Sunday, May 30, 2021

Covid Restrictions Ignored In Canada For Pro-Hamas Protests

Canada ignores COVID restrictions for pro-Hamas protests

May and June 2020 in America witnessed a very bizarre phenomenon: The same jurisdictions that had locked down completely, banning church services and shopping for flower seeds, all to prevent COVID’s spread, announced that massive BLM rallies, riots, and eventual looting were inconsequential when it came to COVID. This May, Canada has done something similar. The same nation that’s been fanatically hostile to liberty because of COVID has dropped its regulations for pro-Hamas rallies. It’s the magic of leftist “science” all over again.

Canada has gone crazy (there’s no other way to put it) when it comes to the quixotic effort to stop COVID’s spread. Despite its low COVID death rate, Canada has made every effort to stop religious worship within its borders, going so far as to arrest a pastor for daring to hold services. It’s been pursuing anti-maskers with KGB-esque vigor and just recently ticketed dozens of peoplewho attended an anti-lockdown protest. It’s also extorting people who had the temerity to travel abroad and then return home, mandating that they stay in select, and often very expensive, hotels for three nights to “quarantine.”

In other words, Canada is still living like America in spring 2020. And just like America in spring 2020, Canada has an exception to all the rules. In America, the exception was for BLM protests. The same people who had been telling us that salvation lay with stopping the economy and embracing solitary confinement for every American, suddenly announced that BLM rallies and riots weren’t too big a risk. Then, magically, when President Trump announced he would resume rallies, the Democrats’ so-called “scientists” again fretted about crowds and COVID.

Calgary also had large rallies which met with the approval of Canada’s state media, the CBC:

Around 400 demonstrators met at Calgary's Olympic Plaza, before marching through downtown.


It was the latest after at least three other large protests in support of Palestinians held in the city.

On Friday, Tucker Carlson devoted an entire episode to the degradation of science under the aegis of leftists. Whether it’s transgenderism, climate change, or COVID, scientists no longer follow the scientific method, one that sees them propose a theory, subject it to rigorous testing, and abandon it if the scientific method proves it untrue.

Nowadays, scientists in all woke Western countries, including America, subscribe to the “political method” – they determine which outcome will support their political ideology and then retrofit the “science” to fit, no matter how brutally they must mutilate the facts. We have returned to the science of the Dark Ages, before the Renaissance and the Enlightenment brought rigor and honesty to the process.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, makes me wonder who’s really in charge? Hmmmm....??? Can it be the people that just arrested a pastor for putting God’s law before man’s?!? And all the while using free ice cream to lure children to get the Fauci ouchy? Do these evil forces truly believe they have us fooled? There’s one who’s coming imminently-worthy to judge us all. I still pray for too many that refuse the truth. Father I ask all believers to pray your Holy Spirit gives us the urgency to save as many as we can and the gift of ministry to hasten your return! With the peace and love of Jesus Christ- Rebecca