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First up: The continuing decline of America. If you don't believe that America is in a free fall, then you haven't been paying attention:

Formerly Great Cities All Over America Are Turning Into Open, Festering Sores

Below we see the introduction to this article which has plenty of examples to make the point - this one is worth reading in totality.

Once upon a time, the people of the United States constructed beautiful, shiny cities from coast to coast that were the envy of the entire globe. We had the largest and most vibrant middle class that the world has ever seen and life was quite good in America. But now all of our prosperity is coming crashing down and many of our formerly great cities are turning into open, festering sores.

Unfortunately, we are drowning in so much debt that we can barely even slow down the shocking decline of our cities. Over the past decade, tens of thousands of manufacturing facilities and millions of good jobs have been shipped out of the United States.

As our economic infrastructure has been ripped out right in front of our eyes, an atmosphere of unemployment, poverty and despair has descended on many of our major cities like a soaking wet blanket.

Today, many of our cities that once were considered to be some of the greatest in the world have been transformed into rotting, post-apocalyptic hellholes. When you visit many of these cities and look into the sunken eyes of the residents, you almost get the feeling that something has sucked all of the hope and all of the life right out of them.

Europe is in a similar situation. Not only financially, but additional problems are described below:

Europe's Inexorable March Towards Islam

Post-Christian Europe became noticeably more Islamized during 2011. As the rapidly growing Muslim population makes its presence felt in towns and cities across the continent, Islam is transforming the European way of life in ways unimaginable only a few years ago.

What follows is a brief summary of some of the more outrageous Islam-related controversies that took place in Europe during 2011.

The first example is as much symbolic as it is real:

In Austria, an appellate court upheld the politically correct conviction of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a Viennese housewife and anti-Jihad activist, for "denigrating religious beliefs" after she gave a series of seminars about the dangers of radical Islam. The December 20 ruling showed that while Judaism and Christianity can be disparaged with impunity in postmodern multicultural Austria, speaking the truth about Islam is subject to swift and hefty legal penalties.

There are several pertinent examples given in the article; below are two revealing samples:

In Britain, a Muslim group launched a campaign to turn twelve British cities -- including what it calls "Londonistan" -- into independent Islamic states. These so-called Islamic Emirates would function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic Sharia law and operate entirely outside British jurisprudence.

Separately, it was revealed that more than 2,800 so-called honor attacks -- punishments for bringing shame on the family -- were recorded by British police last year, according to the first-ever national estimate of the problem. The highest number of honor crimes -- which include murder, mutilation, beatings, abductions and acid attacks -- was recorded in London, where the problem has doubled to more than five times the national average.

The same problem can be seen around the world:

Islamofascism And The War On Nigeria's Chriatians

Islamofascism: Scores of Christians attending Catholic mass in Nigerian churches were slaughtered in their pews by massive bomb blasts on Christmas Day.

The year that began with a New Year's attack on an Egyptian Coptic Christian Church that killed 21 worshippers is ending with attacks on two Nigerian churches that killed 35 and injured at least 57.

The first explosion occurred Sunday as Christmas service was ending at St. Theresa's Church in Madalla near the Nigerian capital of Abuja. Some 35 people were murdered and 57 injured in the attack for which a radical Muslim sect known as Boko Haram, which translates to "Western education is a sin," claimed responsibility.

Another blast occurred at a church in the central city of Jos, where last year at least 32 people were killed and more than 70 wounded in three bombings targeting Christian areas on Christmas Eve. (...)

In the Epicenter:

Op-Ed: "Palestine"? -- Bye Bye Oslo, Hullo Jordan and Egypt

In a nutshell:

The real reasons for Oslo's demise are far deeper and more complex - revealing unbridgeable gaps between Israel and the PLO in reaching any agreement with regard to the following issues after failed on and off negotiations extending over the last 19 years:

Israel's demands that

- Israel be recognized as the Jewish State
- Any Palestinian State be demilitarized
- The final borders determined between it and a Palestinian State be secure and recognized boundaries as stipulated by United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338

The PLO's demands that

- Israel cede its claims in 100% of the territory won from Jordan in the 1967 War - with possibly equivalent land swaps to negate some of the removal of Jews from their homes in the Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem
- Israel agree to accept millions of Palestinian Arabs - and their descendants - who became refugees as a result of the 1948 War

Unfortunately, we have the following reality:

Indeed one would be unable to find any improvement in the relationship between Israel and the PLO in 2011 to that which existed in 1994 when Mr Serjested declared:

The situation is still full of tension, marked by violence, killings, and insecurity, and stability is still far to seek

Martin Sherman has summed up the current situation in these terms:

"For almost two decades after the Oslo Accords – despite massive financial aid and political support – they have produced nothing but a deeply divided entity, crippled by corruption and cronyism.

The result is a dysfunctional polity unable to conduct even the semblance of timely elections, and a puny economy, comprising a minuscule private sector and a bloated public one, totally unsustainable without massive infusions of foreign funds".

Hal Lindsey's latest video report is well worth watching:

Hal Lindsey Report

And below, see a couple of articles involving Iran and an overview of the Epicenter as we begin 2012:

Iran Tests Missile That Can Hit US and Israel Bases

"Iran To deny Hormuz Oil To War Engines"

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