Sunday, May 9, 2021

Protests Take Place Outside Israeli Embassy In Jordan, IDF Deploys 3 Additional Battalions To The West Bank

Hundreds protest outside Israeli embassy in Jordan over Jerusalem evictions

The Times of Israel is liveblogging Sunday’s events as they happen.

Hundreds of Jordanians protest the pending eviction of Palestinian families from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in front of the Israeli embassy in Amman.

Over seventy Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are set to be evicted in the coming weeks, to be replaced by right-wing Jewish Israelis. The Palestinians live in houses built on land courts say was owned by Jewish religious associations before the establishment of Israel 1948

IDF deploys 3 additional battalions to the West Bank

The Israel Defense Forces has deployed an additional three battalions to the West Bank on Sunday as it seeks to curb the growing violence in the area, the military says.

These reinforcements — units that were originally meant to be in training — are on top of the additional four battalions already sent to the West Bank since the start of the month of Ramadan in April.

The military says the additional troops are specifically meant to be deployed along the border between the West Bank and Israel.

The decision was made by IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi after he visited the West Bank this morning, meeting with local commanders and with Border Police officers who described a recent shooting attack against them in the West Bank, in which three Palestinian gunmen, who had been stopped as they attempted to travel into Israel illegally, opened fire at them with makeshift machine guns. The border guards and IDF troops returned fire, killing two of the men and critically wounding the third.

“Thanks to the soldiers here and especially the Border Police officers, a terror attack was prevented. The soldiers’ finger that squeezed the trigger prevented a terror attack that could have had an impact on the situation in the entire country,” Kohavi says.

Blast reported on oil tanker off Syrian coast

An explosion is reported on an oil tanker off Syria’s coast.

A radio station affiliated with the Assad regime claims the blast occurred while the ship was being fixed after a fire broke out onboard several days ago, according to the Kan public broadcaster.

Netanyahu on Jerusalem: ‘We’ll safeguard freedom of worship,’ continue to build

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu weighs in on the recent tensions in Jerusalem at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting.

“The pressures not to build in Jerusalem have been growing recently. We also clarify to our best friends that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and we’ll continue to build in it,” he says. “We’ll safeguard freedom of worship in Jerusalem but we won’t allow rioting.”

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