Sunday, June 13, 2021

Bennett Heckled As Knesset Begins Session To Confirm New Government

Bennett heckled incessantly as Knesset begins session to confirm new government

The Times of Israel is liveblogging Sunday’s events as they happen, with the Knesset set to vote in Israel’s 36th Government.

Bennett booms over hecklers: Time to stop this madness

Likud and Haredi MKs continue to shout at Bennett that he is “a criminal” and a “liar” as Bennett raises his voice to talk over them.

He says the MKs are providing proof for the urgent need to bring back decency and unity to Israeli politics.

“I am proud of the ability to sit with people with very different opinions,” he booms. “At the decisive moment we took responsibility.”

The alternative to this government was more elections, more hate, which would have broken up the country, he says.

“It is time for responsible leaders from different parts of the nation to stop this madness,” he says.

Bennett: Divide has led us to a storm of hatred

Reacting to the ongoing shouting in parliament, Bennett says: “We are facing an internal challenge, a divide in the people that is being seen at these very moments.”

That divide “has led us to a storm of hatred and a clash of brothers, to the country being paralyzed.”

He speaks of various social and regulatory reforms his government plans to enact, on legal, social and religious matters.

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