Sunday, July 25, 2010

Iran-Turkey: Ominous Signs

Iran and Turkey are in the news, and both appear to be rapidly approaching warfare - or at least preparing for warfare.
The Gog-MaGog alliance, as seen by Ezekiel and described in Ezekiel 38-39 is alive and well, and both are behaving exactly as we would expect from biblical prophecy:

"Turkey exploits 'window of opportunity' moving rapidly to acquire nuclear weapons"

A quiet but intense debate is ongoing within senior circles of the governing Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi (Justice and Development Party: AKP) in Turkey over whether or not this is the time to proceed rapidly with the development and acquisition of nuclear weapons.

At stake is Turkey's strategic parity with other nuclear powers in the region: Russia, Israel, Pakistan, and Iran. Highly-placed sources indicate that Turkey has been deliberating the acquisition of military nuclear capability for some time

There is no doubt that Turkey's growing relationships with Iran, Brazil, and Pakistan have been — as far as the Turkish leadership is concerned — with the military nuclear program partially in mind.

Very senior sources in Israel, Russia, and the U.S. have privately expressed concern that Turkey is proceeding with its nuclear weapons program, and that Turkey has obtained a significant knowledge of nuclear weapons technology.

Overall, Turkish strategic initiatives have been designed, à priori, to give the Islamist AKP absolute control at home, reducing the military to a pre-republic (ie: Ottoman) status in Turkey, but also to challenge the other "great powers", including Russia, the U.S., the UK, and France, as well as to the regional authority of the Iranians, Egyptians, and Israelis.

This was the fear that many had, once Iran reached nuclear status - that other neighboring countries would soon follow, and that appears to be the case here. As stated in the article, Turkey most likely sees a window of opportunity right now, to act upon nuclear development and it is unlikely that they will let this opportunity slip away. The Middle East continues to progress in war preparations.

Now, on to Iran and the latest news there:

"Iran's Supreme Leader Says He Represents Prophet Muhammad on Earth"

Iran's Supreme Leader has reportedly issued a fatwah, or Islamic edict, demanding that people obey him as the earthly "deputy" of both the Prophet Muhammad and Shi'ism's mysterious 12th Imam.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has created a stir after apparently issuing a religious edict Tuesday claiming ultimate spiritual powers on Earth. Iranian media reported that he told followers that they must "obey him" as the "representative of the Prophet Muhammad and [Shi'ism's] 12th Imam on Earth."

Iranian television also broadcast a communiqué by the Ayatollah claiming the United States and Britain were behind last week's suicide bombings at a Shi'ite mosque in Sistan-Baluchestan province. "All Muslims," he said, "must combat the evil and corrupt [powers] waging war on Earth."

"It is the first time that Khamenei has specifically gone so far as to claim that kind of authority, and there is a theological debate as to whether this constitutes heresy, in the sense that some interpretations of Shia Islam say that no one can claim to represent the Prophet and the Imams on Earth," he said. "Khamenei, feeling pressure on a number of fronts, regarding his clerical and political authority, feels the need to assert, effectively, 'You must obey me."

This is an important development because ultimately, he and M. Ahmadinejad both believe that the Mahdi is soon to return to earth, but will only do so in the event of massive conflict in the Middle East - something they may attempt to precipitate.

Things continue to progress in the Middle East: Turkey, by increasing their arms with the potential addition of nuclear weapons, and now Iran again referencing the Mahdi/12th Imam and the destruction required for his coming, according to certain Islamic prophetic beliefs. Every week seems to bring new, significant developments in the region and this week is no exception.

It won't be long before things are ignited, and when it does, it promises to be epic. Perhaps "biblical" would be a better term.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the outstanding blog. I look forward each morning to reading it.
Things are gaining momentum in the Middle East that is for sure. I would like to know your thoughts on the approaching ME conflict, the approaching Feast of Trumpets, and the appearance of the 12th Mahdi as the Antichrist. As time marches on toward the Rapture, could these three events be tied together?

Scott said...

Some interesting and germane questions.
Many thanks for the kind words :)

I have long felt that the Middle East will serve as the trigger for remaining prophetic events, such as Gog-MaGog, Isa 17 and then the conditions for the AC to 'confirm the covenant" and, in sequence, begin the Tribulation period. How the Feast of Trumpets fits in to that scenario is anyone's guess and I certainly don't have that answer. I would tend to believe that the "dates" of Islamic aggression are more dependent on their important dates, rather than the Jewish "dates" - but thats speculation at best.

I watch the 12th Iman /Mahdi very closely. There are many people who believe the Mahdi could emerge as the biblical antichrist (I refuse to capitalize his name FWIW). I believe thats very very possible, and it would explain a lot of things.

And yes, I definitely believe those two events could be closely tied together - and how the Feast of Trumpets plays into that (or any other significant dates) is always a "wild card" IMO.

We'll see - and soon enough it seems.

Thanks again
And God Bless