Wednesday, March 24, 2021

GAVI And The Gates Connection:

GAVI Vaccine Alliance Is The Source Of Global Lockdowns And Vaccine Coercion

The World Health Organization (WHO) is facilitating a global health dictatorship, commanding all member states to enforce totalitarian lock downs and far-reaching medical edicts that empower government authorities and the vaccine industry – not human health.

WHO’s authoritarian recommendations were adopted in rapid fashion by almost every government on Earth.

The behavioral controls and livelihood restrictions imposed by WHO have no basis in immune system health, mental health, or general well being.

WHO operates like a global oligarchy, forcing all member states to carry out their orders. In 2020 and beyond, WHO has ordered populations into isolation, avoidance, and unlawful quarantines.

WHO has forced perpetual oxygen restrictions, coercive DNA harvesting, and mRNA vaccines experiments, while instructing governments around the world to quash civil liberties and promote medical martial law.

This dictatorship is giving rise to a medical apartheid – a system of segregation that punishes healthy people for not complying.

Where is WHO coming up with these restrictive medical edicts and coercive vaccine policies? According to WHO insider Astrid Stuckelberger, Ph.D., WHO serves the financial interests of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance run by Bill Gates.

GAVI was formed in 2000 and set up as an international institution in Switzerland. GAVI operates tax free and enjoys blanket immunity against criminal sanctions.

Bill Gates leveraged GAVI and bought his influence into the WHO. He even asked to become a member state in 2017, with the privilege of being on WHO’s executive board.

Bill Gates now controls Swissmedic, the FDA of Switzerland, due to a three-way vaccine distribution contract agreement reached by Gates, WHO, and the Swiss regulatory agency.

By controlling WHO, Gates funnels tens of billions of dollars through his GAVI Vaccine Alliance, with the ultimate power of controlling member states.

As the controller of information and the arbiter of science, Gates and the vaccine industry has the power to suppress prophylactics, treatments, phytonutrients, adaptogens, and antivirals.

Bill Gates and GAVI is the source of terror behind WHO, the lock downs, restrictions, and authoritarian medical edicts that are compelling vaccination experiments.

Stuckelberger is an international expert who evaluates scientific research and advises policymakers.

She has written more than 180 scientific articles, policy papers and governmental reports. She admits that this research is conducted to support political agendas and to justify government policy.

Since 2009, she managed WHO’s international health regulations, which were primarily used to prepare member states to act in unison during a future pandemic. At the center of this world government plandemic is Bill Gates and the GAVI Vaccine Alliance.

GAVI is immune from all criminal business dealing, as well, whether their potential criminal actions are intentional or inadvertent.

“They can do whatever they want,” Stuckelberger confirmed, and they answer to no authority. No law enforcement is allowed to investigate GAVI, even if the Vaccine Alliance was implicated in a criminal conspiracy to defraud or coerce people.

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Anonymous said...

Upon reading this informative Article, the jest of it is, in my opinion, Gates bought his way in, to operate, and all involved are exempt from any laws if criminal intent is proven, right?

How sick and wrong is this? They can take their vaccines, killer machines and stick it, our populace need to be exempt from buying into this ruse, taking their poison, or accept such lawlessness from an Organization with no over-sight yet gives commands to destroy societies, in my opinion! Conditions are not terms to abide by so everyone with sense needs to do what is right for them, not because crazed deep pockets says tis so, and most out here say, tis is not so, IMO! The citizens in USA cannot give power to those we can't trust, pure insanity to do so! Give them an inch, they take a mile!
Investigations need to be done into Virus manipulations to breed a virus on steroids to send around the world and announce "The Sky is Falling" afterwards, IMO! Germ Warfare of any type are criminal acts against mankind whether labs are here, China, bought labs; ALL need oversight, or those arrested that release viruses on purpose so then vaccine follows making Billionaires involved in those vaccines more rich, not more caring, in my opinion. Too much power plays going on with more damage than a severe FLU strain affecting the weak immune systems mostly, as reputed! We all should be concern and demand answers, this sounds too dangerous of an Organization if all reputed to be true, in my opinion! Helping the sick without empowering Tyrannical rule, and pushed experimental vaccines, should be the objective, and if not, what a huge evil poltergeist of darkness emerges from all this nonsense, no wonder nothing
functions as before, they are trying to break the system, are they this diabolical, or insane, or both?? Let the sunshine in, pray they find God before it's too late for them; No we cannot judge another's soul, yet we can call out evil acts against mankind, in my opinion! Don't allow evil to rob you of Joy, God is with us always!