Sunday, May 30, 2021

U.S. Monitoring Two Iranian Warships Headed Towards Venezuela

US security agencies are monitoring TWO Iranian warships 'heading towards Venezuela' amid fears they could be used to intimidate Washington

  • Two Iranian warships are headed south along the east coast of Africa
  • It's unclear where they are headed, but US security experts believe they may be traveling toward Venezuela
  • Iran and Venezuela have become close allies in the past decade; both have been heavily sanctioned by the US 
  • Venezuela is located just 1,500 miles from mainland America, and Iranian warships in the region may intimidate Washington 

US security agencies are keep a close eye on two Iranian warships that may be headed toward Venezuela. 

An Iranian frigate and a former oil tanker known as the Makran are currently sailing south along the east coast of Africa, anonymous sources told Politico on Saturday. 

Intelligence officials remain mystified by Iran's motivations with the two vessels and they are unsure what kind of cargo they may be holding. However, if the ships do end up in Venezuela it could be a sign Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is trying to intimidate Washington. 

The 755-foot long Makrtan was commissioned this year. Iranian officials have boasted of the its missile and weapons capabilities, and it can allegedly carry up to six helicopters. 

Both Iran and Venezuela are under heavy sanctions from the United States, and they have become closer allies in recent years. 

Iran has sent multiple fuel tankers to Venezuela as the country faces crippling gas shortages. 

Iran has also established both a car assembly plant and a  huge cement factory in  Venezuela. 

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