Friday, June 4, 2021

Chinese Virologist Says Fauci Emails Support What She Has Been Saying About Wuhan Lab

Chinese virologist who was among first to tout Wuhan lab theory says Fauci's emails back up what she's been saying all along

  •  Dr. Li-Meng Yan - who was among the first people to tout the Wuhan lab theory - said in her latest report COVID-19 is 'an unrestricted bioweapon' 
  • She said the Chinese government and 'certain overseas scientists and organizations' covered it up
  •  In an interview on Newsmax Wednesday night, Yan referenced a February 1, 2020 exchange from Fauci's email dump with one of his direct reports
  • Dr. Hugh Auchincloss wrote in email to Fauci that the 'experiments were performed before the gain of function pause but have since been reviewed and approved by NIH (National Institutes of Health)'
  • Yan's work has been heavily scrutinized, criticized and said to be 'deeply flawed' by other leading scientists
  • Fauci said multiple times in interviews over the last two days he still believes the coronavirus origin jumped species; not from a lab leak 

A Chinese virologist who was among the first people to suggest that coronavirus leaked from a lab has accused Anthony Fauci and top scientists of covering the leak up. 

Dr Li-Meng Jan claims coronavirus is a bioweapon and accuses Dr. Anthony Fauci of being among scientists and organizations who knew about it and tried to hide it.  

There are growing calls across the world for claims that coronavirus accidentally leaked from the lab in Wuhan to be taken seriously after US intelligence agencies launched an investigation. 

But a Wednesday night interview on Newsmax, Dr. Li-Meng Yan said Fauci's emails, which were published by Buzzfeed and the Washington Post on Tuesday, proved he knew about the Chinese gain of function research before the pandemic started.

They showed leading virus experts warning Fauci that COVID-19 may have been created in a lab while he publicly played such claims down. 

'These people knew what happened, but they chose to hide for the Chinese Communist Party and their own benefits,' Yan said. 

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Now what will be done to all parties involved in this attack on USA?