Monday, June 14, 2021

Steve Daniels Arrested At Arizona Rally For Public Speaking

Patriot Steve Daniels is Unlawfully Arrested at Arizona Rally – 1st Amendment Violation

On Wednesday at the Chandler, Arizona school board meeting, patriot Steve Daniels was unlawfully arrested while peacefully protesting critical race theory curriculum, masking of children, and barring parents from public meetings.

Daniels posted a live stream to his Facebook page, where an officer asks him, “Can I ask you if would mind standing over here, so we can clear a path for you? I’m not going to ask you to stop doing anything else.” This was 35 minutes into the video.

Daniels submitted to his request and began to speak about the current state of our nation and the suppression of our voices.

At 37 minutes, police grabbed Steve Daniels and promptly arrested him. 

Steve’s full live stream can be found at:

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