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America's Frontline Doctors Sue Federal Gov't To Prevent Forced Experimental Covid Vaccine In Children

America’s Frontline Doctors Sue The Federal Government To Prevent Forcing Experimental COVID Vaccines On US Children

We’ve reported on this group before, once when they encouraged America’s airlines to remain free and not put COVID requirements on their passengers.

The doctors spoke out about COVID before as well: “Mandates for Experimental Therapies are Neither Permissible Nor Advisable”.

Below is a PDF from America’s Frontline Doctors currently found on their site discussing – TEN MEDICAL FACTS REGARDING THE COVID-19 EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES:

AFLDS 10 Facts Experimental… by Thom Richardson

A couple of days ago (on May 20), these courageous doctors sued the US federal government and asked for a temporary restraining order to prevent administering the COVID vaccines on children.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) today filed a motion in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama requesting a temporary restraining order against the emergency use authorization (EUA) permitting using the COVID-19 vaccines in children under the age of 16, and that no further expansion of the EUAs to children under the age of 16 be granted prior to the resolution of these issues at trial.

The case will challenge the EUAs for the injections on several counts, based on the law and scientific evidence that the EUAs should never have been granted, the EUAs should be revoked immediately, the injections are dangerous biological agents that have the potential to cause substantially greater harm than the COVID-19 disease itself, and that numerous laws have been broken in the process of granting these EUAs and foisting these injections on the American people.

AFLDS Founder Dr. Simone Gold spoke about the reasons for filing the motion:

“We doctors are pro-vaccine, but this is not a vaccine,” she said. “This is an experimental biological agent whose harms are well-documented (although suppressed and censored) and growing rapidly, and we will not support using America’s children as guinea pigs.”

Below is the motion:

David McLoone

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed a citizen petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to immediately overturn the emergency use authorization (EUA) granted to currently available COVID vaccines and to stop the jabs from receiving a full licence.

Kennedy, also CHD’s chief legal counsel, filed the petition on May 16 in conjunction with medical doctor and vaccine expert Dr. Meryl Nass on behalf of CHD. The petition makes a number of requests from the FDA beside revoking EUAs for COVID vaccines, including a request to “refrain from allowing minors to participate in COVID vaccine trials … and immediately revoke all EUAs that permit vaccination of children under 16 for the Pfizer vaccine and under 18 for other COVID vaccines.”

CHD’s plea also states that, even before the EUAs are revoked, “FDA should issue guidance that all marketing and promotion of COVID vaccines must refrain from labeling them ‘safe and effective,’ as such statements violate 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3.”

An accompanying press release noted a discrepancy in the treatment by the FDA of the newly developed COVID vaccines and that of the 1976 swine flu vaccine. The latter drug was “abruptly” removed from the market “following approximately 30 reported deaths and 400 cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome,” according to the statement.

Conversely, COVID vaccines have a combined injury report of more than 200,000 adverse events and 4,201 deaths as of May 14. CHD’s petition acknowledged that the swine flu vaccine deaths of 1976 were “out of 40-45 million vaccinees,” making the current COVID vaccine death toll “more than 50 times higher than that which ended the swine flu vaccine campaign.”

CHD pointed to an entry in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal that concluded: “In 1976, the federal government wisely opted to put protection of the public first” by halting the swine flu vaccine rollout. Accordingly, CHD contends that the “FDA should learn from this past experience and again put protection of the public first,” adding, “It is imperative that the FDA swiftly take action to authorize alternative treatments.”

The petition notes the FDA’s own criteria that “no adequate, approved, and available alternatives” for treating the condition in question must exist for the EUA award to be licit. CHD claims that these criteria have not been met, given the readily available and demonstrably effective remedies for SARS-CoV-2 infection found in ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

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Wow! How did they pull this sh*%#t off?!? People need to be arrested! Do no harm?!? REALLY? Who’s in charge - the publicly elected tax payer funded officials or Pfizer/Moderna CEO’s ?!? This has gone too far & heads WILL roll!! Please God! Stop this!
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