Sunday, June 6, 2021

A New Totalitarian 'Normal' Has Arrived:

CJ Hopkins: Covidian Push Toward A New Totalitarian 'Normal'


C.J. Hopkins is an American playwright and author living in Berlin and a self-described “creature of the left.” Over the past year and a half, Hopkins has been increasingly concerned about long-term implications of what he deemed the “radical restructuring of human society” toward a post-COVID “New Normal,” a term often used by the political class.

“I’m a free speech advocate, against racism, discrimination – anti-authoritarian, basically. And watching our societies transform into this type of authoritarianism, and I go so far as to call it nascent totalitarianism, is horrifying,” Hopkins said in an interview with Fox News.

This “global capitalist ideology” he described, or “GloboCap” as he’s taken to calling it in his writings, is an ideologically monolithic global-capitalist societal structure. Essentially, a ruling class made up of globalist oligarchs.

He claimed the demonization of Trump during his four years in office was this ruling class “reminding us who’s in charge and what happens if we elect unauthorized presidents who haven’t been approved by the system.”

According to Hopkins, this push toward a post-COVID “New Normal” society in which people are willing to lockdown in their homes when told, wear masks when asked, and carry around their COVID-19 vaccination cards in order to be allowed into public spaces is a continuation of the invisible ruling class asserting its dominance.

“One thing that I’ve been saying to try to get through to people,” said Hopkins, “is just the whole idea of lockdowns. ‘Lockdown,’ this is a prison term, right? And when do you lock down the prison? When the prisoners are rioting and getting rebellious. It’s a way of reminding everyone, ‘Hey, you’re in prison and we’re in charge.'”

“It isn’t really about the vaccines or the tests,” he said in regards to newly implemented guidelines.

“What it’s about is training us, conditioning us to live in a society where we accept this type of control.”

Another aspect of this “synchronization of culture,” as Hopkins called it, and which he finds particularly terrifying is the ideological uniformity being spread by “big supranational entities and corporate media” on behalf of the establishment.

“It’s tearing societies apart, it’s tearing relationships apart, it’s tearing families apart, this extreme polarization and intolerance of dissent and differing views,” he said.

“I feel like if I start questioning or challenging the official COVID narrative, if I start pointing out facts, I’m treated like a suppressive person in the Church of Scientology.”

“The reaction is not one of strong disagreement, anger or to prove me wrong,” he continued.

“The reaction is to shut me up, silence me and make me go away. When a society gets to that place, where dissent is treated that way, that is a really dangerous development.”

Hopkins compared the “suffocating” atmosphere in Berlin to a German word, Gleichschaltung, which arose in the Nazi era and was used to describe the process by which Nazi Germany established a system of totalitarian control over the individual, as well as close coordination of all aspects of society.

“I’m an artist and 99% of the art world has just gone completely ‘New Normal,’” he said, admitting many of his personal relationships have been ruined by him sharing his unpopular opinions.

“Most often I get attacked by folks on the left and liberals who are now telling me that I’m some kind of far-right extremist, but I haven’t changed.”

For Hopkins, remaining silent and falling into line is no longer an option.

“There are some times in history when you need to put those types of career considerations and personal considerations aside because the stakes are that high, and I feel like the stakes are that high this time.”

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Anonymous said...

Great Article, much appreciated. The stakes are high, agreed, only foolish people will label someone expressing truths versus deceptions, as Far-Right,
Extremists, and who cares what those "Fools" say, they are not part of any solutions, in my opinion; Most American's want truths, Freedoms, laws enforced on Tyrants, and won't be silenced by mere fools, IMO!!