Thursday, June 3, 2010

Find The Hatred

This link includes a video tape of a single high-school student peacefully carrying an Israeli flag during an anti-Israeli protest.

Just as the video's revealed the truth on the flotilla incident - this video is also symbolic and reveals where the true hatred comes from.

"Lone Jewish High School Student Faces Down Arab Mob"


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your sermon.

Mr. Herb Peters said that if the ENP(I) agreement were to be broken between the EU and Israel, it would probably occur at the semi-annual meeting of the Council of the European Union, in June 2010, which is scheduled for Thursday, 6/17/10. Conveniently, the WEU Assembly (10 permanent member nations) will hold its semi-annual plenary session 6/15-6/17 (overlapping one day, on the 17th).

For more, suggest visiting the
FP discussion board, "EU Beast/MidEast Watch" forum,
"June 2010 Calendar, Summary of Upcoming Events" thread, at .

Also, note that the "retired" Dr. Solana was the keynote speaker at the EU-NATO Relations Seminar, 6/2/10, in Spain, at which six (6) NATO officials participated, as panelists, etc.:

Scott said...

I knew Herb, and am still shocked at his untimely death. We used to email back and forth on various things.

I never believed that Solana would be the AC though - for no better reason than he just doesn't seem to fit the profile in dan 8 and Rev 13 descriptions. But I could be wrong.

FWIW - the referenced location where Resolution 666 was hammered out (and it is referenced several times in the resolution) - Petersberg - is a complex that sits on one of the 7 hills of Bern, Germany (yes, I was shocked when informed that it is considered in Germany as the city on "Seven Hills"...

But they have a lot of EU meetings in this complex (Hotel, Restaurants, etc) and Clinton has several big meetings there.

Just a weird coincidence. But very strange, and being there, where much of that resolution was agreed was bizarre.

That is very interesting information - if I forget, and you find something interesting from the meeting, please post it here.

Thanks again

God Bless