Monday, July 26, 2021

Canadian Government Mailing 'Vaccine Postcards' To Homes

Canada Gov't Mailing Vaccine Propaganda to *Every* Home

The government of Canada is mailing vaccine propaganda postcards to almost *EVERY* home in the country.  The postcards contain gross misrepresentations about safety and effectiveness.  Lies by omission!

Canadians who listen to the Hal Turner Radio Show on Global High Frequency radio stations WBCQ and WRMI, have begun sending photos of postcards they're receiving from the Canadian government about the COVID-19 "vaccines."   The Postcards are in English on one side, and in French on the other side.  Here:

This is what real, actual PROPAGANDA looks like.

First misrepresentation . . . "The vaccines are safe."  It goes on to say "The vaccines have been studied for over a year now and hundreds of millions of people have already been vaccinated."

In the United States alone, at least nine-thousand, forty-eight (9,048) people have DIED from this "safe" vaccine, and there is new information coming out this weekend indicating the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is intentionally concealing at least six-thousand more deaths. 

In fact, court records filed in the United States District Court in Alabama, claim FORTY-FIVE-THOUSAND (45,000) Deaths (Story Here). No other "vaccine" in the history of the world, has killed so many people.

Moreover, these vaccines are alleged to have already caused over 450,000 serious injuries, some of them apparently PERMANENT in people who took the shot.  No other vaccine in the history of the world has had as many adverse reactions . . . ever.

Second misrepresentation . . . "The vaccines are effective."  It goes on to say "They work with your body's natural defenses to develop protection against COVID-19."  This is flatly disproven by the admission just this week that over 8700 vaccinated people in New York State alone, have been confirmed to have become infected with COVID-19.  

Not only have they become infected, they can spread it to other people!

What good is a vaccine that kills thousands, injures tens of thousands more, and allows those who take it to get sick anyway?

The outright propaganda being used by the Canadian Government in these mailers ought to be criminal.   On their face, these mailers appear to me to be FALSE ADVERTISING.

Beware this propaganda effort.  Do your own research.  

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