Friday, June 11, 2021

China Issues Deadliest Warning Yet To U.S.

Beijing issues deadliest war warning yet as China declares it is now 'ready to defeat' US

The editorial also read that the People's Liberation Army "doesn't even need to make pointed responses to the joint drills since its insignificant militarily".

Former UK MP George Galloway told RT that this would prompt an increase in military preparedness from China.

He said: "What a spur this must be to China's own warship development.

The week-long drills sees troops training in activities such as simulated urban combat, as well as defending remote islands and intercepting vessels at sea.

The drills are designed to send a message to an increasingly expansionist and aggressive China.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe all of CCP's recent rattle sabers is due to, they know we ALL know, the evil they did to the world with their pucking Covid-19 germ-warfare attack, in my opinion?
So, they got the first punch in, and now want a knock down before action on them is given? Shut them up, if implemented, there are a number of actions the USA could take to send them back a hundred years, in my opinion. Now, if present Administration is not up to the task, we need Military to lead on their own, if they don't, and this is not CCP just posturing cause they are guilty of already attacking us, in my opinion, then it's my take, USA might have a bit of a problem, right? Prayers help....

And the beat goes on, and on, and on.......drum beats that is!!!