Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fear of Iran spreads in the Middle East

"Fearing Iran, Arab stand on Israel shifts"

Amid growing alarm caused by Iran's alleged quest for nuclear weapons and fears of a new war between Israel and the Lebanese movement Hezbollah, Iran's main proxy, that could spiral out of control and drag in the Persian Gulf states as well, the old political shibboleths are shifting.

The uncovering of an alleged Iranian spy ring in Kuwait in May, its links to Bahrain, and the 2009 discovery of a large Hezbollah network in Egypt plotting to attack the Suez Canal, a strategic logistics link for Western forces heading to the gulf, underline the extent of this confrontation.

This has made for some bizarre situations, with secret dealings between Israel and its longtime Arab adversaries, largely through their intelligence services but increasingly at a diplomatic level as well.

The Saudis and their gulf partners are extremely vulnerable to Iran's growing ballistic missile force, which is controlled by the Revolutionary Guards.

The moderate Arab states, all Sunni Muslim-dominated states, thus have shared strategic interests with Israel in preventing Shiite Iran from seizing regional dominance.

There are those in Israel who also see beyond the Jewish state's conflict with the Palestinians and envision a strategic link with Saudi Arabia.

The key to this information is that any attack on Iran by Israel would require some cooperation from the more moderate Arab states, and it appears that this level of cooperation has been accomplished. Note that none of the Gog-MaGog alliance members are mentioned, nor are any of the Psalm 83 alliances mentioned. Interestingly, only the regions not mentioned in these biblical attacks are favorable to Israeli action against Iran (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain).

The stage is being set. There will be major warfare in the region - the only question is - will the Church be here to witness it.


hartdawg said...

it is my sincere belief that yes, we will be here for psalm 83/isaiah 17. there is no supernatural intervention, nor does isreal turn back to jehovah: BUT i even more strongly believe we will NOT be here for Gog/magog for several reasons in wich i posted in the past.

Scott said...

I agree conceptually - that there is no particular reason we wouldn't be here (in contrast to Ezekiel 38-39) - but don't forget, the rapture can occur at any time - so we COULD be outta here before those events. Its a win-win..if we are here it will be an awesome witnessing opportunity, and if we are raptured first...well....:)

hartdawg said...

here are my reasons for us being here for psalm 83/isaiah17. they are not irrefutable but i think ull agree. 1)a great witnessing oppurtunity and that is consistent with Gods charecter 2)at the rapture people are saying "peace and safety" psalm 83 would set that up 3)no turning of isreal to jehovah 4)there needs to be some gap between psalm 83/isaiah 17 and Gog/magog (tho not a huge gap) 5)the rapture i believe comes VERY CLOSE to Gog/magog and tribulation. after Gog/magog comes the 10 nation confederacy,rise of anti-christ and tribulation in rapid succession. all this said the rapture is imminent but i think these are good(tho not infallible)points.

Expected Imminently said...

The IMMINENCY of the rapture is denied the moment it is said 'Yes we,the Church, will be here for...'

The Church has been in a state of imminent departure since Paul said 'then WE which are alive and remain' in Thess.etc. She has already seen some prophecies fulfilled she may not have seen, such as the rebirth of Israel. We MAY see the coming wars, we may not?

We could be gone within the next second of reading this, only hindsight will reveal what we shall see, or won't see!
Biblically, the ONLY thing we can be sure of is that the Church will not see the 70th week.

DrNofog said...

Scott said...
I agree conceptually -

Aw, EI!
Give dawg a break! You know in yer heart what he really meant!

I forget what part of the country he's from, but down there they really are gun-shy, and dodge quickly into the woods at the first mention of any word that even remotely sounds like "conception"!

I know that he intended to, but probably just forgot about using that other big [but not so scary] word: "theoretically"!

hartdawg said...

i`m from the pacific northwest, nofog. alaska originally but moved to washington. and as i said e.i my points are not irrefutable. the truth is he could come today. i think psalm 83 comes first but i wont be dissapointed if the rapture precedes all. may it be so.

DrNofog said...

I agree with you fully, but like Scott said 'conceptually', we gotta throw in that word or 'theoretically' to keep EI from breathing "imminent" on the back of yer neck...

I've told a lot of people already that after, not if, they see Damascus get nuked and if I don't seem to be around anymore to tell you personally, just think quietly to yourself: "See! I told you so..." :)

Sorry to hear you're Wash-Lib-ton. Spent one December in Everett-Marysville area a while back...miserable, cold, dreary gray, sun came out only once & nobody knew what it was 'cept it hurt their eyes...
Then again, Portland's not much better...sigh! I'd move back to sunny Californ-I-A if I could get some decent work there. Unfortunately, we let the lib-tards run it into the ground...sigh!