Monday, November 21, 2011

In The News: Brave New World

The title of this first article isn't mine. It is interesting to see non-prophecy authors reaching the same conclusions that we are reaching:

Egypt, Syria, Iran and Israel - Approaching the Tipping Point

After summarizing each of the above conflicts, the article reaches the conclusions:

Unfortunately, today’s American liberal, led by Barack Hussein Obama, refuses to see the importance of our relationship with Israel. The liberal left denies reality, and then make up their own reality. Israel is surrounded by nations that wish to destroy the tiny country, yet the liberal left continues to time and time again appease and rub elbows with the Islamic nations of that region.

And below we see some painful truths. The truth can hurt, but the truth is the truth and this is a time in history in which the truth desperately needs to be shouted from the rooftops:

While the enemy prepares, the scourge grows, and the terror of Islam prepares and expands. We have idiots here in America (paid for by the democrat party in some cases) marching on Wall Street so that they can stop capitalism, which has paid for every single thing they have ever owned and used, and of which provided the tax dollars used to make our military second to none.

In these crowds of lice infested protesters is the seeds of the liberalism they were taught in our schools and universities. The Left has trained them well. They are ignorant, perverse, the kids of the very wealthy they rail against, and the prevailing attitude among these people is that Israel is a problem.

That attitude reveals that the liberal left is at odds with the existence of Israel. That puts them at odds with the return of the persecuted Jews in Europe and the Arab world to their ancestral homeland.

Obama and the democrats are demanding the abolition of Israel without saying it outright.

Remember, it was Obama that recently “demanded” that Israel retreat to its 1967 borders.

The liberal leftists of the world, after Obama said that, actually thought it sounded very reasonable. Those in the real world, however, recognized the idiocy for what it was. There were no 1967 borders (Obama caught in yet another lie). Those were the 1949 ceasefire lines of the War on Independence, which the Israelis barely survived by stopping five invading Arab armies. As a result, the border between Israel and its enemies that wish to annihilate the Jewish nation, looks like something I dropped on the floor, with uneven lines, and indefensible edges.

Obama is aware that those borders would be indefensible. That is why he recommended it. The liberals will tell you they have good intentions, but the truth of the matter is that liberals want Israel to meet with disaster.

Barack Obama is creating conditions that will force Israel to defend herself unilaterally, without any help. Barack Hussein Obama helped push over Mubarak, Gaddafi, and maybe Syria’s Assad, who may be about to fight a vicious civil war.

In other words, Obama is organizing the Muslim communities as would any Alinsky follower. He is working to position the Muslim nations into the unity of a caliphate - the one thing he believes can ultimately bring down Israel.

Iran, however, is one of the beneficiaries of the organization of the Muslim World that Obama is presiding over. Ahmadinejad is intent on bringing the 12th Imam, and in turn the Islamic Armageddon, to Earth. He believes the more chaos the better. He is working on getting enough nukes and missiles to create that chaos.

It was a liberal that enabled Khomeini to power in 1979 (Jimmy Carter), and now it will be a liberal called Obama that will bring chaos to the Middle East through his policies of destruction.

The article below is related:

Once They Own Your Kids, What's Left?

See more parallels drawn between today's world and Orwell's novel "1984":

Not content with the massive government growth since Obama came into power, Comrade Pelosi wants even more. This time she’s campaigning for federal child care which is a true Communistic principle:

Tell me that doesn’t sound exactly like the Marxists in 1920′s Russia. They never, ever give up and have been pushing the destruction of the central family unit along with complete government involvement in child care for a long, long time.

The Communists wanted women to have to work, so the government would get to step in with national child care and an iron grip on citizens from cradle to grave. She wants to resurrect the bill form 1971 that Nixon vetoed as her next big goal. Pelosi is just the corrupt, Marxist Progressive to get it done too

Don’t make the mistake of thinking she is incompetent or crazy.

Pelosi is anything but. She is aggressive, brutal and power hungry. She crushes anyone who gets in the way of her agenda. Now she is coming after our children. Parents, it’s crunch time. You need to get your children out of the government controlled school system and now. You need to find a way to NOT let the government take care of your child as well.

They are masters at propaganda, thought policing and brainwashing. The government and our elites are the ultimate bad man offering our children candy and many parents are nudging their children right into the government’s loving arms. God help us all.

If indeed Pelosi achieves her goal and the government does for child care what it did for healthcare, it might look something like this:

A childcare mandate requiring all parents to buy childcare for their children and enter the workplace.
A national electronic database of all parents and their parenting habits, ostensibly to determine and enforce the use of “best practices” for raising children.
Forcing all private-sector child care professionals out of business, creating a single-caregiver government monopoly subjecting impressionable young children to government indoctrination in everything from climate change to illegal immigration and abortion.

Death toll rises to 22 as clashes in Egypt continue

At least 22 people have been killed and 425 wounded since violence erupted in downtown Cairo three days ago, according to the Egyptian Health Ministry. Police fired tear gas and attacked a makeshift field hospital, while protesters broke up pavements to hurl the chunks of concrete at police.

With just a week before voting in the first free parliamentary election in decades, the confrontations have raised concerns about how smooth voting will be.

Egyptians elect a new parliament in a staggered vote that starts on Nov. 28, but even when the assembly is picked, presidential powers remain with the army until a presidential poll, which may not happen until late 2012 or early 2013. Protesters want a much swifter transition.

Conspiracies, Coups and Currencies

Take a look at the intro to this article - and as sensational and shocking as it seems - it is exactly what is happening in Europe today. See this theoretical scenario:

The murmurs about Barack Obama being forced out began in Berlin and Beijing. After his party lost the midterm vote, there were hints that a government of technocrats would be imposed on America, to save the country from a debt crisis and the world from a depression.

As the debt-ceiling negotiations stalled out over the summer, a global coalition — led by Germany, China and the International Monetary Fund — began working behind the scenes to ease Obama out of the White House.

The credit downgrade was the final blow: the president had lost the confidence of the world’s shadow government, and his administration could no longer survive.

Within days, thanks to some unusual constitutional maneuvering, Obama resigned the presidency and Michael Bloomberg was invited to take the oath of office.

With Beijing issuing veiled threats against our currency, Congress had no choice but to turn the country’s finances over to the Senate’s bipartisan Gang of 6, which in turn acceded to Chinese and German “supervision” of their negotiations. Meanwhile, there was a growing consensus in Europe and Asia that only a true global superstate could prevent the debt contagion from spreading ...

Back to reality:

FOR Americans, the scenario I’ve just imagined is a paranoid fantasy, the kind of New World Order nightmare that haunts the sleep of black-helicopter watchers and Trilateral Commission obsessives.

But for the inhabitants of Italy and Greece, who have just watched democratically elected governments toppled by pressure from financiers, European Union bureaucrats and foreign heads of state, it evokes the cold reality of 21st-century politics.

National sovereignty is a pretty concept, but the survival of the European common currency comes first.

The new conventional wisdom is that yes, well, maybe the knuckle-draggers were right about the perils of the euro, but it’s far too late to back out now.

The technocratic coups in Greece and Italy have revealed the power that the E.U.’s leadership can exercise over the internal politics of member states.

One could argue that the Greeks and Italians — and the Spanish and the Irish and everyone else — should have known what they were signing up for when they joined the euro in the first place.

From the American perspective, a more centralized and undemocratic Europe is clearly preferable to the risk of another recession. For the staggering world economy, it would be disastrous if a burst of nationalism somehow broke up Europe’s common currency.

But that’s easy for us to say: it isn’t our self-government that’s at stake.

It's a brave new world as we approach the Tribulation.

Spain - the fifth victim to fall in Europe's arc of depression

The new government of Mariano Rajoy has precious few policy levers at its disposal and cannot alone do anything at this late stage to prevent a death spiral within the strait-jacket of EMU.

The immediate destiny of his country lies entirely in the hands of Germany, the AAA creditor core, the EU authorities, and the European Central Bank, the nexus of policy-making power that together dictates whether Spain will be thrown a lifeline or be pushed further into depression and social catastrophe.

German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble – the most dangerous man in the world – is imposing a reactionary policy of synchronized tightening on the whole eurozone through the EU institutions, invoking a doctrine of “expansionary fiscal contractions” that has no record of success without offsetting monetary and exchange stimulus. What is abject is that EU bodies should acquiesce in this primitive dogma.

Risks of global recession mount

Financial contagion from Europe is pushing global economies towards the brink, and the risks of slipping into worldwide recession are rising significantly.

From Beijing to Washington and Sao Paolo, top financial officials are worried their economies will be sucked into the maelstrom by Europe's inability to unify around a debt strategy.

"For the second time in three years, global economic recovery is at risk," Roach said in a note to clients.

Egypt: more violence despite EU appeals

Security forces launched fresh attacks on protesters in Cairo on Monday (21 November) despite appeals for calm on "all sides" by EU ministers.

The police fired tear gas and broke up a field hospital in Tahrir Square early on Monday under a barrage of paving stones from the mostly young demonstrators outside the interior ministry building, according to newswire reports and tweets from the scene.


Expected Imminently said...

Ecumenism means joining with Rome.

These are some of the major false doctrines of Roman Catholicism which have been added over the centuries to the teaching of the New Testament and take away the truth of the Gospel message:

The Mass.

According to the Roman Catholic Church the bread and the wine are changed literally into the body and blood of Jesus, who is sacrificed continually through the Mass. Article 267 of the Catechism says: ‘The bread and the wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Christ by the power of God, to whom nothing is impossible or difficult.’ Article 278 says: ‘The Holy Mass is one and the same Sacrifice with that of the Cross, inasmuch as Christ who offered himself, a bleeding victim on the Cross to his heavenly Father, continues to offer himself in an unbloody manner on the altar through the ministry of his priests.’ This doctrine known as transubstantiation was defined by Pope Innocent III in 1215.

But the Bible teaches that Christ’s sacrifice was complete and final and can never be repeated. Communion or the Lord’s Supper is the remembrance of that sacrifice.
‘Jesus took bread and gave thanks and broke it and gave it to them, saying ‘This is my body which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of Me.’ Luke 22.19. See also 1 Corinthians 11.23-26.

The book of Hebrews tells us that unlike the many sacrifices offered by the high priest the Lord Jesus made a once and for all time sacrifice for sin: ‘Now, once at the end of the ages, He has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself. And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many’ (Hebrews 9.24-28).


Alice said...

Thank you, EI. The closer we get, it seems sooooo evident that Rome/the Vatican plays a LARGE part in the last days... Not sure why some want to argue this point - especially as the picture is getting clearer and clearer.

Along those lines, this may have been posted here before - not sure. A video on the connections between Islam and Catholicism:

Caver said...

Am sitting here taking a lunch break....and just gotta chuckle...its either that or cry and chuckling leaves ya with better eyesight.

Several months ago someone here posted a link to Pastor Lindsey Williams's latest video. He's the Baptist pastor tied in to TPTB that has been dead on for years now with inside knowledge of what wars, prices, leaders and other "stuff" they were manipulating behind the scenes. His inside knowledge was that the economics...

would be drooped off the edge of the cliff next year...and here it is.

Political unrest would ravage the ME...and here it is.

And the price of gold and silver would be artificially depressed so when the economy goes they can clean up at rock bottom prices before letting the prices soar. And its happening now.

Think about it....exactly the economic conditions occurring now (uncertainty) drive the prices of precious metals through the roof...and they're drooping.

The Lord sure knows how to set things up, don't He.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Alice

This particular video is a valuable resource, so thank you for linking it. For those who want to know more, will certainly have their eyes opened.

Great stuff! I could listen to, and watch the Prof all day.

I really enjoyed the music.

Every blessing.

Expected Imminently said...

Caver said “Several months ago someone here posted a link to Pastor Lindsey Williams's latest video…”

Yoo hoo Caver, arm waving, that was E.I. So pleased you appreciated it! I was wondering if Hartdawg knew him.

ally said...

Hi all, have had no access to computer for quite a while but am sending love and prayers to and for all here. Was hoping we would be outta here by now but hey what do I know? It's all in the Father's hands!
I have missed a lot in my absence. That I am sure about and will try to catch up soon
Was kicking the enemies butt for a while with the help of the big guy, but the enemy is now kicking mine. The slighest crack in the door and he comes raging in. Have lost everything I own due to my crazy ex's actions and despite a 2 year restraining order, he continues to harrass and attempt to destroy me. The court system here (since no one can publicly see or comment on J&D court here in Va.) thinks he is too crazy to be tried for his actions, yet he continues to walk the streets here and hound me. Pray for me and pray for him too. I just have to trust it is all in the Father's hands and control and though I may not understand it, there is some reason for it and only he knows.
Keep looking up, though it may get worse before it gets better, it is gonna get better!!!!!! Forever better!
Maranatha and all my love to you!

GG said...

My Dear Sis Ally-

I am so glad to see your doing well inspite of all you have coming at you these days. I think of you often. So you are in VA these days? No more, MO. I will be praying for you and much protection surrounding you and your home. I will pray for a renewed mind as well as other things for your ex. I am sorry you are being tested so. Please know the evil one has been having quite the party among us too. We keep that shield of armor on and polished daily :). You keep yours ready to go to my dear. God Bless you and God willing we all shall be together soon.

Missing you!


Scott said...

Ally - sorry to hear about all of that - hang in there, it won't be long IMO ! Prayers go out to you though.

Alice - Perry Stone has an EXCELLENt video on the parallels between the RCC and Islam - its a real eye opener. I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head, but if you are interested i can retrieve it. Its probably his best video - and I had NO IDEA that there was so much overlap between RCC and Islam. Plus, whenever there is a "Marian apparition" the catholics and muslims show up in equal numbers, and the muslims will even use rosary beads if the cross is removed.

Its fascinating and I highly recommend it.

Caver said...

Alley, Sis, joining GG and Scott in prayer for you and he. May the Lord lift you up and use you both.

Scott, if you ever find that link...please post it or send it to me. I would be most interested in that one in particular.

Robin said...

Add me to the Prayer Team, Ally. God bless and keep you safe.

Expected Imminently said...

Concerning the ‘amazing discoveries’ link.

It isn’t obvious, but ann marie has correctly pointed out that this is produced by the christian cult of the Seventh-Day Adventist’s. References to the plagiarist, and their false prophet Ellen White, is in their links at the bottom of the page.

Scott said...


I have a copy - send me an email and I'll get it to you

Here is is (the title is somewhat misleading because it goes WAY beyond apparitions)

Video Link

I wonder if this is on youTube...I'll check that as well

DrNofog said...

Do you recall if there's a date on that? Just curious if PS got a lot of his info from Veith since he's been into it for a long time.

I wanted to read a short bio of Veith as I dint wanna hafta sit thru 1.5hr vid, but couldn't find anything in print, so I ended up listening to his testimony anyway.

A long tortured journey out of the occult, then out of the RCC, and except for getting hooked into SDA sabbath error, definitely a solid testimony for Christ.

Aside from the couple mentions of sabbath keeping, which caught my suspicion right away, the vid on the Catholic-Islam connections should not be discounted in any way. It is 100% right on from all the dabbling I've been doing in Polit-history over the yrs. I was impressed by the info on all the shared symbolism and that 'they' like to build on ancient pagan sites.

For the Christian who has "ears to hear" and will take all this to heart, we truly live in an amazing time with God using the "Information Superhighway" [that Agore created...] to lift the veil off the Mystery of Iniquity, Mystery Babylon herself.

From the political perspective, until one begins to fully see that Satan did indeed make a legitimate offer of all the kingdoms of the world to Jesus, that he has been given permission to rule this world with an iron fist, to install and maneuver dictators to do his bidding like so many chess pieces getting into prearranged positions for the NWO, nothing else makes sense...

It's the Greatest Dog & Pony Show in the World, presented by a global media owned by the very same "Brotherhood of Darkness".