Saturday, July 31, 2021

Delta Variant vs Vaccine Related Adverse Events

Is The Delta Variant Is Being Used to Hide the Real Casualty Numbers of the Covid Vaccine?

Dave Hodges 

I recently interviewed a very courageous, honest, and Christian attorney from Ohio. His name is Tom Renz. Like myself, Mr. Renz is a one-man-show. Yet, this almost self-deprecating and humble God’s servant is spearheading what may one day be considered the most important lawsuit in American history!

Tom Renz is risking life, limb and career to represent what has become known as the Frontline Doctors. TO LISTEN TO THIS GROUND-BREAKING INTERVIEW WITH TOM RENZ, CLICK HERE


The vaccines for COVID are a dangerous experiment that may end up causing more damage than they prevent. The vaccines have not had ANY long-term safety studies and there is NO evidence that they are effective against variants. There have been unprecedented numbers of short-term side effects and yet they continue to be pushed by Dr. Fauci and his crew who happen to co-own the intellectual property rights on them….


0-19   YEARS     99.997%
20-49 YEARS     99.98%
50-69 YEARS     99.5%
70+    YEARS     94.6%

The chart, listed above from none other than the CDC makes the Frontline Doctors claim that no child should be vaccinated, ever! 

During the course of our interview, Mr. Renz and myself explored why the CDC would recommend treatment for a virtual non-event, medically speaking. On the journey of understanding the CDC’s rationale, from Mr. Renz, we both put forward the following:

  1. Mr. Renz and myself concur that the coronavirus is not natural. It is possible to trace the evolution of the virus and it will show the artificial manipulation of the virus into a bioweapon. I contend that the bioweapon was developed by the CHICOMS, in the Wuhan lab with the help of Democratic Party and Deep State operative, Anthony Fauci, in the manner described and revealed by Dr. Rand Paul in recent Congressional hearings. When we reduce these events to a lowest common denominator, the release of this bioweapon was, at least in part, designed to cause a change in how Americans vote. The major change was in the absentee ballots. Without these fraudulent ballots, Biden could never have generated enough fake votes to steal the election. Fauci, the CHICOMS, the Democratic Party and other unknown co-conspirators have the blood of millions of human beings on their hands. To say that Fauci is a modern-day Dr. Mengele, would be a gross understatement! 
  2. From his investigation leading up to legal discovery, Mr. Renz has concluded that in order to greatly inflate the covid numbers, thus acting as a force-multiplier, the government paid health officials needed to use a test which would greatly exaggerate the number of positive covid diagnosis. Later in this article, the fraud behind covid testing will be reviewed from publications made by myself on the CSS in April/May of 2020. In short, the FDA did not require third party validation of the efficacy of the PCR test in 2020. The FDA used as the excuse to pardon the lack of scientific rigor in diagnosing covid-19, that there was not time to do validation given the emergency nature of the pandemic. The reason does not matter. If there is no test for validity, there is no test for covid.  I have previously taught research and statistics at college, university and post-graduate level, and in none of my courses would a student have survived my midterm exam with this kind of shoddy, unscientific approach. Third party validation is the cornerstone of all medical testing. Why would these well-trained FDA professionals apply the scientific rigor of a third-grader? Read on, the answer will be obvious.
  3. Isn’t it interesting that the FDA just recently decertified the PCR test, a test that they never certified from a scientific point of view? What does this mean? This means that there has never been a test that could accurately identify and isolate covid-19. But wait, it gets worse. Nationally, the flu all but disappeared in 2020. Why? It has now been discovered that the PCR is so broad in the spectrum of its analysis, that any virus in the body would test positive for covid including the flu. And the federal government paid for this deceptive brand of voodoo science in order to instill fear in the public, in order gain widespread acceptance of the citizens to accept the abrogation of Constitutional rights in the name of fighting this imaginary pandemic. In order to perpetrate this fraud upon the public, the federal government paid for a questionable diagnosis of covid-19. To add insult to injury in the bastardization of the scientific process, the federal government furthered incentivized fraud by paying more for a covid-19 cause of death in final autopsy reports. Literally, people who have died from head trauma in a car accident, were determined to have died from covid-19 if the broad spectrum flawed testing revealed that covid-19 was in the deceased person’s system at the time of death.
  4. Why was this done? Both Mr. Renz and myself believe that this was done to pave the way for an untested and very dangerous vaccine that is killing people in great numbers. 
  5. As we continue down the rabbit hole, Mr. Renz has discovered that most of the people dying today from the effects of the virus are fully vaccinated. Estimate range as high as 85%. Even in Israel, 85% of the viral deaths are people who were fully vaccinated. 
  6. Enter the so-called Delta variant. First, please allow me to say that there is very likely a mutation that has arisen out of covid-19. However, almost all variants are more contagious, yet far less harmful in terms of lethality. THERE IS AN IMPORTANT QUESTION THAT BEGS TO BE ASKED: IF THERE IS PRESENTLY NO TEST TO DIAGNOSE COVID-19 AND ANY VARIANTS, GIVEN THE FDA’S DECERTIFICATION OF THE PCR TEST, HOW DOES THE CDC KNOW THAT THE SO-CALLED DELTA VARIANT IS SWEEPING THROUGH THE POPULATION AND IT POSES A GRAVE THREAT TO AMERICA? The answer that both Mr. Renz and myself would agree with is there is no readily available test to make such a diagnosis. Again, America is being put into a state of fear and panic so the public will accept lockdown 2.0. Mr. Renz and I both conclude that what we are seeing in hospital emergency rooms and hospitals, in general, is not primarily any Delta variant, it a severe reaction to the vaccine in the fully vaccinated.
  7. From my personal perspective, the reason for a second lockdown is necessary because the public is slowly awakening to the Marxist-Communist-based treachery of the Biden administration whose clear goal is to destroy the country in its present form. They need to maintain the post-pandemic means to steal an election because no citizen in their right mind would ever vote for their own self-destruction. Without free and valid elections, there is no America. A lockdowned nation will not force election reform and decertify criminal election practices. By the way, with pressure being applied by myself and others, the Maricopa County Election Audit has reversed course from State Senator Fann’s ineffective leadership and has issued new subpoenas to Dominion and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. In response, because we are now getting to closed to the truth, the twitter account of the audit team was just suspended in order to keep the public in the dark. This is exactly what Tom Renz and the Frontline Doctors are fighting against. The strategy of the Left is always the same. Vilify and censor the truth of those that would expose wrongdoing both in the lack of efficacy and safety in vaccines and the lack of integrity in the treatment for the greatly exaggerated covid19 where maximizing vaccine profits is the goal.

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