Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Birth Pains On The Way?

Its been noted by a number of people that we seem to be in a relative calm period right now - the flotilla situation brought about an array of war threats (aka "rumors of war"), and at the same time we had a number of big earthquakes. Also during that time, the EU was in the news, as was the Gog-MaGog alliance strengthening.

I have noted many times in the past that when you begin to note an increase in big earthquakes, often you see other "birth pain" signs also escalating.

A quick look at the earthquake map (link here) shows a noteworthy increase from a relatively calm period. The last couple of days have been quite active:

7.4 Philippines
6.4 Philippines
4.7 Philippines
4.5 Philippines
5.3 Santa Cruz Islands
5.2 Oregon
5.1 Mariana Islands
5.0 Columbia
4.8 Samoa Islands
4.8 Chile
4.6 Xizang

Thats a very active two day period. We'll see what is to come next - both in terms of earthquake activity and other signs. It wouldn't be surprising to see another "contraction" beginning soon.

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