Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why is the MSM not covering this story?

Certainly, they give the Gulf story passing mention, but typically something of this magnitude would be dominating the news. You have to watch the news for a long time in order to get any information on the current crisis, and when you do get a few nuggets of information, it doesn't come close to capturing the magnitude of the disaster.


I'm referring to the kind of information linked below, mostly coming from citizens living in the midst of this - people with the most to lose:

"Pictures from Pensacola Beach"

"Alex sends oil onto Gulf roads, beaches"

Oily water on roads
Coastal areas are also seeing unusually high tides.

Along the Mississippi coast, exasperated drivers were forced to take detours along some busy beach roads to avoid oily water splashing onshore.
Strong northern winds and high tides pushed tar balls and waves of dark brown mousse patties over several seawalls that line major beach roads.

"I have had enough. Now it is coming up on the roads. Next the oil will be in our homes. Just watch. This is (Hurricane) Katrina all over again, just worse," said Kelly Mills, an area resident.
On Louisiana's Bay Baptiste, whitecaps were visible in the distance as the outer bands of Alex began to move into the region. Several marshes were only partially boom-protected, with oil coating the bottom of reeds as crabs covered in crude scurried on nearby marsh islands.

A thin sheen of oil covered much of the bay's water.

"Oil blankets Pensacola Beach"

The tide came in Tuesday night, under a moon almost full, and when the sun came up and the water retreated there it was: a broken band of oil about 5 feet wide and 8 miles long.

It looked like tobacco spit and smelled foreign, and it pooled in yesterday's footprints as far as you could see. State officials called it the worst show of crude on shore from the gusher 120 miles away.

As word spread, the people of Pensacola Beach walked to the black band to take a look, to take photographs, to be sure this wasn't some apocalyptic dream. They poured over the dunes all day, on pilgrimages to bear witness.

"This place is done for," Reed said. "You can't fish. You can't get in the water. The tourists aren't going to come.

"We're done for."

This is how it went all day, with the photos and tears and gnashing of teeth...

So, why isn't this story being covered? It seems that the only way to obtain information is through blogs, and/or "locals" publishing their information. The MSM seems unconcerned, while focusing on more important stories such as Al Gore's massage, a Russian spy, flying cars, World Cup soccer updates, the zombie-like Supreme Court hearings and the need for tax increases (aka "cap and trade") based on this oil/gas volcano.

It's a strange world in these last days.


Expected Imminently said...


Daily Mail 1/6/2010.

Tony Blair is to receive a medal and £67,000 in cash for bringing ‘liberty’ to the world.
He has been named as the 2010 recipient of the annual ‘Liberty Award’ in the U.S. Bill Clinton is to present him with the medal on 13th September. Clinton heaped praise on ‘my friend’, and recalled how they worked together to ‘end violence in Ulster and Genocide in Kosova’.

It is in recognition for Blair’s work in Northern Ireland and helping the Palestinians in his role as Quartet representative to the Middle East. The 'National Constitution Centre’ in Philadelphia awards the medal. Their president, David Eisner, said ‘Tony Blair has significantly furthered the expansion of freedom, self-governance, equality and PEACEFUL coexistence.

Mr Blair added in a statement "Freedom, liberty and justice are the values which I try to apply to my work on governance in Africa and ON PREPARING THE PALESTINIANS FOR STATEHOOD".

“Finalising the interview, Tony scooped up his bow onto his shoulder, his eyes brimmed full of tears, for the love, peace and security he felt for all mankind, then sprang effortlessly onto the quivering back of his white steed. His wide grin was emblazoned with bared teeth as he laughed delightedly all the way to his bank”. ;)

Scott said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeease...How absurd. ("Freedom liberty and Justice" blah blah)

But I get the point...Many of us are (always) watching Mr Blair very closely, if you know what I mean. :)