Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As Jesus informed us in His Olivet Discourse, there will be persecution in these last days. This ongoing story doesn't receive nearly enough attention by the world media - in fact, it doesn't receive nearly enough attention within the Christian community either.

"Muslim Mob Kills Wife, Children of Christian in Pakistan"

A Muslim mob in Jhelum, Pakistan murdered the wife and four children of a Christian last month, but local authorities are too afraid of the local Muslim leader to file charges, according to area Muslim and Christian sources.

Jamshed Masih, a police officer who was transferred 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Gujrat to Jhelum, Punjab Province, said a mob led by Muslim religious leader Maulana Mahfooz Khan killed his family on June 21 after Khan called him to the local mosque and told him to leave the predominantly Muslim colony. Jhelum is 85 kilometers (53 miles) south of Islamabad.

Masih had moved to Mustafa Colony in Jhelum with his wife, two sons and two daughters and were living in a rented house. Masih said that a Muslim neighbor, Ali Murtaza, told him that area Muslims notified Khan, telling the religious leader, “We cannot allow these non-Muslims to live here, they will be a bad influence on our children.”

Jamshed Masih said his daughter telephoned police as the mob attacked his wife and children. He said he later learned that “the people kept shouting, ‘This family has committed blasphemy, they should be killed.”

Before police arrived, his family was murdered, he said.

Murtaza said Masih rushed home and was devastated to find the dead bodies of his wife and four children.

The Voice of the Martyrs, which can be found at Persecution.com has the following, current stories:

Nepal: Pastor beaten by Maoists

India: Pastors Attacked

Somalia: Convert Abused

Iraq: Believer Killed in Kirkuk

Afghanistan: Christian Aid Suspended

Indonesia: Report of Church Closing

Nigeria: Pastor's Home Attacked

Somalia: Somali Christian Killed

And on and on it goes. The media is completely uninterested in this tragic story which occurs now in almost every corner of the world. And it will only get worse as the Tribulation approaches.

We need to always remember to include our persecuted brothers and sisters in our daily prayers - those fellow believers who are experiencing the most severe forms of persecution imaginable - all for simply following Christ. It's another sign of these last days.

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Expected Imminently said...

Thank you for this reminder to pray for the persecuted. Too often I get bogged down with the apostate 'Emergent Emergency' and its affect on families...