Thursday, March 25, 2021

A Warning To Wake Up:

A Warning From A Wise Old Man

On Saturday, March 20th, an elderly gentleman walked his dog through a New York City park on a beautiful sunny day. “I fled from communist Russia,” he said while facing a small group of people taking in the day on one of the park benches. In a side-to-side motion with his arm, while pointing his finger, he said, “This country is doing exactly what Russia did to become communist, and you people are allowing it to happen. Wake up.”

The man is 100% correct. Who can argue against the fact that Americans are losing their Constitutional freedoms at a rate never before seen in the history of this country? The freedom to speak openly and freely is almost a thing of the past. What Americans are not allowed to say is almost as prevalent as the tonnage of information Americans are not allowed to know.

Millions of Americans have no idea that President Joe Biden is currently making billions of dollars with China,  or that thousands of children suffer inhumane treatment on American soil at the Mexican border.

Whether you agree with a political position or not, until now, it was always understood that such beliefs were allowed to exist. Not anymore. It is now taken as the new normal that certain types of opinions and expressions are forbidden,  that some books should be banned and burned and that responsible universities must prevent certain topics from being discussed on their campuses.

This is madness on an epic scale. The pain, misery, and sorrow that will inevitably result from this derangement will swiftly and suddenly destroy, as it always does, both the oppressors and the oppressed. Will Americans heed the warnings of an older man walking his dog on a sunny day or silently allow their world to crumble forever?

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