Sunday, July 18, 2010

Confirming the Covenant

Daniel 9:27 tells us that the antichrist will "confirm" a covenant with the "many". This has been considered by various scholars that the scripture indicates that "the many" represents a group within Israel (not everyone will agree to this covenant within Israel, but "the many" will) and the covenant represents some kind of a peace deal in the Middle East - primarily involving Israel and her neighboring enemies.

I have felt for years that the only way to "confirm" any peace covenant between Israel and her many surrounding enemies would be to have "third party" peace keeping forces sent to Israel in order to keep the peace. In the past, every time a peace deal seemed imminent, violence and warfare broke out in the region, essentially nullifying the deal (see the Oslo Accords as reference).

To continue in that thought, who would be appropriate to send into the region to serve as peace-keeping forces?

We know that the antichrist will "confirm" this deal. And we know that the antichrist comes from the "10 Kings", and the 10 Kings evolve from the revived Roman Empire (Daniel 7:24). Therefore, it makes sense that the "peace-keeping forces" would come from the EU or, depending upon timing- the 10 Kings phase of the EU's development.

With that in mind, the following article is fascinating:

"Fatah rejects Mitchell's bid for direct talks, PA official says"

We turn to the pertinent quotes:

...any new Israeli answers," Mohammad Dahlan said in a statement, underlining Fatah's opposition to direct talks until that changes, and added that Mitchell had not given adequate answers on the issues of borders or security for the Palestinians to agree to direct negotiations.

Earlier, Palestinian President Abbas echoed this statement and said Israel must agree to the idea of a third party guarding the borders of a future Palestinian state before direct peace talks can start.

Clarifying what he wants before a move to direct talks, Abbas told al-Ghad that Israel should agree "in principle" to a third party taking on a security role in a future Palestinian
state to be founded on land occupied by Israel in a 1967 war.

"That means: do they accept that the land is the 1967 borders and that there be, in the Palestinian land, a third party. If they agree to that, this is what we would consider the
progress that we want and that would make us go to direct negotiations."

Abbas has stated his rejection of any Israeli security role on the frontiers of the Palestinian state.

The request to turn back to the 1967 borders is a thinly veiled reference to give Jerusalem back to the Palestinians. That won't happen based on Zechariah 12. However, the calls for a "third party" to control the borders is. And it is clear that such peace-keeping forces must come from non-Israeli, non-Palestinian forces. That leaves the U.S. (that will never happen for an array of obvious reasons) or the UN, or the EU. There really aren't any other viable resources to undertake this huge task.

I am betting that the EU will end up being the resource for this border control. If so, then we are getting VERY close to the confirming of the covenant. And if we are getting close to that, we are approaching the Tribulation RAPIDLY. And if we are rapidly approaching the Tribulation, then we are also rapidly approaching the Rapture of the Church.

Its like the old saying "When you start to see Christmas decorations being put up, then you'll know that Thanksgiving is near."

We can re-phrase that. "When you see the beginning of the Tribulation approaching, then you'll know that the Rapture is even closer".

Maranatha! He is coming soon!

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