Israel.

Yet, as usual, we see the MSM lie to cover for the extremists:

However, as recently as last week – December 30 – the Associated Press told its readers worldwide, “After suffering heavy losses in the fighting, Hamas has largely maintained a cease-fire with Israel.” The report followed an Israel counter terrorist attack on a terrorist and noted that Hamas has built up a huge arsenal of weapons.

Three days later, two mortar shells containing phosphorous were fired from Gaza on a southern Israeli farming area, a violation of international laws against using the material in attacks on civilians.

Now we take another look at an America in free fall as the decline continues:

Is America Prepared For Total War?

It is my contention that the US will probably eventually face an all out war against the combined forces of Russia and its vassal states, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran, North Korea and possibly several other major countries, including even Brazil, Mexico, India and Pakistan and conceivably even Japan, Turkey, Egypt and Indonesia.

Therefore one wonders if the new military strategy favored by leftists’ President Barack Obama, and the equally radical Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, will work in America’s enemy’s favor?

Obama and Panetta want to massively reduce troop numbers, in favor of more flexible, air based strike weaponry.
They specifically want to abolish America’s ability to fight two land wars at once, down to one.

If Russia strikes through Europe, while China strikes through Asia and the Pacific, where does that leave America? And that’s assuming Cuba, Venezuela and their allies don’t open a third front to the South, or Iran, Turkey and Egypt don’t open another front in the Middle East, or Pakistan in South Asia, or………

Given huge and ongoing espionage by both the Russians, Chinese and Cubans, just how long can America guarantee that technical superiority? Given that weapons systems can be immobilized by a series of keyboard strokes, don’t boots on the ground remain an essential part of sound defense strategy?

There are a lot of ifs in the Obama/Panetta plan…..

The world is entering its most dangerous and unstable phase since the 1930s. America’s large army and superior technology maintained relative peace in the world for 60 years. Will the Obama/Panetta strategy keep America safe, or will it merely embolden the world’s tyrants?

Will Moscow and Beijing care if they lose millions of vassal state soldiers, if they can once and for all destroy their hated main enemy, the United States of America – their only significant barrier to world domination?

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