Friday, July 30, 2021

Covid Hospitalization Numbers Inflated Again?

Are Western health officials inflating daily COVID hospitalizations

In the United States, health officials, governors, and even the president have tried everything from begging more Americans to get a COVID-19 vaccine to rewarding them with cash and prizes, and still tens of millions are refusing to do so.

Are they ‘anti-vaxxers?’ No, most aren’t. The fact is, the vast majority of those folks are kind, honest, hard-working people who have taken a look at their overall situation — personal health, personal risks, and available information — and have decided that they don’t really need to get the jab. Others have blamed a lack of candor and honesty on the part of the federal government’s health ‘experts’ and agencies.

Still, those people are being hounded relentlessly, and now the powers that be are employing a new tactic: Fear.

There is a new ‘dangerous’ variant called Delta that appears to be spreading just as fast if not faster than the original COVID strain, and while the death rates aren’t near what they were the first time around, we’re being told that the hospitalization rates are far higher and growing.

But is that true? Not if we’re to believe what’s going on in Great Britain, which, again, if true will only compound the trust issue between citizens and the officials appointed or elected to serve them, both in the UK and in the U.S.

According to leaked NHS data more than half of those hospitalized with Covid-19 in the UK only tested positive after admission to the hospital.

Over half of those hospitalized with Covid-19 in the UK only tested positive after admission – suggesting that “vast numbers are being classed as hospitalised by Covid when they were admitted with other ailments, with the virus picked up by routine testing,” according to The Telegraph, citing leaked government figures.

In other words, stats being published by the National Health Service in the UK are daily overstating ‘COVID-19’ hospitalizations so they can push the narrative that Delta is worse and more lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccines, and control are needed.

“The leaked data, covering all NHS trusts in England – show that, as of last Thursday, just 44 per cent of patients classed as being hospitalised with COVID had tested positive by the time they were admitted,” The Telegraph adds. “The majority of cases were not detected until patients underwent standard COVID tests, carried out on everyone admitted to hospital for any reason.”

Mind you, just a few days ago, the British government declared that enough of Her Majesty’s subjects were vaccinated that the government could lift all restrictions. Now, suddenly, ‘COVID is spiking’ and the threat of new restrictions looms.

All because numbers are being fudged, apparently.

“Overall, 56 per cent of Covid hospitalisations fell into this category, the data, seen by The Telegraph, show,” the paper continued. “Crucially, this group does not distinguish between those admitted because of severe illness, later found to be caused by the virus, and those in hospital for different reasons who might otherwise never have known that they had picked it up.”

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Anonymous said...

Appreciated this Article, it's so true with assessment given, IMO!! In USA, upon weighting one's health risk, lack of Gov. trust due to extreme inconsistencies about non-approved injections, and especially while allowing open borders for illegal's to actually bring diseases/viruses in, has contributed to majority of populace not wanting to be subjected to those experimental controversial injections, IMO!

Now this "Fear" based numbers, stories told, tests given, propaganda pushed by fake MSM, can not be proven, nor unproven? Never-the-less, mostly truths rise to the surface, it's proved more to be lies as reputed from actual data! Horrific side-effects silenced by MSM, yet has surfaced regardless, and desperation with no proof by Gov. mouth-piece continue; IMO all mentioned are what American's need fear, or have concerns for our reality about fake shots that don't work against any virus as it's being reputed!!!

Right now friends allowed me to read horrific stories circulating of children with illnesses hospitalized with Covid, yet NO proof? Meanwhile, we are learning the funds for Covid-19 at Hospitals end this month, some suspect new cases are conjured up to continue money flow?? NO proof, it's a children's hospital, there are tragic health issues there, but from Covid? It's not been definitively proven, just words to not be questioned. Why don't legally our Gov. and other's be made to show the proof??? Yet for this virus not ever shown to exist can't be tested for, this too has been reputed!? Many folks are skeptical, and fear propaganda is becoming many American's thinking as to what is going on! It's about Globalist's desire for money, fear, populace control, depopulation, and actually risk of allowing healthy people to perish due to what is in those non-approved non-vaccines, in my opinion!

People need to use their brain, if a real pandemic as such labeled, did truly exist, by now it's fazed out, herd immunity would be in action, OR there can't simultaneously be a pandemic with either, borders open to allow more viruses in, or if National Security hasn't beefed up thus an allowing for another Lab purposely releasing more their engineered virus to be unleashed??? Otherwise IMO, you can't have it both ways, lack of security where new virus released, or possible sick folks come freely here; Neither happens while pandemic in motion, as both would be reason for revived or new pandemic, in my opinion. Something therefore is totally off, and Government is not only over-reaching with power grabs, but over playing their hand, in my opinion; End results will be blow-back by the masses that know foul play is occurring no matter which way it's being played out,....same story again, in my opinion! Either we stop this, or new named virus pops up whenever needs to, a new pandemic that does not exist, will surface till all populace under Tyrannical powers, IMO, right? Pray the madness is seen, the masses wake up, the madmen fail!