Monday, July 26, 2021

French Parliament Approves Law: Covid 'Health Pass' Required For Restaurants and Domestic Travel (planes, trains)

French parliament OKs COVID pass for restaurants, planes and trains, vaccine rules

Associated Press

Both measures have prompted protests and political tensions. President Emmanuel Macron and his government say they are needed to protect vulnerable populations and hospitals as infections rebound and to avoid new lockdowns.

The law requires all workers in the health care sector to start getting vaccinated by Sept. 15, or risk suspension. It also requires a “health pass” to enter all restaurants, trains, planes and some other public venues. It initially applies to all adults, but will apply to everyone 12 and older starting Sept. 30.

To get the pass, people must have proof they are fully vaccinated, recently tested negative or recently recovered from the virus. Paper or digital documents will be accepted. The law says a government decree will outline how to handle vaccination documents from other countries.

The bill was unveiled just six days ago. Lawmakers worked through the night and the weekend to reach a compromise version approved by the Senate on Sunday night and by the National Assembly after midnight. The rules can be applied through Nov. 15, depending on the virus situation.

Macron appealed for national unity and mass vaccination to fight the resurgent virus, and lashed out at those fueling anti-vaccine sentiment and protests.

About 160,000 people protested around France on Saturday against a special COVID-19 pass for restaurants and mandatory vaccinations for health workers. Many marchers shouted “liberty!” and said the government shouldn’t tell them what to do.

Visiting a hospital in French Polynesia afterward, Macron urged national unity and asked, “What is your freedom worth if you say to me ‘I don’t want to be vaccinated,’ but tomorrow you infect your father, your mother or myself?”

He criticized “people who are in the business of irrational, sometimes cynical, manipulative mobilization” against vaccination. Among those organizing the protests have been far-right politicians and extremist members of France’s yellow vest movement tapping into anger at Macron’s government.

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Anonymous said...

Why would you vaccinate with a non-approved Genetic Therapy Experimental injection upon those valuing their quality of life, and not wanting to risk health issues from this non-proven virus plus non-proven shots that Governments want so much they are creeper's about it In my opinion, yikes!????

Those pushing Fear are our concern as to asking why, more than their propaganda as to asking why, and with NO solid evidence backing their rush to jab, in my opinion! They are culprit's for crimes against humanity in need for investigations, and have to be ousted, punished with charges for their lies, in my opinion!

The masses have not been told the whole truth about why Governments want folks jabbed, but as long as human-beings live and die, they will use a virus as how folks died, IMO it's big fat liar's pushing this, but not because they care, but rather because they don't care at all, they want CONTROL is the bottom-line!~ Passports are so stupid if a person has a passport & then comes down with flu symptoms always called Covid each time, to prove an unproven, always through deception with pure lies, in my opinion.

We are seeing dumb and dumber by those in Governments that can't let go of this ruse to goose us into submission, threaten our freedoms, threaten our rights, threaten to kill us even, and IMO this occurred when medicines that could of helped immune compromised folks were denied help, and yep, they died as tis reputed, in my opinion. EVIL equals Stupid, IMO! We were suppose to believe how President Kennedy died, believe how drugs in cities are still flourishing with ALL Agencies/CIA especially, to stop it, believe 9/11 & who involved, believe 2007/2008 crash bowing to who benefited while populace floundered, and much more; Now if we believe this Covid blackmail/extortion of our Freedoms to do as they demand, if masses give in, we deserve to loose it all, and will, in my opinion. It won't stop there! USA finally helped in stopping Hitler, he lives in those trying this ruse today, right here even in America, so like, who stops them now?

Pray this nonsense dies on the vine, fails miserable, Laws over-ride stupidity, and Puck their Tyrannical pushes for their evil intent, in my opinion. It's diversion, we better be looking at what is going on, super inflation, and much more to create an undercurrent to pull down our foundation which freedom is based on. Dang, it's such a waste of precious time to visit Communist trying their insanity on populace yet again in History, where is the love?

Keep the Faith, Hope, Love, God, in our hearts as testing time is here, and no it's not bogus Covid Tests, it's Spiritual Warfare Testing, in my opinion! God is standing behind us for what is right too, God will not forsake us, obviously Government will!!!! (:
Serving the populace is what Government is to do, we dictate to them what is in our best interest, especially when they try enforcing mandates without proof, seriously??? Hey American's don't even know where all monies go to Gov. puts into projects where we don't see the results??? Where is the beef??? We need to go back to the good old times as the song goes! Trusting God, one will realize when your lied to!