Sunday, June 13, 2021

Canada To Have Mail-In Vote

Now It’s A Mail-In Vote For Canada To Keep Voters Safe From Pandemic

When will government-imposed Lockdowns come to an end in Canada?

Not long after incumbent Liberals, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau self-elect via a first time Canadian Election Mail-In Vote.

Five million Canadian mail-in ballots for a federal election pundits insist is imminent are already waiting to be printed. (Post Millennial, June 11, 2021)

 Canadian Liberals—with little to no resistance from the Erin O’Toole-led Conservatives—the Liberals are imposing a Mail-In vote to keep voters safe from falling ill with COVID-19.


“Canadians deserve to have full confidence in their ability to exercise their democratic rights safely in these unprecedented times,” a statement from Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Minister Dominic LeBlanc reads. (Post Millennial)

“This will ensure the health and safety of voters, election workers and all participants in Canada’s electoral system. By introducing these temporary amendments, Elections Canada will be able to offer more ways for Canadians to vote during a pandemic. I look forward to working with my parliamentary colleagues to deliver our shared goal of a free, fair and safe election,” LeBlanc continued.”

Doesn’t Elections Canada being able to “offer more ways for Canadians to vote during a pandemic”  mean more pandemics are on the way—particularly at Election time?

Sure looks like it!

“We had to literally photocopy pieces of a driver’s license and medicare card to show residency and mail it to my chief returning officer in my constituency at which point he returned by mail to me the voting kit,” said LeBlanc.

“It struck me that if you were a senior citizen, and I was lucky that I had people that could help me get the paperwork done, I think we can collectively think of ways to make it more accessible but still secure,” said LeBlanc.

A President of the Privy Council needed help in getting his paperwork done?

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