Monday, June 28, 2021

Sydney Enters Lockdown Due To 100 Cases

Sydney Enters 2-Week Lockdown As Closed Border Fails To Keep "Delta" Out Of Australia


Australia's brief lockdown of Melbourne and the surrounding Victoria state ended three weeks ago, but now a new outbreak has emerged in Sydney, inspiring the Australian government to impose a new lockdown covering the remote island country's most populous city.

In other news, restrictions in Australia's Northern Territory will be extended by 3 days - through the middle of this week - after another new case of was discovered in Darwin, the capital city of the territory. The lockdown restrictions also apply to Palmerston and Litchfield.

As with other outbreaks, Australian authorities have confirmed that the Delta variant is responsible for most of the new cases, which are rapidly nearing 100, while cases of the Delta variant in the country have now reached triple digits. According to the latest report from the government of New South Wales, the state where Sydney is situated, there are at least 130 "active local cases" in the Australian state, as of 2000 local time Sunday, June 27.

The website notes: "Active cases are defined as people who have tested positive for COVID-19, are in isolation and are being clinically monitored by NSW Health. A person will no longer be an active case when they are clinically released from isolation."

The NSW government website orders everyone in the Greater Sydney area to "stay home unless you have a reasonable excuse," as outlined at the website. These restrictions will be in place for at least two weeks.

"From 6pm [local time] on Saturday 26 June 2021, if you have been in Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour for any reason since Monday 21 June 2021, you must follow the stay-at-home rules and must continue to follow them for 14 days after you were last in Greater Sydney."

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Anonymous said...

NO that is NO one has died from the virus this year in Australia, several people have died from the vaccine. The government has just mandated the vaccine for some workers NO jab, NO job.
This whole vaccine thing is following Hitlers guidebook.