Friday, May 28, 2021

Alien Reboot: 'New Productions From The Same Theater Group'

Alien Reboot

For reasons no one has bothered to explain, the government went on a strange public relations tour, informing us that it has for years been documenting unidentified objects in the air and sea. These events have been captured by cameras mounted on military ships and aircraft. They released a bunch of these videos, some of which had audio of the people recording them. Those voices in the videos tell the viewer that the cameramen are baffled by the blurry images they are seeing.

Along with the videos, the Pentagon provided some background. They claim they have data going back a long time suggesting these events are not illusions. For example, they claim the appearance of unidentified flying objects near a nuclear weapons battery caused the facility to shut down. They did not state it directly, but the implication is the entity behind the unexplained objects was also able to turn off the nuclear weapons facility or at least disable it while they were flying around it.

Despite the comically bad video that was released, the claim is that these objects, in the air and the sea, operate in ways thought impossible. They move faster than any human built craft and they maneuver well beyond our capability. In one case, an object was claimed to have been in the air then it went into the sea, moving at speeds well beyond any known seagoing vessel. The video for that one shows what looks like a piece of fuzz moving around on a grainy black and white video.

Supposedly the government is releasing this stuff because Congress passed a law requiring them to come clean on the UFO question. Marco Rubio, one of the Senate’s most brilliant thinkers, got something passed last year that requires the Pentagon to issue a report to the public on what they know. Presumably, these videos are part of prepping the public for whatever the official word is on UFO’s. Who knows, maybe they will roll out a little green man along with the report.

Of course, the right way to view this is with lots of skepticism. After all, the people putting this into the public domain lie to us every day. They were sure that invisible Russians using mind control somehow altered the 2016 election. Amazingly, those invisible Russians were able to do their dastardly deeds without ever having been caught on camera, so maybe the space aliens flying around US navy ships could learn a few things from the those invisible Russian mentats.

Then we have the evidence itself. Maybe the military really is using 1970’s technology on ships and aircraft, but those videos look suspiciously primitive. The only thing missing was Mulder and Scully from the old X-Files series. If Rod Sterling were narrating the video, it would have made more sense. Again, given the government’s compulsive lying, the voice overs were less than convincing. If this is all they have, then we have to assume this is just more bravo sierra from the state.

The biggest problem with all UFO claims is that we know some things that would have to be true about alien visitors. One is they would have to be orders of magnitude smarter than humans in order to master interstellar travel. We are not even sure we can return to the moon, much less travel the stars. This super smart species that has conquered what we currently think is impossible, that is travel beyond light speed, would surely have figured out how to evade our primitive cameras.

The claim about the nuclear missile facility is the most amusing example of the paradoxes in the UFO story. We are told they were able to detect these entities on radar, but the entities seem to have disabled the nuclear weapons. That means these super intelligent space aliens can shut down our most advanced weapons from their ships but could not figure out how to shut off the radar and cameras. It is a good thing they did not come here to rob bank vaults.

Despite the outlandishness of these whoppers, it fits a familiar pattern for how the state disseminates bogus information. Andrew Anglin pointed this out in his Unz Review piece on the UFO story. He wrote, “Journalists and people who claim to be journalists regularly come up with things that seem plausible or likely, then claim that they have an insider source”. Those sources are imaginary, or they are the government contact that is dictating the fake news item to the “journalist”.

The question, of course, is why are they putting this nonsense out into the public domain after years denying any of it was real? There are plenty of theories ranging from the mundane to the conspiratorial. One possible answer is that these people are compulsive liars who just like lying. Generations of selection pressure in favor of sociopaths have resulted in a ruling class full of them. They think it is funny to mess with the rubes in flyover country and this just another gag.

The good news is that the public seems to be more than a bit skeptical about these new UFO claims. The story did not get much traction and the commentary on it from independent sources has been mostly negative. The American public may have reached the point where they view all official stories as just new productions from the same theater group. The new real-time X-Files is like the latest Star Wars offering, in that the public has seen enough. The thrill is gone.

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