Saturday, May 29, 2021

China To Deter U.S. By Expanding Nuclear Arsenal

China Ready To Deter "US Warmongering" By Expanding Nuclear Arsenal

At a moment that President Biden's defense budget, the largest in history, is seeking to spend heavily on 'China deterrence' as well as nuclear funding to modernize America's ageing Cold War era arsenal and systems - which many critics lambasted as a classic case of threat inflation in order to fatten the already bloated DoD budget (a yearly exercise) - Beijing has responded by warning it stands ready to in turn expand its own defenses and nuclear arsenal accordingly.

This apparent game of threat inflation begetting threat inflation, however, is about to have serious real world consequences in terms of dangerously beefed up nuke capabilities among the superpowers, with Chinese state-run English language mouthpiece Global Times issuing these alarming words on Friday:

"Facing a serious strategic threat from the US, China was urged to increase the number of nuclear weapons, especially its sea-based nuclear deterrent of intercontinental submarine-launched ballistic missiles, to deter potential military action by US warmongers, Chinese military experts said on Friday, after reports that the US' new defense budget will modernize its nuclear arsenal to deter China," GT wrote. 

So essentially the Communist-run newspaper is teasing a preview of what's likely to come in response to the Pentagon shifting its strategic priorities to China and the Asia-Pacific region (and it should be noted... away from two-decades of Middle East quagmires in which Beijing could sit back and watch one US military 'crisis' after another unfold).

"Having a nuclear arsenal appropriate to China's position will help safeguard national security, sovereignty and development interests and establish a more stable and peaceful world order, which will be beneficial for the world, they said," GT continues. 


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