Thursday, July 29, 2010

When the Watchmen Are Silenced

That is the title to a new commentary by Jan Markell, and it is (as usual) a good one (link here).

There is now a war on words in America. The battle to further censor words, transform words, twist words, and silence words is raging. The Left in leadership is determined to rob Americans of one freedom after another but the greatest loss would be our free speech. As stated in the July 26 issue of The American Thinker, "It's a frightening thought: Government takeover of the media. But having tightened their grip on health care, financial services, and energy, it's only logical that the Democrats should turn their attention to the media.

"Discussions underway at the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission point toward a dangerous new effort to regulate what Americans read and hear. The takeover under discussion would apply across the board to print media, radio and television, and the Internet. The result of proposed regulations would be nothing less than an end to free speech in America."

"America's mainstream news organizations are already consolidated in the hands of just five mega-corporations. We warned back in 2003 of the dangers associated with putting too much power into the hands of so few." Kinsella also states that "One of the very first targets of the Obama administration's 'fundamental transformation' was -- and still is.

This article is well worth reading in it's entirety. In her conclusions, she points to where all of this is headed - again (as in the previous post regarding the "Mark"), we see a step-wise progression, marching towards the world order which will be in place during the Tribulation:

Isn't it interesting that according to the Bible, in the last days the antichrist will control everything people see, hear and read? The power of the Satanic trinity will enter into every home. It says in Revelation 13:7 that "Power was given him over all kindred, tongues, and nations." This future fuehrer will have the task of propagandizing the world through a controlled media. This antichrist will be a passionate leader with an appealing message and the power of oratory that will be out of this world because his power comes from another world. He will be a master of doublespeak. But he must silence his opponents.

Am I saying that Obama and his cohorts will play a role in the the antichrist administration? Perhaps play a role in antichrist's administration, but Barack Obama is only the forerunner of this evil man. We saw this in the campaign of 2008 as Obama's world tour provided a foretaste of the reception the antichrist can expect to receive. The antichrist will stand in some capitals, addressing the people of the world and telling them that he is the one they have been waiting for. He will even reveal how he will solve the world's debt problem. He will be received like a rock star and get the same kind of greeting Obama got in Berlin.

Everything is shaping up for him to make his appearance. The clock is ticking. "When you see these things begin to happen, look up and know your Redeemer draws nigh" (Luke 21:28). It won't be long. One can almost hear the hoof beats of the four horsemen of the apocalypse off in the distance. Keep looking up even if you develop a stiff neck.

Indeed. We need to keep looking up. We are directed to do so:

"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift your heads,because your redemption is drawing near" (Luke 21:28)


Anonymous said...

Obama can't be the anti-christ, right?

Scott said...

I doubt it - but I always leave that door slightly ajar just in case.

I firmly believe from Daniel 9 that the AC will come from the revived Roman Empire (after it morphs into 10 Kings) - but its roots will be solidly in the the EU/Med Union...

Given that - we are left with hanging on Obama having been born somewhere outside of the US - and specifically in a region that was part of the roman empire. And even that is a stretch. The passage in Dan 9 doesn't seem to refer to place of birth, but most likely place of birth AND place of "political growth". But thats just y impression.

Having said that - there IS a lot of mystery about Obama, not only his birth, but much of his background has been hidden. That leaves some doubts with me, because there is SO much mystery about his origins, and the AC would do something JUST like that...

He sure seems like a good model - came from no where, gained immediate love from the MSM, a marxist, a pathological liar, a complete Narcissist, etc...Most of that fits the profile

Yet, having said all of that, he really doesn't seem to fit the model of the geographical origins of the AC.

Maybe that has been hidden?

Bottom line - I think its possible but unlikely.

I also doubt that the real AC would lose this much popularity this fast - as Obama's favorability has dropped like a rock..I have a hard time seeing the ACs popularity dropping like this.