Monday, July 26, 2021

Israel's Bennett: 'They're Endangering Us' - Why Bennett Is Suddenly Locking Horns With Non-Vaxxers

‘They’re endangering us’: Why Bennett is suddenly locking horns with non-vaxxers

[Very strange that the #1 priority of the new Israel government seems to be getting everyone vaccinated, especially in the
younger population who has a 0.005 chance of serious infection. Very interesting.]

For weeks, the sense in government was of having hit something of a vaccination glass ceiling. Now suddenly, the prime minister is pushing hard for many more Israelis to roll up their sleeves. Why the change?

Naftali Bennett surprised the public on Thursday with his sharply worded comments.

Those who don’t vaccinate “are endangering their health, those around them, and the freedom of every Israeli citizen,” he said, with a firmness that has been mostly absent from elected officials’ discourse throughout the pandemic.

“Every citizen over age 12 who doesn’t have a medical reason not to must go get vaccinated,” he said.

“One million Israelis are refusing to get vaccinated,” Bennett continued. “They are endangering the entire population, they are endangering the other eight million citizens in the country.” Again on Sunday, he urged vaccination.

It’s unknown exactly what prompted Bennett’s change of pitch, but it’s now clear that an influential Hebrew University expert panel has urged the government both to reinstitute the Green Pass — which happened — and to start once again fighting to get people vaccinated.

“About half the unvaccinated need to join the pool of inoculated people to really make a difference,” Prof. Nadav Katz, the statistics expert on the team said, explaining that his calculations aim at bringing the transmission rate, currently 1.4, under 1.

That rate, or R number, is the average number of people a sick person infects. Forcing it under zero makes the caseload shrink, not grow.

Katz said: “The Green Pass is definitely a positive move, and we believe that if if a few hundred thousand join the pool it will bring the R number under one.”

For weeks, there have been medical voices calling for a push to inoculate 200,000 elderly Israelis who are still unvaccinated, as they are the most vulnerable to serious illness.

Katz’s team echoes this call, but also, observing current infection patterns, puts heavy emphasis on persuading younger people to vaccinate. The objective is to stop coronavirus spread, which the team believes is faster than anticipated.

“Today, most of the spread or the excess spread that is pushing the R [number] above one is coming from younger populations, aged 12 to 40, who are not vaccinated. We have been analyzing what exactly is pushing the R higher, and this seems to be the main factor,” Katz said.

Bennett, in his speech, singled out the 12-30 age group for attention, noting that there are some 600,000 unvaccinated people in that age range.

Katz’s group wrote in a report that was shared with government that a vaccination push for that age group could be key in helping to ensure that “the opening of the new school year happens as planned” on September 1.


Alice said...

Scott, isn’t it stunning and the epitome of irony that Israel is leading the way with the “show us your papers” plan?

And so very predictable that here in the US that the un-inoculated are being blamed for the “delta variant”. What a joke. A horrific joke. So very thankful for God’s perfect plan to rescue the Bride of Jesus!!!

A little plug here. Stew Peters is a brave, Christian podcaster who is bringing so much to light - especially w regard to the jab. You can find him on Telegram and Rumble. Specifically his follow-up interview with Dr. David Martin was amazing. It was a follow up to Dr. David Martin on Reiner Fuellmich’s show. It’s on bitchute.

Scott said...

I keep trying to find the right words for all of this....Stunning? Surreal? Bizarre? Dreamlike? Its hard because the magnitude of the changes is so swift and so dramatic. I agree on Stew Peters and have seen both of those videos..Very informative and accurate. It can't be much longer based on the rate of change - which will accelerate even more as birth pains progress

Anonymous said...

As Article informs us, Blaming those that refuse those experimental injections is now their ammo? NO, in my opinion, either it's the shot seems to be not working, shots not lasting, or could we surmise, it's all mentioned included being, those genetic BS shots gives people Covid, looking like it IMO???

Duh, if shots worked, non-vaccinated could not, nor would not, give any virus, and duh again, (being silly, can't help it), it's hard to give a virus if ya don't have said virus, even due to our majority now has resistance built up like always happens; This never should had been called Pandemic, but they cooked the books with numbers it's been reputed, and if so, now how low could those we were to trust go??? Trust is out the window when deception is of this extreme, this destructive on purpose to the healthy, ruined livelihood's, freedoms in peril, and all for other's to control populace before they are ousted by the masses when they ALL wake up??? Pray masses wake up, rise up, and belly up, and it's up, up, and away............

No one with brains trust them, and Orwellian double-talk for blame is lame, so here again, use brain God gave us, and we know the truth, right? Oh, has anyone ever heard of Con Artists? This is what those mouth-pieces are, in my opinion!