Friday, November 11, 2011

"With Friends Like These"

The latest from Caroline Glick makes the point perfectly:

Column One: With friends like these

The slurs against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu voiced by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and US President Barack Obama after last week’s G20 summit were revealing as well as repugnant.

Thinking no one other than Obama could hear him, Sarkozy attacked Netanyahu, saying, “I can’t stand to see him anymore, he’s a liar.”

Obama responded by whining, “You’re fed up with him, but me, I have to deal with him every day.”

These statements are interesting both for what they say about the two presidents’ characters and for what they say about the way that Israel is perceived by the West more generally.

To understand why this is the case it is necessary to first ask, when has Netanyahu ever lied to Sarkozy and Obama? This week the UN International Atomic Energy Agency’s report about Iran’s nuclear weapons program made clear that Israel – Netanyahu included – has been telling the truth about Iran and its nuclear ambitions all along. In contrast, world leaders have been lying and burying their heads in the sand.

That is so true; Netanyahu has been telling the absolute truth all along and it was many other world leaders who had access to the same information who weren't telling the truth.

Since Iran’s nuclear weapons program was first revealed to the public in 2004, Israel has provided in-depth intelligence information proving Iran’s malign intentions to the likes of Sarkozy, Obama and the UN. And for seven years, the US government – Obama included – has claimed that it lacked definitive proof of Iran’s intentions.

Obama wasted the first two years of his administration attempting to charm the Iranians out of their nuclear weapons program. He stubbornly ignored the piles of evidence presented to him by Israel that Iran was not interested in cutting a deal.

And this:

So if Netanyahu never lied about Iran, what might these two major world leaders think he lies about? Why don’t they want to speak with him anymore? Could it be they don’t like the way he is managing their beloved “peace process” with the Palestinians?

Because the truth is that Israel never had a chance of achieving peace with the Palestinians.

And the reason this has always been the case has nothing to do with Netanyahu or Israel.

THERE WAS never any chance for peace because the Palestinians have no interest in making peace with Israel. As the West’s favorite Palestinian “moderate,” Fatah leader and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview with Egypt’s Dream TV on October 23, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I will never recognize the ‘Jewishness’ of the State [of Israel] or a ‘Jewish state.’” That is, Abbas will never make peace with Israel.

Acknowledging this, on Tuesday Netanyahu reportedly told his colleagues that through their recent actions, the Palestinians have abrogated the foundations of the peace process. As he put it, “By boycotting negotiations and by going instead to the United Nations [to achieve independent statehood], they [the Palestinians] have reneged on a central tenet of Oslo.”

As Netanyahu explained, Israel gave up land within the framework of the Oslo Accords. In exchange the Palestinians committed to resolve their conflict with Israel through direct negotiations that would lead to peace.

Their UN gambit, like Abbas’s statement to Egyptian television, shows that the Palestinians – not Israel – have been lying all along. They pocketed Israel’s territorial concessions and refused to make peace.

Now we start to see the bottom-line:

So why do the likes of Sarkozy and Obama hate Netanyahu? Why is he “a liar?” Why don’t they pour out their venom on Abbas, who really does lie to them on a regular basis?

The answer is because they prefer to blame Israel rather than acknowledge that their positive assessments of the Palestinians are nothing more than fantasy.

And this brings us to the other troubling aspect of Sarkozy and Obama’s nasty exchange about Netanyahu. Their views reflect a wider anti-Israel climate.

Outside the Jewish world, Sarkozy’s and Obama’s hateful, false statements about their ally provoked no outrage.

Indeed, it took the media three days to even report their conversation. This indicates that Obama and Sarkozy aren’t alone in holding Israel to a double standard. They aren’t the only ones blaming Israel for the Palestinians’ bad behavior.

The Western media also holds Israel to a separate standard. Like Obama and Sarkozy, the media blame Israel and its elected leaders for the Palestinians’ duplicity. Like Obama and Sarkozy, the media blame Israel for failing to make their peace fantasies come true.

And that is the real message of the Obama- Sarkozy exchange last week. Through it we learn that blaming the Jews and the Jewish state for their enemies’ behavior is what passes for polite conversation among Western elites today.

But this international view of Israel is very prophetic, as we know that all nations will turn against Israel in the last days, and this is simply more proof of that fact. We are seeing prophetic fulfillment when we see world leaders acting in this manner - so reflexly critical of Israel for absolutely no reason or basis for such hatred.

It's just another sign of the times.


Dave down under said...

Spiritually speaking we are witnessing what God has declared they hate; calling good bad and bad good. Israel is bad and the EU's illegitimate social experiment child is good. I'm not surprised this is happening with Obama being pro Muslim and the likes of Zigniew Brizinski (spelling) whispering in Obama's ear to shoot down any Israelie jet that goes anywhere near Iranian airspace. Unfortunately the world is turning against Israel but its fascinating to witness the degradation of the world's moral value's to "toilet based" system of lies and deceit.

Anonymous said...

What can I say ?? As i have said SO
many TIMES in the past, the Elliott Wave Model is NOT PERFECT.

Anyone with sense INCLUDING me should know that. With that being said, please go here >>>>>>

UP again, BIG UP.....

makes me sick....

it appears my alternate VIEW of a
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we will see....

In a way, i would like to see it
all end like others in this blog, BUT reality must be faced....

it is NOT yet time....

until this BULLING is over we
will have to deal with it.

Stayed tuned.....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

hartdawg said...

Ok....I'm not setting time limits on any prophetic fulfillment BUT with the likelihood of getting a more proisreal president and given the prophesied response it would seem both psalm 83 and ezekiel 38&39 would be fulfilled before the next administration.

Dylan said...

One thing I've been thinking about for a while: is there an age of accountability? And what age is that? Will those under the age of accountability be taken with us when christ comes back for us?

Anonymous said...

All I KNOW is that I am way past it,
whatever it is; i am 58, not 8....
maybe Scott can answer this....

Scott where are u ??

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dave down under said...

G'day Dylan, in my house we've always held to the view that around 12 or so years of age is/could be the age of accountability. I get that from the story of Jesus when he was found in the temple teaching the pharasies. However it could also depend on the child's self awareness, their intelligence, enlightenment to the difference between right and wrong, good and bad etc. I guess at the end of the day if you as a parent have lectured and lectured your child as to what is right and wrong and they have the ability to discern and understand what your saying and if they watch you and plan their naughty move accordingly you could probably say, "they are accountable". Just my thoughts my friend. I've got seven children and I've spent a few years watching them, lecturing them trying to convince them that no you shouldn't have sex before marriage and other things like that. So far my eldest has chosen to go against my advice and indulge in premarital sex and other things of a frownable nature. At the end of the day I've just got to sit back and watch her make her mistakes. But I know the others are watching her and will learn from hers lows and highs. Dave.

Robin said...

There's been a blast at a military installation just outside Tehran. The cause of the blast isn't yet known.

Robin said...

A half hour ago, Iran Daily pushed 90 or so stories into the news feed. There have been a couple of stories since by Sky News that a blast occurred at a military installation outside Tehran . . .but I can't get any of the Iran Daily stories to open, nor can I get their main site to open, so it appears either their server has been hit or Internet is down in Tehran.

Would Israel strike on their Sabbath???

Caver said...

Good catch Robin...from the J Post

"Huge blast hits arms depot at Iran military base"

Yup, Israel can and will hit on any day of the year for national security.

hartdawg said...

Dylan,the bible supports an age of accountability but it doesn't say what it is. when king David's baby died David said "ill go to my child (with God) but he will nit return to me"

hartdawg said...

According to Jewish law when a child reaches 12 he is responsible for the consequences of his own decisions, but i believe once a person can understand the gospel he's at that point responsible.

Dutch Treat said...

Robin, I can't see why Israel wouldn't attack on their holy days if their security is at stake. After all, they were attacked on Yom Kippur back in 1973.