Friday, November 4, 2011

Updates from the Epicenter:

The Iran story refuses to go away. Today's news also point to war:

Peres: I believe Israel, world approaching military option on Iran nuclear threat

President Shimon Peres said Friday that he believes that Israel and the world may soon take military action against Iran. Despite this, Peres added that a distinction must be made between the public discourse and what happens in practice.

In comments to Israel Channel 2, Peres said "Intelligence services of all countries understand that time is running out and they are warning their leaders."

"It would seem that Iran is getting closer to having nuclear weapons," Peres said, adding, "In the time that remains, we must urge the other nations of the world to act, and tell them that it is time to stand behind the promise that was made to us, to fulfill their responsibility, whether that means serious sanctions or whether it means a military operation."

Peres also spoke about the Palestinians, saying, "We are in a situation in which all of the blinds in the Middle East are closing, whether due to revolutions or to increased extremism."

"Chance for Iran diplomacy fading, military option closer"

Peres said that Iran could be as close as six months from becoming nuclear-armed and it is Israel's role to warn the world of the danger. He suggested that the speculation about an attack on Iran may be a way of reminding the world of the Iranian threat.

Next week, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations nuclear watchdog, is expected to release a report that includes evidence of Iranian nuclear research which makes little sense if not weapons related, Western diplomats said.

"I propose we wait and see the IAEA report," Barak said, adding that he believes that if the UN nuclear watchdog will be "daring enough to say bluntly what they know about [Iran's] nuclear program," the world will understand the Iranian threat is international.

Security and Defense: Rattling the cage

Jerusalem is signaling to the world that it is time to get serious about putting a stop to Iran’s nuclear program.

On Wednesday, Israel test fired a long-range ballistic missile believed, according to foreign reports, to be a version of the Jericho 3 missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads up to ranges of 4,000 kilometers.

That same day, the Israel Air Force announced that it had returned from a week of joint maneuvers with Italy over Sardinia that included long-range flights, midair refueling and complicated bombing runs. On Thursday, the Home Front Command held a large-scale civil defense exercise aimed at preparing the public for missile attacks in the center of the country.

At the same time, these events are also part of Israel’s saber-rattling and are Jerusalem’s way of signaling to the world that it is serious about the need for Iran’s nuclear program to be put to a stop.

If the report is damning to Iran, it could serve as the basis for a major crackdown would likely focus on economic sanctions, for example against the Iranian Central Bank, which has yet to be targeted, before any military action would be taken.

On the other hand, the report could also serve as a justification for military action against Iran, either by Israel, by the US or by a coalition of countries.

Israel Navy intercepts Gaza-bound aid vessels; no injuries reported

The Israel Navy on Friday afternoon intercepted two boats that approached the coast of the Gaza Strip with the intent to violate Israel's naval blockade of the territory.

After the boats failed to heed calls to turn around or dock in Egypt or Israel, Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz ordered naval forces to board the ships. Nobody was injured during the boarding of the ships, a military source said.

Ban: Israelis, Palestinians on collision course over UN bid

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday warned that Israel and the Palestinians were on a "collision course" as the two sides face-off over the Palestinian Authority's gambit to be admitted as a full member in the United Nations.

"Now is the time for all sides to exercise restraint so as to step back from the collision course,” a UN spokesman quoted Ban as saying while at the G20 summit in Cannes, France.

And below we see yet another good read from Caroline Glick:

Column One: Delegitimizing the delegitimizers

The only way to defeat those who deny our rights to our land, our nationhood and our history is to expose their corruption, and their hateful intentions towards the Jewish people.

You have to hand it to the Palestinians.

They decided to abandon the peace process and seek international recognition of the “State of Palestine” – a state in a de facto state of war with Israel. And they are pursuing their goal relentlessly.

In the end, the only way to defeat those who delegitimize Israel and deny our rights to our land, our nationhood and our history is to expose their corruption, and their malevolent, dishonest and hateful intentions towards the Jewish people and the Jewish state. That is, the only way to defeat the delegitimizers is to delegitimize them by proudly and consistently asserting Israel’s historic and legal rights and the justice of our cause.


Caver said...

Another Whieeee Doggie type moment and Friday. Just gotta roar over the nasty turn the PA's new statehood recognition took. Gotta imagine Abbas embracing the south end of that alligator and wondering about that new piercing sensation in his lower cheeks. Put your glasses on Abbas, ya got the wrong end to kiss. That or put lipstick on that gator so you can at least tell the end about to eat your vitals.

Seems to me Israel finally got fed up with being the doll all the sticky pins were being used on and turned the tables.....on everybody.

Iran is now reacting to Israel's moves

The word is now on alert that "somepins" up .....other than a successful nuclear capable Israeli missile.

The PA is crying to the world about their lost funding from Israel because Oslo was buried the moment UNESCO voted them a country.

The UK, France, and the US are now reacting to the new report on Iran and listening to Israel because otherwise Bibi might act unilaterally and put them in an even bigger hole.

Interesting the way Bibi has played this....brilliant really.

Scott said...

That's an interesting perspective, and I believe you have it right.

It does seem that Israel is calling the shots now. Hmmmm....

Abbas stepped in it this time. But there is a lot more to come, this is just the beginning point, really.

Tasarwen said...

Bibi is definitely the man of the hour. If only we had just such a man as president of the good ole USA. It would be a different world. Perhaps, that is why we don't, because we (the USA) have to diminish.

The only way I can deal with all of this is to constantly remind myself that I am not of this world. It helps....

Blessings to all of you, my brothers and sisters. Seth, I have been praying for you and your wife. Hopefully, all is well.

Sue, as you know many of us have lost children to the world. I have lost my only child, who was brought up in the Word and was saved (as far as I know) at an early age. It's a heart-breaker for sure. But through it all, God has a plan. I have been studying Psalms, lately. I have been greatly encouraged by David's proclamation that the battle is the Lord's. Whenever I remind myself of this, I gain a peace about it. It's hard though.

Caver said...

Yup, Bibi stood in front of the whole world at the UN and told them..."You're either with us or against us" The world made their decision and wrote it off as diplospeak.

It wasn't. Israel has now effectively forced the world to live by its rules.

No more tax shifts to the PA

Oslo is dead, including Israel's obligations in total. Israel is keeping their money.

Israel is building where they want and when they want.

The West has a choice...Israel is going to try and stop Iran. The West can...
1. Help and maybe have the Iran TRY to close the Strait of Hormuz to oil, activate terror cells on their soil, and damage the SA oilfields


2. Sit on the sidelines and guarantee Iran shuts the Strait of Hormuz, activates terror cells on their soil, and destroys the SA oil production

Checkmate! look so cute with all that egg highlighting your cheekbones.....Caver walks off chuckling...

Anonymous said...

I have a question if I may. Tonight on the news Charles Krauthammer said he thought Israel would not go after Iran until after the U.S. has left Iraq.
He said then Israel could fly over Iraq and it would be a much shorter distance to Iran.

My question is....why can't they fly over Iraq now? Why would they be able to after our soldiers leave Iraq?

For the life of me I can't figure this one out.

Thank you,

Caver said...

Hi Helen,
Don't know for sure but suspect....
We're constricted by Iraq. Its their country. They have said they will not allow Israel to fly over Iraq airspace but they have no real air force themselves to stop Israel. While we're there, we have to defend that air space according to Iraq's dictates.

When we're gone, Iraq can say "No", but they'll have no way to enforce it.

Still, with SA offering a corridor up their border, that's where I would expect Israel to go unless things get desperate. Who knows, SA may even be allowing Israel use of a air base to refuel and rearm.

Seth said...

Well, quick prayer request time. My wife is scheduled to have her gallbladder removed next Friday morning. I won't be able to be off but the Friday and the weekend, so please pray for a quick recovery. Thanks all.

Dave down under said...

Hi Caver, I get Oslo and building in Jerusalem but you've lost me on points 1&2.

Robin said...

With respect to Charles Krauthammer, I've been an admirer of his for over 20 years and rarely have known him to be wrong. However, on this point, I think he's mistaken. Israel doesn't necessarily have to use Iraqi airspace . . .thanks to those nifty little steering columns in jets, they can actually fly around Iraq. But they also have long range missiles. And then there's the very real fact that Iran and Iraq have been mortal enemies since the Iran/Iraq war . . .not that they wouldn't side with each other against their common enemy, Israel. However, Iran going nuclear is a far graver threat to Israeli security than Iraq could ever hope to be and they're not about to let a mere "no fly zone" delay or sway them against a strike.

Anonymous said...

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It appears that it is NOT YET time
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Elliott Wave Counts have stocks going UP again next week, possibly.

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We are AT the crossroads so to

Stay tuned !!!!

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Caver said...

Hi Dave, sorry if I came across a bit muddled there. What I'm saying that when Israel strikes Iran, Iran is going to react. They have already promised a minimum of 3 things

1. Shut down the flow of oil through the Strait
2. Unleash their terror cells in the US and Europe
3. Blow up the SA oil fields.

They are going to immediately implement these retaliatory actions upon getting attacked.

Now, if the US and Europe try to help Israel, they are in a position to also limit or prevent some of these reactions.

If the US and Europe just stand on the sideline, they can be sure these things are accomplished to the maximum extent possible.

We and Europe have no choice but to help will at least minimize the amount of damage Iran can inflict on these other fronts.

Robin said...

Exactly, we have no choice but to be involved. But it should be noted that Russia and China will be compelled to become involved, per the terms of their alliance with Iran. This whole thing could escalate quickly into World War III . . .something I believe is the ultimate goal of all the nations involved anyway.

I came across a video yesterday (sorry, don't recall where I found it, but will check to see if I posted it here). . .that depicted a very concerning scenario of a purposefully planned world war. The basic premise was that war changes nations forever and that the quickest and surest way of bringing about social change in a nation is war. It went on to say that this war has been in the planning stages for decades.

Dave down under said...

No that's fine Caver you can get excited all you want mate! It's just a little hard at times to decipher your plot from your excitement that's all. You gotta be from Texas, lol. Thanks for the info anyway.

On the subject of the Saudi's they wouldn't put up with Iran doing that would they? then again they could because Israel would be pounding Iran for them. No worries. God bless all. Dave.

Robin said...

Dave, the Saudis won't have much choice. They really don't have a military to speak of, just some Western weaponry and mostly Pakistani soldiers serving.

Pakistan has far more in common with Iran than Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are very discriminatory against the Pakistanis (who are brought to their country not only as soldiers, but servants). Additionally, the language spoken in Iran . . .Farsi, closely resembles Pushto, widely spoken in the Northern regions of Pakistan. I sincerely believe, if push came to shove, the Pakistanis would abandon their posts in Saudi and take up arms against them, siding with Iran in such a conflict.

Dave down under said...

That is really interesting Robin! I never new that about Saudi Arabia.

I guess having an army made up of foreigners can have a double effect on your national security. Whilst you have friends of your enemies serving in your counrty you can be sure your enemy will be hesitant to harrass you. Then again as you said if you annoy your guests too much they will eventually take up arms. That all being good and well if Iran is their only enemy.

Thanks Robin that was very informative. Dave

Caver said...

Dave, not sure where I came across as excited....that's not quite it.

There is, however, a gut satisfaction watching Bibi turn the tables after he and his people have been bullied and degraded by so many for so long.....including our on Pretender-n-Chief.

There was an attempt to put a bit of humor on to a very serious set of events and circumstances.

Dave down under said...

No problem caver like I said. I love your sense of humour mate.

Dave down under said...

G'day caver, I was mostly referring to a few previous posts, but it's all good. I'm only trying to fit in with this community of believers and I would never intentionally insult anyone. I think my straight to the point way of communicating can and has gotten me in trouble at home as well. Please accept my appologies if you feel singled out in any way. Expressing my observations about people can be intrusive in their lives once again I appologise. God bless Dave.

Caver said...

Hi Dave,:wave, and G'day right back at ya. I never took what you said offensively at all....only that I might not have been as clear as I should have been. It happens...sometimes far too often. No problems.

Oh, and for what its have fit in....just another part of the family. Granted, one that's far, far away in miles but through Christ just next door.

Chuckle. No problem...its all good.

The Whiee Doggie was a "Special Delivery" for GG. We love ya Sis!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Caver and Robin. That does help me to understand. :)


Mrs.C said...

God Truly Blessed me greatly, with such a wonderful husband as Mr.C Dave :) Truly, Im honored to be his
"wiff" as he would say. lol
To me, sometimes he writes as if he were Jed Clampett, and sometimes he writes like hes Mark Twain lol
You're right about the South Dave, but not Texas by any means a little further east...North Carolina - as the song goes.."where noth'n could finer than to be in Carolina in morng!"lol

God Bless You Brother!

Expected Imminently said...

Dave said “…I think my straight to the point way of communicating can and has gotten me in trouble at home as well…”

You and me both mate! Do you have English roots? I have a big Aussie family; we ain’t related is we? ;D

Limey Sue