Sunday, July 25, 2021

Protests Growing Across Europe As Lockdown, Vaccination Mandates Begin:

Protesters Rage Across Europe As Lockdown, Vaccination Mandates Begin


Update (19115ET): Anti-lockdown protests kicked into high gear around the globe on Saturday, including irate Irish protesters:

Protests were worldwide today as many are fed up with elites whittling away their freedoms under the guise of COVID. 

Thousands of anti-lockdown demonstrators took to the streets of Sydney and other Australian towns on Saturday to protest new lockdown measures amid a surge of COVID-19 cases in the country.

Dozens were arrested and charged after crowds broke through barriers and clashed with officers, hurling bottles and anything they could get their hands on. 

The unmasked protesters marched from Sydney's Victoria Park to Town Hall. estimates 15,000 people took part in the march. Many chanted anti-lockdown slogans and held signs calling for "freedom" and "the truth."

Footage on social media shows thousands of demonstrators marching through Sydney's downtown area. 

The demonstrators defied restrictions on non-essential travel and mass public gatherings that could be extended through October. 

The Greater Sydney area has been locked down for a month as infections rise.  

Protesters were also seen in Melbourne and Adelaide. 

There's discontent with Australians being forced into lockdowns again as an outbreak of the delta variant began last month. 

Protests are not limited to Australia. New COVID rules have been implemented across Europe as Delta infections flare-up, which demonstrators in France and Greece recently took to the streets. The UK has even triggered widespread panicthrough a new app that notified tens of thousands of people they must quarantine for ten days because of possible exposure. 

Multiple US cities are now requiring people to wear masks indoors amid surging cases

More (videos of protests)

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this blow-back unfortunately needs to happen; Resist, push back, against ruler's of Tyranny brought on without the Elitists having precise valid Covid-19 proof for caging in the masses, IMO! They command like we are their captured rats, or as best put by reputed WEF charges themselves: Elitists believe American's, those masses around the world, are all the hackable animals to control! Elitists view populace as beneath them, as experiments, those whom survive subjected to control methods from fake shots to God knows what, all the while using Covid-19 BS as reasons for, and to, propagandize on, IMO!!!

My wording is not up to par, but it should suffice as conveying the skeptic myself. and other's are, with this evil nonsense, in my opinion!
And what ever happen to "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death"? Freedom or Slavery? We cave to this extreme show of control mechanisms from mostly quackery, we will have worst problems than any virus to beat; We won't have any businesses to run, any freedom for loved ones to hug freely, etc. Predict populace will get ugly, and too bad Trump did not enact what I thought he should of, could of, done, & too bad Military did not show us more support; Even if behind the scenes some idiot criminals HAVE been rounded up, Human-Trafficking intercepted with kids saved, if American's don't know or aren't privy to such endeavors by NOW as to what is going on to help us, then in time it will as predict, get real ugly. What is coming Could had been avoided if simple laws by right people at the right time, had been, or is now in process of being implemented, like ASAP, in my opinion!

What is everyone waiting for, more, surely not more.. blah, blah, blah, while a Governmental aspect of Organized Crime Syndicate compromised from both some Non-Elected and Elected people, make further sick plans for human-beings they deem play things to experiment with mentally, physically, and emotionally??? They are nothing but creepers with lots of money usually obtained, by being creepers, IMO!