Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Theater: Videos Tell The Story

(VIDEO) Hilarious Illustration Of The Propaganda Of Mask Mandates...Camera ON – Mask On, Camera Off – Mask Off, The Covid Deception Continues

In the videos featured below, when the cameras are rolling, everyone appears to be mask compliant. When the cameras are (believed to be) off, it becomes obvious that the masks are nothing more than theater for public consumption. Can’t let the unwashed masses know the truth; that a room full of strangers feel safe at close proximity to one another, without (gasp) masks!

Alas, the French are not the only ones caught with their masks down. Back in June of 2020, Phony Fauci, Godfather of the mask mafia, removes his to the chin position when he thinks cameras are no longer rolling:

As  conservative podcaster Wayne Dupree questioned on his political site, “If it’s important enough to keep the mask on when cameras are rolling, why would that “urgency” change suddenly when the cameras are off?”

The answer to Mr. Dupree’s question is, of course, optics

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