Friday, March 26, 2021

'We must Start Planning For A Permanent Pandemic', Fauci Warns Of Another Surge

Bloomberg has published an article by Andreas Kluth which argues that new variants of COVID-19 mean the pandemic will be “permanent” and that there will be an “endless cycle” of restrictions.

Kluth says that the idea the world will at some point go “back to normal” is “almost certainly wrong” and that SARS-CoV-2 will become “our permanent enemy, like the flu but worse.”

The author cites “the ongoing emergence of new variants that behave almost like new viruses” which means that “we may never achieve herd immunity” because current vaccines are “powerless against the coming mutations.”

Mac Slavo

Dr. Anthony Fauci is once again (or still) warning that a surge of coronavirus cases in Europe could foreshadow a similar surge in the United States.  Fauci wants everyone to stay submissive and enslaved while they rush to get the experimental gene therapy falsely labeled a vaccine into as many people as possible.

Without a rise in cases, many on the fence about the “vaccines” won’t end up getting them. Would you get a vaccine for a disease that doesn’t exist? It really is pretty obvious that this is all about a mass vaccination agenda? They need people to willingly take this gene therapy shot, and there’s a reason for that.

The ruling class and elitists must keep the fear high in order to control and manipulate the public. And that’s exactly why the mainstream media continues to roll out Dr. Fauci to tell everyone a new and the same reasons to remain scared little sheep and wait for the master to come and save you.

Fauci continues to caution against people making up their own minds and being free.  Apparently, we all should just be willing slaves and stop wanting our free will. Fauci is constantly telling people to continue to submit and bow to the ruling class so they can control you. He does not want people to use their own critical thinking skills and decide for themselves what is right for them.

“I’m concerned that if we pull back in our enthusiasm for the fact that vaccines are rolling out, and things look good if we pull back prematurely, we may trigger another surge. And that would really set us back in all the things that we’re trying to do,” he toldlawmakers other members of the ruling class.

Unfortunately, this time, Fauci gave us a timeline. If we undergo another lockdown, it’ll be 3 or 4 weeks after Europe’s surge.

“Europe is generally about three to four weeks ahead of us in the dynamics of their outbreak. And what they saw a little while ago was a plateauing of their decrement. They were coming down nicely, and then they plateaued. And then, just as you might have predicted, they then, one, started to go up,” he said according to ABC News.

He is telling us to expect that the numbers will go up.  Since they can manipulate them and make the cases say what they want, we should just trust these people who want ultimate control over us. So what’s coming? All I have are speculations, to be honest, but stay alert because it could be anything.

The Microsoft founder said the health crisis has been an “incredible tragedy,” but one bright spot has been the arrival of vaccines.

“By the end of 2022 we should be basically completely back to normal,” Gates said in an interview for Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and television broadcaster TVN24.

Gates warned us last August that the pandemic wouldn’t be over until nearly everyone was vaccinated.

By the time Bill Gates is finished, everyone around the world will have taken multiple ‘vaccines’ and we’ll be a brand new world.

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Anonymous said...

What a mess, do you listen to people whom you don't trust, proven they can't be trusted? "NO"! In my opinion, those two and their Ghouls are done! How much closer can be better descriptive as living corpses that eats people through manipulative means to enslave, to subject to lower their standards for life, living, endure strife, or even death on purpose?

Digest what populace has been put through with or by, the tongues of evil spouting to convince many that being fatalistic is what awaits them, again and again, using fear, in my opinion!'This is planet Earth filled with good and evil; Did portals open from Hell to bring us demons to roam which compel folks to submit to such evil traps? We all have Free Will to choose wisely, and never submit to deception; God's word frees souls that follow God only! Following God and never those that play God, should be the reality for those with free will to choose good from evil! Many people better Wake-Up! Yes, it's a bad dream that can be woke up from, let God deal with those who mock God! Perhaps the warning should go to the deceiver's that it is they that need take heed? God Bless America, prayers for our Nation, our World! Like the Song; "Heal the World", We Can Make this World a Better Place!