Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Heartbreaking: 12-Year-Old Wheelchair Bound Following Vaccine

Twelve year-old girl in wheelchair after Pfizer Vaccine Trial… Mother in tears…

Twelve year-old Maddie was enrolled in the Pfizer vaccine clinical trial. She’s now in a wheelchair, has an NG tube, and is suffering from severe memory loss, along with many other issues.Full video is here…

[Sadly, there are thousands of these stories around the world] 

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Anonymous said...

In Response to those experimented on in video:

Because Covid-19 had no definitive sound evidence, soundbites kept changing what Covid-19 did, while their inserted politic's, political Agenda's from our own Government with their questionable connections to Fauci, WHO, even CCP IMO, many won't take genetically modified shots masked as a vaccine, in my opinion!!! Lock-downs biggest ruse ever IMO, that there was a clue to be wary, along with passports talked about, made so many American's very skeptical to true intentions with this Covid CCP sent; CCP have sent Covid, viruses variants, for last twenty years reputed! Awe, this one was used for placed mandates in effect yet acted like laws, but they were Unconstitutionally implemented, yet many folks followed piped piper quack Fauci, IMO!???

Knowing those shots ARE an Experimental DRUG given, as reputed, in my opinion; There is NO way many of us out here thus far, will risk experimental shots! Covid never was feared by many folks while keeping healthy along the way. Most never had any Covid, we heard lies about positive test not true, about Covid deaths not true, as reputed! Believe it, many have an immunity built up IMO, contrary to what Fauci said could take place, and many realize health preventive measures, though not always a sure bet, has been the difference we believe, many folks avoiding contracting this diabolical sent virus Covid-19, IMO! Praying helps too, but the non-believer's can't accept this! Propaganda lies, masses accept easier, this needs to change, hope they learned the lesson here!

Nova-shots reputedly soon might be available without the genetic BS in it, and if examined as safe, is believable of course, then this might be an answer for those cautious with those telling us lies after lies to curb our Freedoms UN-Constitutionally, in my opinion!! IMO, American Citizen's need to hear from our Intel Agencies as to what was done to us, how they will prevent this Germ Warfare in the near future, and how they plan to improve failures that allowed this in the first place???? Also, IF they are trying catching those criminals involved with this sent virus, what is happening to catch them, prosecute, and sentence those involved?

Intel says they are Concerned about UFO's, Cyber Warfare, Spies within along with Gov. Traitor's, Terrorist Plots with EMP, Hyper-sonic Missiles, Build-ups in our Seas by Russia & China, so like, duh...what about sent Germ-Warfare by those NOW beating their War Drums simultaneously while we all been down for the count spinning this Covid-19 nasty far too long???? Something is way off here, look in all directions, because we might be missing the big picture here, in my opinion! Someone is testing the waters, both figuratively, and literally!!!! Populace is way over stupid out there! Someone did not play fair, and now, everyone is going all which ways. Perhaps,
standing back and look closer, then it all will fall into place what took place????