Thursday, June 3, 2010

In other news...

There are actually some "other" world news of note - that is, news which do not include the Gaza/flotilla story, if that can be believed.

But first, there are a couple of stories related to the flotilla worth mentioning briefly:

Predictably, the UN lines up against Israel:

"UN's Ban: Israel must lift blockade immediately"

Of course, there seems to be no concern over more missiles which would immediately come into Gaza, threatening Israeli citizens - but in the world today, the lives of Israeli citizens is of no concern.

"Confirmed Hamas Leader Among Flotilla 'activists'"

Big surprise. Good luck finding this story in the MSM.

"Flotilla: US Closer to Choosing Friends - Israel or Turkey"

The flotilla crisis has pushed U.S. President Barack Obama closer to having to choose whether he prefers Israel or Turkey as a friend, with the specter of a nuclear Iran hanging in the balance.

We'll see where this story goes and it is worth watching closely.

In other news

Below is a very interesting article - one that is also pondering the prophetic ramifications of the EU's current financial "crisis", by author Wilfred Hahn:

"European Union: Is the Revived Roman Empire Finished?"

The European monetary union today is undoubtedly on shaky ground. Unless some significant changes are made, it is likely to fracture further. Frankly, it is unlikely that such changes will be easily forthcoming for several reasons. Firstly, the hard-working citizens of nations such as Germany and France do not want to pay for the squandered borrowing of the deficit nations (now derisively called the PIIGS — an acronym for Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain). These voters are not likely to approve these bail-out costs.

More protests and riots can be expected in the years ahead.

The question arises: Can Europe hold together and for how long? Will intervention bring back calm to the Eurozone? The recent bailouts will have bought some time. However, it will not be long before new stresses again reappear.

So much for an update of the news one might hear from the media. But what all does it mean from a prophetic point of view? Just how do these recent events fit in with the “March of History”?

To begin, we can certainly say that today’s events in Europe will certainly not overturn the veracity of Bible prophecy. All prophecy will eventually be fulfilled literally, no matter the short-term gyrations of history.

We can certainly assert what is directly ascertainable from Scripture. Bible prophecy expressly indicates that a union of 10 kings will take form in the last days just before the Antichrist is revealed.

In our extensive studies of this topic (Please see the MS PowerPoint presentation that is posted on the home page of our website for additional details) we conclude that 10 sovereign nations are indicated by the Bible’s terminology of “10 kings.” As mentioned, a view held by many pre-millennial prophecy students is that these “10 kings” will come from Europe or at the very least, from within the boundaries of the ancient Roman Empire. It also remains possible that “Roman type” nations that are not found on the European continent (i.e. America, Canada, Brazil … etc.) could number in this final coalition.

The Bible tells us that a group of 10 ally together out of common self-interest. They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the Beast (Revelation 17:13).

Please reflect on the fact that the Bible says that a small group of only 10 nations will have sufficient pooled power to allow the Antichrist to control the entire world. All current 27 members of Europe are not needed. As such, either the EU will break up (as could be possible) or a new group of 10 forms outside of it.

Here one final point: Power and agendas are not always clearly evident to the broad audience. They tend to work secretly and unobserved. Moreover, crisis can be (and are) deliberately used to accelerate change. As such, anything is possible. Next, the Europe Union may break up and devolve into a more “Roman Catholic” version of the Roman Empire (centering on the more major nation-states with “Christian values” and heritage) or become yet more undemocratic and centrally-controlled in response to economic crisis. Frankly, we cannot yet be sure.

Of one thing we are certain: A break-up of the current Eurozone (perhaps even the European Union, though not necessary) actually would be an alignment with Bible prophecy. Scripture specifically only numbers 10 nations … not 20, 27 or 192 of the G-20, European Union or United Nations, respectively. As such, either the large groups must break down or another coming together of 10 nations outside or in concert with these other organizations must occur.

As we have argued in the past, the world today is moving to a post-globalism period. Multilateralism (this referring to the joint interactions of nation groups) is coming to an end. Instead minilateralism (the idea that a small group of powerful or influential nations seize the agenda) is at the door.

Along these same lines, we now see a new international currency emerging - another story worth following closely:

"World currency unit intended to rival U.S. dollar for supremacy"

A new currency is intended to challenge the U.S. dollar as the world's foremost reserve currency. The WOCU, short for world currency unit, was actually launched by London-based WDX Organization in September 2009, but only seems to be gaining recognition now.

The new currency is similar to the International Monetary Fund's special drawing rights (SDR), which the IMF uses as a reserve asset to supplement the currency reserves of its member states. Both Russia and China have been pushing for the world to switch to a new currency.

"New World Currency Introduction"

LONDON, September 11 /PRNewswire/ -- This week the world's financial markets will see the first ever execution and settlement of a trade conducted in Wocus(TM) (World Currency Unit), the newly-introduced world currency. The Wocu has been developed as a derived world currency unit to allow corporations, financial institutions, governments and even individuals to trade across national boundaries and hold foreign assets with minimal risk of losses caused by exchange rate fluctuations."

With the emergence of Russia, China and India into the world markets a less volatile world currency is needed. As the Wocu is a derivative of the exchange rates of the world's top 20 currencies as measured by GDP it substantially reduces the risk factors. WDX Organisation, the company behind the Wocu, has weighted its algorithm in line with these GDPs, creating a demonstrably less volatile and totally apolitical currency unit.

This is exactly what "the nations" of the world have been calling for - a central currency that would eliminate the "sharp change in exchange rates" which "causes huge differentials, vastly complicating risk management and forward planning". Certainly worth watching.

OK, back to the EU story:

Crisis seems to be the word of the day. Financial crisis. Crisis in Gaza. Crisis in the EU. Crisis in the Gulf. Crisis everywhere.

As pointed out in the EU article above, it is typically a crisis that motivates big changes. We may be watching the inevitable evolution of the EU into the last form of "government" that will be in place during the Tribulation and at the time of Christ's return. The commentary above seems to lean towards a 10 nation alignment (rather than the other popular view of regional consolidations into 10 world unions, which I still believe is a possibility for the 10 Kings alignment).

Although not mentioned in the commentary, any time I hear a discussion of a 10 nation alignment (as fulfillment of the 10 Kings prophecy) - I can't help but glance at the Western European Union (read about it here and here).

Of course this is just one potential scenario. But it is interesting that during the process of getting the Lisbon Treaty ratified, the frustration that mounted among many of the EU countries led to several comments by WEU members that they could "go it alone" if Lisbon failed. The point here is, the concept of the 10-Member "ruling body" of the WEU has at least considered the possibility of forming a smaller alliance if the EU doesn't work out. It is not a new concept.

A crisis leads to change. Are we watching the evolution of the EU into the 10 Kings?

Possibly. If so - it brings us ever so close to the terminal part of this last generation.

We shall see.

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