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Terry James: Prophetic Noose Tightening

Prophetic Noose Tightening
Terry James

Those keeping an eye on the way biblical prophecy is unfolding have plenty of developments to watch to gauge what might happen in the relatively near term.

Perhaps the most obvious area of prophetic progression is seen in the preparations for the coming Antichrist regime of control. By that, I mean the proverbial noose is tightening by the satanically driven minions of governments across the world. This is, collectively, a sure signal that the time of Tribulation approaches.

I believe the COVID-19 crisis is at the nucleus of that satanic drive to develop the means for locking down the world, to ultimately put the collar and chain of control around the necks of the Beast’s victims during that last seven years of terror.

Again, that’s not to say that I think the disease isn’t real. But the attention given to a strain that is, in actuality, less widespread than flu—and not much more virulent, the studies have shown—is, to me, an overreach of great magnitude. I believe this has been done in order to command obedience to a globalist cabal of demonic and human minions who are intent on bringing America and the world into compliance for constructing the Antichrist world order.

While this pandemic is moving into new stages of efforts to meld the many peoples into one locked-down agglomerate, many peripheral noose-tightening aspects are emerging.

Let’s look at a few of these in excerpts from news reports.

The Israeli parliament just passed a law mandating that all arrivals to the state wear electronic tracking bracelets while undergoing mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantines at home.

The legislation allows the government to force all new arrivals from abroad or from specific countries to choose between quarantining at home or in a state-run hotel…

Those who choose to quarantine at home must wear electronic tracking bracelets to ensure their compliance. People who refuse to wear the bracelets will be forced to quarantine at a state-run hotel for two weeks…

According to the bill, the tracking operation will be carried out by SuperCom, a private company hired by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The information collected by the operation will be stored in servers owned by the government but maintained by designated private corporations.

The data collected will supposedly be deleted at the end of the quarantine period—as long as there are no reported infractions—or in no longer than 30 days.

(“Israel Passes Law Mandating New Arriving Passengers Wear Tracking Bracelets During Quarantine Period,”, March 20, 2021)

With every new smart piece of smart technology we acquire, every new app we download, every new photo or post we share online, we are making it that much easier for the government and its corporate partners to identify, track and eventually round us up.

Saint or sinner, it doesn’t matter because we’re all being swept up into a massive digital data dragnet that does not distinguish between those who are innocent of wrongdoing, suspects, or criminals.

This is what it means to live in a suspect society.

The government’s efforts to round up those who took part in the Capitol riots shows exactly how vulnerable we all are to the menace of a surveillance state that aspires to a God-like awareness of our lives.

The amount of digital information is staggering: 15,000 hours of surveillance and body-worn camera footage; 1,600 electronic devices; 270,000 digital media tips; at least 140,000 photos and videos; and about 100,000 location pings for thousands of smartphones.

And that’s just what we know.

More than 300 individuals from 40 states have already been charged and another 280 arrested in connection with the events of January 6. As many as 500 others are still being hunted by government agents. (Tyler Durdan, “Digital Trails: How The FBI Is Identifying, Tracking, & Rounding-Up Dissidents,” Zero Hedge, March 29, 2021)

Last month, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) announced the launch of “Daily Pass.” Developed by Microsoft, the tracking app will scan children in schools, using a barcode, to coordinate health checks, COVID-19 tests and vaccinations.

“Sort of like the golden ticket in ‘Willy Wonka,’ everyone with this pass can easily get into a school building,” stated LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner during his weekly update on Feb. 22.

Daily Pass will gather data and share it with LAUSD collaborators

Daily Pass generates a unique QR code each day for each student and staff member. This code authorizes entry to a specific Los Angeles Unified location. To gain entry to class, each individual should have a negative test result for COVID-19, show no symptoms and have a temperature under 100 degrees.

School officials stated that data gathered by the app will be reported as required to health authorities. In addition, anonymized Daily Pass data will be used by the LAUSD’s research and healthcare collaborators “to provide insights and strategies” to implement. These partners are Stanford University, the University of California, Los Angeles, Johns Hopkins University, Anthem Blue Cross, Healthnet and Cedars Sinai.

The app will also be used by the LAUSD’s school-based vaccination program to register and schedule appointments, track vaccine supply, perform check-in and data capture, sort high-risk individuals, offer waitlists for low-risk individuals as well as provide dashboards for administrators and staff to view data…

While the LAUSD states that the Daily Pass app is being deployed for health and safety reasons, others have raised flag about the amount of data it’s collecting.

According to John Whitehead, constitutional law attorney and founder of The Rutherford Institute, parents should be asking why the app is gathering all this data. He says that they need to know what the entities involved are going to do with the data, where it is going and whether it should be given to government agencies.

“We are moving into a total surveillance state and an entire generation of young people are acquiescing to the police state,” he warned. “Privacy as we know it will be deleted and no one will be overlooked.” (Franz Walker, “Vaccine Prison Camp: LA Schools to Track Students Using Microsoft’s ‘Dailyl Pass’ Tracking,’ Natural News, March 18, 2021)

Pope Francis reportedly called for a “new world order” for a post pandemic world in a book set to come out on Tuesday in Rome.

According to Breitbart, the head of the Catholic Church insists for the establishment of a new world order after the pandemic because things will never be the same after it. Breitbart tagged the Pope’s call for the new world order as the Great Reset except that the pontiff’s moves away from the culture of inclusiveness that works towards the building of a green economy with focus on financial speculation, fossil fuels, and military build-up.

So there we have it. The noose is tightening around the necks of people of this judgment-bound planet. The man considered the top leader of all of Christendom, the Roman Catholic pope, is all in for creation of a changed world order. It is a reminder of the man who will head up the religious arm of that new world order, the false prophet of Revelation chapter 13.


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Anonymous said...

Common-sense thinkers, if it's not broke, don't fix it. So our Globalist's felt compelled to break everything good, and now are in the process to reset all in such a manner to only fix it horrifically for their benefits only, in my observation & opinion!

Break their reset, fix it back, and start by just saying "NO" to stupid!!! Populace has the power in numbers, and can be done in my opinion, included are Military, Police Forces, & Swat all whom most were previously Military; Go after the Cabal Criminals before your own citizen's, own families, own Nation!

So many have drank the Kool-Aid, should be ashamed of what they know yet what they do differs! Seriously, many out here felt like lone rangers never believing the Covid BS, the rest of the lies, yet it felt good to be listening to God and not Big Brother Government, in my opinion. The test can be passed, all on board can overcome stupidity from a few con-artist with deep pockets; Wake-up to believe, visualize, pray for better outcomes, create a world with protection from enemies within and afar; God is in charge, not those old empty vessels for Satan!! Dance like no one is watching, live like you want for joyfulness to rule your mind! No one is better than you, your not better than anyone else, but must add, some are not as good at behaving as you; Be true to your soul! Born Free, Live Free, not just for Lions. LOL