Thursday, January 19, 2012

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"Hezbollah Has Long-Range Surface-To-Air Missiles"

The IDF has changed its operational assessment regarding the threat from Lebanon and is currently working under the assumption that Hezbollah has obtained sophisticated long-range surface-to-air missile systems from Syria, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

According to Western intelligence assessments, Hezbollah is believed to have taken advantage of the ongoing upheaval in Syria to obtain advanced weapons systems, such as additional long-range rockets as well as Russian-made air-defense systems.

While Hezbollah is known to have a large quantity of shoulder- launched anti-aircraft missiles, the IDF now assumes that the Lebanese Islamist group has received the SA-8, a truck-mounted Russian tactical surface- to-air missile system reported to have a range of 30 kilometers.

In addition to the possible transfer of air-defense systems, Hezbollah is also believed to have received several dozen more M600 long-range missiles, as well as additional 302 mm. Khaibar-1 rockets, which have a range of about 100 kilometers.

It is already believed to have a significant arsenal of M600s, which are manufactured in Syria as a clone of Iran’s Fateh- 110. The M600 has a range of around 300 kilometers. It can carry a half-ton warhead and has superior accuracy.

As reported two weeks ago in the Post, Israel is particularlyconcerned with the
possibility that Syria’s arsenal
of chemical weapons will fall into
terrorist hands, amid predictions that President Bashar Assad’s regime will fall in the coming months. This has not yet happened, though, and Syrian chemical warfare facilities are understood to still be under the control of Assad’s regime.

Yukiya Amano says Iran has failed to clarify its atomic development activities to the satisfaction of the United Nations nuclear watchdog body -- and now it's his job to warn the world about its possible military intentions.

"What we know suggests the development of nuclear weapons," FTD quoted the IAEA chief as saying "We want to check over everything that could have a military dimension."

The IAEA released a report in November 2011 saying it had credible intelligence that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons technology. "The agency has serious concerns regarding possible military dimensions to Iran's nuclear program," the report stated.

Russia warned on Wednesday that an attack on Iran would be a "catastrophe" for the region and said world powers should adopt a policy of non-intervention in the Middle East and North Africa.

“It is impossible to list all the consequences [of an attack],” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an annual address. “But I have no doubt that it would pour oil on the still smoldering fire of Sunni-Shia confrontation, which would lead to a chain reaction.”

He also said that Russia would “do everything” in its power to prevent an attack on Iran.

The United Nations nuclear watchdog chief said it was his duty to warn the world about suspected Iranian activities that point to plans to develop atomic bomb, maintaining pressure on Tehran ahead of rare talks between Iran and his agency expected this month.

Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, made clear in an interview with Financial Times Deutschland that the UN body would press for full cooperation in meetings with Iranian officials in Tehran.

"What we know suggests the development of nuclear weapons," he was quoted as saying in comments published in German on Thursday, adding Iran had so far failed to clarify allegations of possible military links to its nuclear program.

"I have absolutely no reason to soften my report. It is my responsibility to alarm the world," Amano said. "The overall pattern led me to the decision to alarm the world. The more pieces [of information], the clearer the pattern becomes."

Gen. Martin Dempsey arrives Thursday, Jan. 19, for his first visit to Israel as Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff amid a major falling-out between the two governments over the handling of Iran's nuclear weapon potential.

Washington sources confirm that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands by the view that Iran is advancing its plans to build a nuclear bomb full speed ahead, undeterred even by the threat of harsher sanctions.

Netanyahu therefore stands by his refusal of President Barack Obama's demand for a commitment to abstain from a unilateral strike on Iran's nuclear sites without prior notice to Washington.

The US president repeated this demand when he called the Israeli prime minister Thursday night Jan. 13. Netanyahu replied that, in view of their disagreement on this point, he preferred to cancel the biggest US-Israel war game ever staged due to have taken place in April. The exercise was to have tested the level of coordination between the two armies in missile defense for the contingency of a war with Iran or a regional conflict.

Obama needs to be sure he will not be taken by surprise by an Israel attack in the middle of his campaign for re-election, especially since he has begun taking heat on the Iranian issue.
Meanwhile, we seem to be observing a increase in earthquake activity:

There are several big quakes in the region of Guatemala (6.2, 6.6), New Zealand (6.1, 4.5), Japan (4.8), Peru (4.8), and see below:


Anonymous said...


Just closed above DOW 12,600....

BUT, some good news, ALL THREE
GOLD mining indexes CLOSED down.
Dow Jones Utilities also DOWN.

In fact, the DJU has NOT confirmed
the DOW upside for three straight
weeks !!!!

EWI counts allow for a rally to
12,876 BUT not beyond....doubtful
that they will get there though.
IBM also down, in an up market.

There are MANY cracks beneath
the surface that the general
public does not see.

There is SOMETHING coming,
again NOT sure what, but
there is SOMETHING BAD out
there, and when it hits, watch out.

Bulls will NOT be ready.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Scott, please go here >>>>

THIS IS exactly what I was trying
to tell you. and with OPTION
PIT indications showing HIGH
OPTIMISM as of tonite, there
is a VERY SERIOUS chance that
Netanyahu is about to strike

Bulls are NOT expecting that,
which concerns me GREATLY....
if you remember, 06 OCT 1973 hit
right AFTER a big stock rally.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Also, please refer to this article,
dated 22 DEC 2011 >>>>>>>

It would SEEM that Iran has had
almost a MONTH now to go beyond
20 % enrichment.....I am NOT
sure but it is possible THEY
may have a weapon(s) by end of JAN 2012.


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>

Jec said...

Netanyahu pressuring Europe to embargo Iran oil

It sad to me to hear Israel scrambling with an out cry for the international community to implement an embargo NOW, from such a small country. I am wondering if Europe will follow through?

Scott said...

Thanks for that Debka article, I hadn't seen that one. Very interesting. This whole thing may be MUCH closer than any of us thought

Anonymous said...

Scott, i will give you a SOURCE that I have been using ever since
Anon was giving me trouble before..
and i had stopped posting for a while ??

here it is >>>>>>

AND, I go there every 24 hours !!

I am VERY impressed with their links re accepting Jesus, they
make it very simple so people
can understand it >>>>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>

Dave DU said...

The atmosphere of fellowship has declined on the site over the past week. It's a shame that controls and barriers have had to be used to filter out inappropriate conversation.

Bring back the arguments and abuse. Liven things up a bit!

Just kidding guys. Hope we can get around this and return to the church we once had.


WVBORN56 said...

I led the devotional at prayer meeting tonight on Deuteronomy 7 with six main points: It is ususally pretty short and most of our time is spent in prayer.
1. Israels enemies were all bigger and stronger than her and many times our giants are bigger in our life too.
2. Israel was suppose to destroy all her enemies completely and we should not tolerate or compromise with any known sin in our lives
3. Keep our eyes on the Lord and not the giants
4. "Do not be afraid" God tells them and us over and over in his word to not be afraid. It must be an important concept because it is often repeated. I think many Christians are paralyzed by fear becasue our eyes are on the giants and enemies and not fixed on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith.
5. And in vesrse 22 we see the Lord direct Israel to follow Him as he drives out their enemy "little by little" Our victory is by faith and it is accomplished more often than not not all at once but little by little!
6. As Christains we should be asking the Lord what land do you want me to be taking for you.

Anonymous said...

The problem with time is, and
i know that BULLS will not want to hear this >>>>

BUT the problem with time is that ONCE it passes by, you CANNOT get it back....period.....

Yeh, I know about Back to the Future and all that, but THAT
is a pure fantasy....

the future has a FUNNY way of becoming the present reality...

STRANGE but true....and that is
HOW prophecies get fufilled,
as the future becomes TODAY !!!!

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

Actually there have been very few posts that I haven't put up. Which is interesting. Basically, my intent is to filter posts that are harmful to others, posts that are intended to only stir up problems & posts that are personally directed to others in a non-Christian manner. Otherwise, its all fair game. I believe many are simply choosing not to post inflammatory things since they won't get posted anyway,

I actually think the communications are beginning to evolve to where we were a few months ago (and before) which is a good thing.

Disagreements over prophecy related issues are more than welcome (well, for that matter, almost anything that doesn't involve the above.)

I tried to ignore it, but ultimately just had too many comments (not only on the board but "in person", where we were losing our witness due to some of the hurtful conversations that had happened.

We just can't have that - there is no need for it; it serves no purpose and perhaps more importantly, the time is to short for these diversions. We need to be looking up - period.

Scott said...

Should be "too" not "to" - above....English isn't my strongest area:)

Dave DU said...

I agree Scott. Your right about cleaning out your site. From my side of things, yea it's quiet but it's also clean and that brings back the maturity that should be prevalent with anything Christian.

Your filtering out of bad posts are an indication of the uneven balance of bad vs good. Just goes to show the work your doing is paying off for the lords site.

Now that everything is cleaned out hopefully healthy debates can come back now. Keep up the good work Scott.


GG said...

Hi Scott-

I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and the site always, Dear Brother.

I did a post the other day and am not sure if it hit the spam folder or maybe you found it was not a good one to Alice. I don't think I had said anything bad, I just wanted to share with her some information I had heard in these last days. If it was controversial, and it deserves a delete then --for that I apologize. :). I always only want to be part of the solutions not the problems. My intent was for her not against her.

God Bless!!


BWest said...

Hello all. The other day Dave DU posted a link regarding a comment by Henry Kissinger to the Chinese that Jeb Bush would be the next president. I read the article, and while not being too sure about the source, the premise was interesting.

For those who didn't read it, the premise essentially stated that Romney and Paul would be virtually tied going into the RNC and neither would be able to garner enough support for the nomination. Then, Jeb Bush would step in and be nominated as a consensus candidate.

This morning on the Today Show, the correspondent discussing the South Carolina primary indicated that although Romney may come out on top, many in the party are beginning to question whether he is "un-nominatable". I just thought that was interesting.

God bless.

Scott said...

I really don't recall seeing such a post from you - I definitely don't recall deleting any of your posts - so I really don't know what happened (?)

Its possible that I attempted to hit "publish" and accidentally hit "delete" (I don't think that happened though)....

Let me check SPAM and see if its there

GG said...

Hi Scott-

I think I had tried to send it a few times but the secret word :) would not work to send it. It could have gone to la la land.

I had mentioned we heard at church in these last days just prior to Jesus' return we were to start to see some pretty amazing Supernatural things. I remember hearing not everyone would get a witness at the same time. Many things that will seem unexplained to happen. All of course for the witness of the Lord and we much watch his word very closely. The demonic forces are in full swing.

She inspired me to research and study this topic again. It won't hurt me to stay brushed up on what Gods word says about these "mysterious" happenings vs mans interpretation. It will help me to discern much in these last days :)

I hope everyone is doing well. I pray for the attacks on this blog to cease and I bind the devil and all his antics in the sweet name of Jesus!!!

God Bless!!


Dave DU said...

Hi BWest, yea their source's always seems to be from the Kremlin and that would indicate suspicion in itself. But regardless of the source the stories are the type that you would never see on the MSM and they seem to line up with and full in the gaps of current world events.

I think they blew it with the story about the Italian cruise ship where they claim that it was torpedoed by the Iranians, but no ones perfect.

I'm surprised no ones commented on this site or Scott hasn't used it yet. A lot of their stories have been eventually backed up or confirmed by other sites. Scott's a busy man so I can understand him not being able to get to every story or site.