Thursday, July 1, 2010

EU's increasing influence in the Middle East

Well, of course they will. Ultimately, the EU will produce the antichrist (once they reach the "10 Kings" stage), and he will ultimately "confirm" the peace covenant. Therefore we always watch for any involvement by the EU into Israel's affairs in the Middle East:

"EU accused of meddling in Israeli democracy"

An archly conservative group with strong links to the Israeli government has attacked the human rights community in the Jewish state, saying that it is being bankrolled by the EU in a secretive attempt to undermine democracy.

Israeli diplomats are touting in Brussels the "investigative" work of NGO Monitor, a body which claims that a clutch of officials in the heart of the EU is plotting to "delegitimise" Israel by funding local human rights organisations.The EU gives "public funds to a small group of opposition groups in an effort to manipulate the political process," he told eurodeputies.

"In violation of the principle that democracies do not attempt to manipulate or interfere with the internal political processes in other democracies, anonymous European officials in charge of NGO allocations seek to exploit a minority group of Israelis to impose EU-favoured policies on the wider Israeli public."

First came attacks from nation-states, he says; second came violence from non-state actors such as the PLO and the Intifada uprisings; and now the new form of war that is being mounted against the Jewish state comes in the form of human rights discourse that aims to "delegitimise" its right to exist.

"Across the board, these organisations cast Israel as having a poor record on human rights. They have a structural bias against Israel and they are very active in the demonisation and delegitimisation campaign of Israel," he said.

"Why is the EU giving money to private Israeli organisations?" he said. My speculation is that it's a group of EU bureaucrats with personal ideological interests. And with the EU and these groups clinging to secrecy so stubbornly, it suggests that there's something going on under the surface."

At the same time, we see Iran continuing its influence in the Middle East:

"Iran supplied Syria with radar system to thwart surprise attack"

Tehran has equipped Damascus with a sophisticated radar system to help thwart a surprise Israeli strike against the Iran's nuclear, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

The move would also help bolster the defenses of Syria and Hezbollah against Israel, the newspapers quoted U.S. and Israeli officials as saying.

According to both the Israeli and U.S. officials, the weapons transfer occurred sometime in mid-2009 as part of increased military coordination between Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.

Such a deal would be a violation of a 2007 United Nations Security Council resolution that forbids Iran from transferring, selling, or supplying arms or related material.

While Israeli officials privately confirmed the radar transfer, the IDF did not give any specifics regarding the deal when asked by The Wall Street Journal.

"Report: Iran armed Syria with radar system"

Israeli and US officials told the Wall Street Journal Thursday that Iran had given Syria a powerful radar system that could make it more difficult for Israel to carry out air strikes in its territory.

The system will strengthen Syria's defenses by warning against approaching Israeli jets.

Officials say it can also help Hezbollah in Lebanon. If Syria chooses to provide the organization with warnings provided by the system, its fighters will be able to better aim its ground-to-air missiles.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office confirmed Iran was "developing Syrian intelligence" and its air detection capabilities. "Assistance with radar is just one instance of cooperation between the two states," the army said.

Major Ron, an F-16 pilot from the Air Force, said Israel would not be flying as freely in the next war as it did during the Second Lebanon War.

On some days, it is as if the news comes directly from biblical prophecy. We watch the foretold alignments coming together; those countries who have been named biblically (Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38-39 and Isaiah 17) as coming together in efforts to destroy Israel. We have watched closely as Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Russia continue to push the buttons in the region.

We also watch the continual arms build-up. The missile shipments continue to pour into southern Lebanon from Syria/Iran as war preparations continue. Now we see more high-tech weaponry installed in the region.

Russia and Iran continue to arm the region for war - war directed against Israel - intended to destroy Israel.

Their efforts will be in vain. God has a different plan - a plan that will ultimately involve His presence in the region - at just the right time. His time. His time to deal with those nations who delight in seeing Israel suffer. At some point God will have had enough and He will take matters into His own hands.

As God declared in Ezekiel 39:8:

"It is coming! It will surely take place declares the Sovereign Lord. This is the day I have spoken of."


Anonymous said...

last evening I watched a TV show on the Military History channel. It was showing "footage never before seen outside the US military". The program was about our nuclear armed subs and how they could take out huge areas and many entire cities all at the same time.
I was wondering if the timing of that program was some kind of psych. strategy because of the developing events in the middle east.


hartdawg said...

some intel reports say iran is months away from going nuclear, others say 1-3 years. do you know which one is more accurate?

hartdawg said...

some intel reports say iran is months away from going nuclear, others say 1-3 years. do you know which one is more accurate?

Scott said...

Thats an interesting idea. It wouldn't be surprising.
I believe we like to remind the world that we have that capability.

I'm still having a hard time imagining Obama taking any aggressive actions - especially towards Iran - but we'll see.

I believe its a 50/50 chance that they already have a nuke. I'd say there is a 90% chance that they have it within 12 months.

For several reasons. Historically, our "intelligence" has overestimated other nuke countries (N Korea, Pakistan, India). Also I recall saying that Israeli intelligence believed that they would have a nuke by the end of the year ('10) about 18 months ago. Its a reasonable that they will have it by them timeframe - assuming that they don't have one now.

I on my opinion, there is no way it will take 2-3 years.